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  1. "The latest from the trump enterprise marketing arm is trump sneakers, for only $399 Also available is "Victory47" perfume and cologne for sale at $99 each" Essence of Diaper???
  2. 47 minutes ago, wolfriverjoe said: (Personally, I'd love to see Biden debate Trump on stage, and when Trump says something particularly obnoxious (like maybe a minute or two into the debate), or when he refuses to shut up, Biden just pulls out a pistol and personally puts a bullet into Trump's head. But I'm not a very nice guy about this sort of thing). Apologies to Stephen Fry: Homicide. Killing another person. Suicide: Killing ones self. Fratricide: Killing ones sibling. Countryside: Killing Donald Trump.
  3. A paraphrased view of Trump from a writer in England: "He has no class, no charm, no humour, no coolness, no credibility, no compassion, no wit, no warmth, no wisdom, no subtlety, no sensitivity, no self-awareness, no humility, no honour, no honesty, no morality, and no grace. And while Trump may be laughable, he has never once said anything wry, witty or even faintly amusing. To lack humour is almost inhuman. If Doctor Frankenstein decided to make a monster assembled entirely from human flaws, he would make a Trump!"
  4. Trump thinks magnets can be killed by pouring water over them. Who knew? I always suspected those magnet fishing videos were fake. And obviously the navy were tying those limpet mines to enemy ships. As for the earths magnetic field,.... Absolute Jenius.
  5. It will be good to see Rudy living in a cardboard box at the back of Walmart....richly deserved before he starts his jail term.
  6. Not sure these scumbags should get off scot free with a plea deal. They were neck deep in it, and would have been looking forward to a successful outcome of Trumps scheme. Nothing could have happened without their involvement. We are seeing crocodile tears and false repentance. They all need to see the inside of a jail cell.
  7. OK fair cop. Didn't notice it there, but I was looking for it somewhere else on his harness. He was obviously not even thinking about it. Full panic mode, when you have to be cool headed and clear thinking in those moments. This guy, in fact both of them, could be called DGITs.
  8. These two should totally get some proper training in CRW, and EPs in a wrap situation. Didn't see any evidence of a hook knife to clear those hung up lines, and both of them dicked around far too long. Bottom guy chopping first, left his mate to be properly wrapped. lucky not to be. Having a rsl hooked up is a very bad idea when doing CRW. Seems to me these two really didn't have much idea of what they were doing.
  9. Debateable whether it made you better or safer, but it does give you a different perspective to put in your experience bucket, not only from the jump itself, but with the preparation and planning that goes into it, and the decision making process involved in actually pulling the handles. So from that perspective, having that in your experience bank is a good thing. You may be asked to pass on advice in the future as well, all us old dogs are moving to the great DZ in the sky, so someone needs to pass ideas on to the next generation. I've done several intentionals on display jumps, as well as a couple of cutaways for real, and no matter how much practice on the ground you do, nothing replicates the moment of the real thing. Used to be a requirement of our old D licence to do a cutaway if you hadn't experienced the real thing. Back in the day it wasn't common to get to D licence level without at least one mal. For me it was jump #6. But its always important to remember, that anytime you put yourself in a different situation like this, your risk level is increased. That is why it is important to talk to the right people, get the right gear, and plan it properly. I wouldn't induce spins or anything unusual to make it more "real". It could turn to custard pretty damn quick. I jumped several torn up canopies to see how they behaved, but I can't say I learned anything special, because they were just one offs and behaved differently. I gave myself extra altitude for these jumps, so I was back at normal activation altitudes for normal deployments. I wouldn't worry too much about it, better just to keep current, and practise your EPs regularly. When you really need them, they should be ingrained and automatic. The most important thing in a stress situation, is to make a decision, and carry it out immediately. You'll find when it turns to shit in the air, its pretty easy to carry out the EP drills. He who hesitates is lost.....
  10. Monty Python and the Holy Grail - Witch Scene - YouTube
  11. Rhys Brady, Gary Brandon, Brendan McCrae, Kerry Brill, all NZ.
  12. 22 years is not enough. I hope the DOJ can appeal all these sentences as being too light. All should get 25 years minimum.