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    It's just 'cause they forgot to neuter the little fuckers
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    Fair enough. I don’t like the thought of dead birds either, but cats are predators and hunters ‘gonna hunt. The best way to minimize the damage is to control the feral population, and the best way to do that is TNR.
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    TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) is the most effective way to deal with feral cats. Take a trapped cat in to a TNR facility and they'll give them shots, spay/neuter and cut off the tip of the left ear...The tipped ear is an internationally recognized indicator that the animal is fixed. TNR lets the animals go about their business (after a shitty day or two) and keep living their best kitty lives, killing rodents and other pests (and unfortunately, the occasional bird) while keeping the population from completely ballooning out of control. Years ago I built a jig that could be bolted onto a live animal trap. It had a solenoid to actuate the door of the trap, and a Bluetooth SOC where when an animal entered the trap, I'd get an alert on my phone and then could confirm what animal was in there and if it's the one I was trying to catch, actuate the door from the app. The idea was to keep from trapping a possum or trapping a cat that's already been fixed if there were multiple cats around. I think part of the reason it never went much further than my back yard and a few people in the local TNR community was that most TNR people are retirees volunteering their time, and they weren't super huge on new technology.
  4. A good economy doesn't mean every single company is growing like gangbusters. Looking through that list, the majority of companies are tech firms that grew like gangbusters during the pandemic and are now adjusting to the new normal where people are actually going outside more. Some of them are new leadership coming in and shaking things up. Some are Binance: if you wanna pin layoffs at a crypto exchange with a fraudster CEO (yeah, another one) on the general economy then there's no point in going further. The one thing on that list that does get my attention is Opendoor laying off 22% of their workforce, citing the high interest rates that are keeping the real estate market cool. With inflation coming under control, here's hoping we can stick that soft landing...
  5. An alarming new study, published in The New England Journal of YouTube.
  6. Please tone down your rabid Independent political rantings….and if you don’t mind, fetch me a tea
  7. Don’t think that you’ll get a whole lot of pushback on that point. It’s the whole narrative of “he flashed a badge,” ( it was actually a vape pen) “and so he must be an FBI informant, which means Trump is totally vindicated” narrative, I believe, is the point where we start to separate. You are trying to throw Epps under the bus, but he’s been there ever since he hurled himself below it.
  8. Agree or disagree, it’s all the same to me….most of the time I can’t understand what you’re trying to say anyways. I usually get the feeling that it’s vaguely sinister, though.
  9. I popped over to Fox yesterday when the border car crash was first reported....dozens of comments on that story confidently declaring that Biden was directly responsible for this terrorist attack. No need to exercise any thinking skills beyond 'anything bad is because of the left/Biden'. Yet we've all got TDS.........
  10. This is the dude who thinks Trump couldn't have lost the election because lots of people come to his rallies...It could be full of merit in Slim Logic.
  11. Back in the "I've got 17,000 pocket constitutions that I hand out to my son's high school" days I thought he was a bit funny. Apparently, at some point after that somebody tweaked his algorithm to get 62% more aggressive.
  12. Your habit of posting batshit crazy conspiracy theories and then demanding that we prove them false is getting tired. You used to be kinda amusing, now it’s just the same old BS on repeat. Don’t know if you’re operating out of a troll farm, if you’re somebody’s AI experiment gone awry or if you’re a legit Florida Man, but either way you’re getting annoying.
  13. *********Says Joe, cackling while stroking a white cat ;-)
  14. A quick Google will yield dozens of articles outlining how this batshit theory was debunked months ago...But your Twitter pal tells you what you want to hear so you come here to parrot it like a good little soldier. Well done, Comrade!
  15. It is pretty silly...the actual number of lies that were not documented is WAY higher.
  16. Or just matching the levels of critical thinking you bring to the discussion.
  17. So it's the official position of NOAA that man-made climate change doesn't exist and isn't a danger?
  18. It's a year out from the election. As the election draws nearer and we get through primary season, more people will get exposed to more of Trump and be reminded of how absolutely batshit crazy and unhinged he is. I've got a feeling that most people on this forum are more engaged than many, but the majority of the country hasn't been tuning into politics and they've not seen much of Trump in the past 3 years....definitely a case of absence making the heart grow fonder. It’s not time for either side to be getting cocky about the outcome of a Biden/Trump rematch. Glad you can't be swayed by the corrupt media's attempts to manipulate the simple-minded. How many times did you post about how the House Republican's had solved all of their problems in the 3 weeks between them booting Kevin and appointing Mega Mike as Speaker? EDIT: Spelinge
  19. Let us know when Dems start doling out sucker-punches in the halls of Congress.
  20. If he’s nothing but a ‘melted wax phallus’ how can he be the threat you make him out to be? Im assuming you’re just baiting with misspelling ’easy’, but maybe that’s just who we’re dealing with here.
  21. If you’re gonna invoke the name of one of the prime MAGA boogeymen, you should at least learn how to spell it.
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    Yeah, pretty sure that’s what they’re trying to do.
  23. As a person with eyes that can read the words you post here, it is obvious that you’ve got some balls to try to suggest that you’re an independent.
  24. I’ve not heard the term ‘equity of opportunity’. At face value I’d take it to mean that all have equal opportunity, which is I-fucking-deal-istic. Twould be great twer it the case, but unfortunately that’s not the America I chose to immigrate to. Your response to Wendy’s post makes me think you’re in favor of dragging down those that you perceive to have better opportunities, in the interest of ‘equal opportunities’. ***** *****FFS Jakee, don’t spend the next two days asking me to be a Coreece interpreter.