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  1. I see you skipped the bolding on the first 4 words. In other words, maybe we're getting close to SHTF?
  2. You've posted both these statements within a few hours....what is the magic moment where a full-transitioned female becomes 'fully transitioned'?
  3. What is "Things that Mitch McConnell will never say'
  4. That one starts out funny, then gets sad and scary pretty quick when you think on it a moment
  5. This reads like it was written by the store-brand Winsor....You should change your screen name to Kirkland
  6. I know that I, for one, don’t appreciate the shit he posts
  7. Yeah, it's an anonymous FB profile so it's gotta be legit.
  8. I couldn't find an original of that tweet or any reference to Kim Carson, which makes me wonder which of the following is true: - Somebody legitimately believes that slowing coal burning in one part of the world will result in never having brush fires again - Somebody on the right made this up to demonstrate how stupid the 'Greenie libtards' are and you ate it up without the slightest bit of critical thinking.
  9. Can you provide a link to this mythical evil CRT Bible or is it a fabrication of the right used to keep the uneducated angry? WHAT?????
  10. Added some critical info
  11. Are you a credentialed historian?
  12. Gotta be able to get as many rounds as possible into a target that you can't see well eh?
  13. So I assume you advocate for a post 9/11, TSA-scale government undertaking to reign in gun violence no?
  14. No, but he did bring up not knowing the immigration status of the suspect, couldn't hurt to plant a seed to maybe be used for political gains down the road.
  15. True skydiver takeaway….try to take a lesson from the tragedy, and a damn good lesson we could all do to relearn on occasion