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  1. I'm not saying that I expect FF to go away tomorrow...if I did, I wouldn't be designing a new panel for oilfield service companies at the moment. But Brent's got a habit of coming on here and sharing "absolute truths" that are little more than what he thinks will piss off lefties.
  2. Impossible to answer without knowing if the potential R/D was witnessing a migrant being arrested or watching the launch of a vegan food truck. I’ll be honest, I have no idea where “Beetlejuice, The Musical” falls on that spectrum.
  3. Take it from Brent, who’s never made an imperfect prediction in this forum!
  4. I’ve been back to northern Cape Breton, but the fisherman there (who are some of my oldest and dearest friends) are often pretty comparable to AB oilfield people in terms of political ideology.
  5. In recent trips home, it's obvious that the Canadians aren't immune to this either. Speaker's Corner Idiocracy watch-party anyone?
  6. Of all the demonstrably wrong opinions you've floated in this thread, I think we have the taker of cakes, as it were.
  7. Not everyone has gotten that memo
  8. I’ll take door #3, please. I have friends of faith who I enjoy spending time with. With one, it was an early conversation in the friendship the first time they tried to ‘save’ me: believe what you want, I’m open to discussing it, but don’t go preaching. If faith makes somebody’s life better then kudos to them: who’s not looking for a tool to make life better?!? Just don’t use your faith as a weapon against others. Apparently, as read above, God grants ‘sin exemptions’ for babies and the mentally impaired. Does God view other religions as mentally impaired or will they all burn in hell too? (Asking for a friend)
  9. So would you say that parents of non-Cristian babies are wasting their time teaching their kids not to be selfish since they’ll never get into heaven anyways?
  10. Here’s my $0.02, for what it’s worth….if your faith makes your life better and you wanna share that then fill your fucking boots, I’m happy for you. If you want to start telling me I’m going to burn for eternity because I don’t believe in your imaginary friend, I’m happy to write you off as a person worth giving another minute of my time.
  11. He may have just been trying real hard to hold in a fart.
  12. Anybody else watching the GOP debate? It's entertaining/sad/confusing/chaotic. Debate prep has come a long way I guess, which makes for 8 people just looking for an opportunity to chime in with their pre-prepared remarks.
  13. Ohhh, I think we’re all aware that there’s some green grass associated with that post! This is far from my biggest issue with your post, but it’s pretty Fuck’n hilarious that the post above was after you corrected for grammar.
  14. That really works best as a chant, and the other side has all the best chanters.
  15. Again, the guy who screams climate hoax is the same dude who mocks other forum users for believing in evolution. The finest scientific minds the Russian troll farms have to offer. I've said it before, I think Slim's just a touch more unhinged to reality since he returned from his latest vacation. Maybe some new boots behind the keyboard who interpret the script a bit differently?
  16. lippy


    Dude you're going on a year now of posting BS videos that 'irrefutably demonstrate that Ukraine is just about to lose the war'. Maybe you should look for new video sources....Or better yet, put some thought into answering Jakee's question above. With all your resources on the issue, it shouldn't be hard no? Or you'll just spew some BS and post another video tomorrow...My money's on door #2, you're so predictable.
  17. lippy


    Normiss can speak for himself and may well correct me, but I'm assuming he was referring to the twice-impeached, 4x-indicted con-man. Not the current President and recipient of unsubstantiated accusations.
  18. You're not taking into account how hard people prayed for better yields. Who's oversimplifying things now???
  19. Can you at least try to limit your incoherent ramblings to 1 conspiracy/post?
  20. Not just welcome, I'd actively encourage it!
  21. Yeah but you also don't believe in Evolution, so I'll weight your beliefs on these things accordingly
  22. So your point is why should we try to mitigate damage when there is still damage occurring? Is that it? You are the one constantly bragging that emissions are going up, now you're asking how a law designed to curb emissions over the coming decades didn't have an instantaneous affect? You've got to either be trolling, or you should be requesting a refund on your education.