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  1. The lunacy is strong with this one, grasshopper...
  2. RIP Kate, ex Tandem and AFF Instructor, Auckland Skydivers, and Taupo Tandem Skydiving.
  3. Former director of Blue Sky Skydiving, Auckland, and Member of NZ RW team 1977.
  4. A close up picture of a Hitler tattoo. No evidence that it is actually displayed by a Ukranian POW. You could probably find many tattoos like that on the internet. Not sure if it is credible coming from the Russians. They wouldn't fake a picture for propaganda purposes would they?
  5. Classic "he said she said" situation. I can see why the police took it no further. I tend to think the harbourmaster wasn't making his story up however. It doesn't change the fact, that if NZone did have an adequate response procedure/protocol to water landings, they failed spectacularly to implement it in this case. The DZ in Taupo (200 metres from the lake shore) has a jetski ready to go, all crew members are trained in its use, and physically practise the drill on a regular basis, always striving to improve the time it takes to get the jetski in the water. Like any emergency response team, regular practice is necessary to ensure things are up to speed.
  6. If they don't switch votes, it would be good if they didn't vote at all.
  7. I wonder how many intelligence agents working for the US in foreign countries are now exposed by this clown. Mar a Lardo would not be exactly difficult for one of Vlads people to infiltrate and get their hands on these documents, especially the sigint ones. A Chinese spy was caught there recently. Reverse engineer the info and it wouldn't be difficult to expose the sources. A few Russian scientists have recently been arrested for treason (hypersonic weapons), could this be a result? How many have had their lives and liberty threatened? You just know Trump would have been big noting to his visitors about stuff he has. He has form for that. There will be panic in quite a few agencies around the world right now. Putins poodle. He should be arrested immediately. Its a pity this criminal can only be jailed once.
  8. There is going to be a serious outbreak of spinal fractures amongst the GOP sycophants, from the violent backflipping we will see if this is true. And being Trump, of course it will be true. I wonder how much he gave to his mate Vlad?
  9. That was good of Trump to own up about owning the safe. If evidence of crime was found inside it, ownership and responsibility is something the prosecutor won't have to prove in court. Yet another example of mouthing off too much. I bet his lawyers just love him. Dumb arse.
  10. Any opinion on Trumps efforts to grift money off the back of the death of his ex wife and mother of 3 of his kids? Lower than a snakes scrotum...
  11. Maybe Brooks, Thomas or Clark...
  12. You don't have to ban guns. Just ban ammunition.
  13. RIP Ken. Former member of Hawkes Bay Skydiving Club, and British Parachute Regiment, member of the Red Devils display team.