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  1. Gone to the great unknown unknown...
  2. Its called natural selection. Natures way of weeding out the terminally stupid. The GOP should become extinct in the next year or so.
  3. Ian Higgie passed last week. Member of NZ team "Plane Scared" who took 2 golds and a silver medal at the first World cup of CRW in France, 1982. Rest easy mate.
  4. If she was sent money when 17, at the very least, it was grooming.
  5. If you lose half your IQ, you are only left with Q.
  6. Court martials coming up. Former military can be recalled and charged can they not? Michael Flynn first in line....
  7. Vampires don't reflect though...
  8. Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind...
  9. Hopefully the pathologist drove a stake through his heart. Just to be sure...
  10. We don't need to lead. You just need to follow.
  11. I thought old mate Vlad was doing a pretty good job of pulling the strings attached to 45. The Saudi crime boss had his fingers in the pie as well.
  12. I am sitting within 5 metres of a banana tree which is growing outside my window. And I wouldn't consider my observation as an insult. Most banana republics have one corrupt politician calling the shots. The US have a bunch of self serving senators allowing their ex president off the hook for something he quite clearly instigated. And seeing the sheer numbers of people who still believe his bullshit makes the rest of the planet despair for American democracy. The ignorance on display is breath taking. Thus the US has lost the trust and respect it once enjoyed from most of the free world. Even if the US manages to expunge the corruption in full view of the rest of the world, it is doubtful that trust will ever be earned back. Making 45 pay for his crimes would just be the start, and seeing some of his bootlicking enablers like Graham, Cruz et al thrown out would also help. The US is definitely on the banana republic list.
  13. I think the thread title is a bit of an insult to Banana Republics.
  14. This farce shows why the rest of the world is pointing at the US and laughing. What a joke.