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  1. obelixtim

    No Pilot Chute Belly Reserves

    After doing ground tests on hand deploying reserves like this, we concluded that the mess was caused by the packing method. Pulling the reserve out, with one hand on the apex and one on the periphery resulted the guts dropping out as soon as the reserve was extracted from the container. We changed to a roll pack, which involved rolling the reserve up from the apex. (rather like a toilet roll) This resulted in a much more solid handful of canopy which was much easier to extract and throw, without it turning into a mess. Never had to do it in anger, as we had just turned to cutaways and pilot shot reserves. Glad we had the new fangled system. Hand deploy was only any good under cheapos anyway, PCs tended to spin up a lot faster than a C9.
  2. obelixtim

    Frank Orvos (NZ)

    RIP Frank, ex Manawatu Skydiving club. Judge at several nationals in the 70s. The big C strikes another one down.
  3. The answer is.....Yes. But, as usual, there is always someone who knows better than the majority of experienced jumpers.
  4. RIP Richard Kinloch, who was a good buddy back in the 70s at Manawatu Skydiving Club before he moved to Australia and jumped at Elderslie DZ. Ex RNZAF. We had some crazy good times back in those days. Fly free old mate. ETA: Richard posted on DZ.com as Marisan. Hadn't been on here for a while as he was battling the effects of a stroke a couple of years ago.
  5. obelixtim

    What do you think of the new dropzone.com format?

    Utter Rubbish. I guess its a good excuse to abandon DZ.com for good. If it ain't broke...….. I'm sure quite a few regular posters will disappear from here.
  6. obelixtim


    Escargot made my car go..... Yeah, in Paris, it was OK, but nothing special. My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  7. obelixtim


    Next fun game will prolly be "who can lose the most blood". I can't see how repeatedly rapidly raising and cooling your core body temperature can be healthy. The Darwin gene is strong in some idiots. My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  8. obelixtim


    Who thinks this shit up? My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  9. obelixtim

    Burner phones

    But _very_ easy to trace. Not when they are cunningly disguised as two tin cans, with Campbells soup labels... My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  10. obelixtim

    Burner phones

    Well the old two tin cans with a string between them was pretty foolproof, but seems to have gone out of fashion these days... My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  11. Getting in front of the big spinny whirlygigs of death is always a dumb thing to do. I am going to steal that line!!! :) That is so awesome!!!!! Ironic in a way that over the last 3 or 4 years it was women that have been mauled by those "big spinny whirlygigs of death" !!! Def gonna paint that line on an aircraft!!!! So much better than: "Prop Blast." Or " Danger Zone." We just call it the mincer... (mince = ground beef, hackfleisch, carne picada) My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  12. obelixtim

    Ban period?

    There is no such thing/person as a skygod. Get that out of your head. Anyone arrogant enough to consider themselves as a skygod, is nothing of the sort. Wanker would be a much more appropriate description... My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  13. obelixtim

    Skydiving to SCUBA

    Same here. Very easy for a minor fuck-up to kill you. And don't have the theme from Jaws running thru your skull... My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  14. obelixtim

    Drop Zone Emergency Preparedness

    Sorry man, but I have a big issue with your home brew opinions and training ideas. So will any family, First Responder, or any individual responsible for another's treatment that isn't in the book. You want to "train" others to follow your point of view? AGAIN, your all alone on this one. You have neither the experience or training to create your own treatment protocols, nor do you have any authority to do so. But yet you persist in framing your opinion as some kind of sanctioned activity in a vain attempt at creating some kind of plausible conduct that does nothing to help the injured person. Again, your eloquent attempt to shift the care of the injured to protect gear is insane. You have your priorities messed up. Spend the same amount of time elsewhere, because believe me, I have seen the result of this kind of insanity many times,.... you will end up in court, alone. Attempting to explain why the damage you caused to a defenseless individual was so important. And when you start to explain you felt that saving the Gear was more important,.....Good luck with that. Again, prioritizing gear instead of caring for a casualty sends an insane message. Your priorities are screwed up man! Why do so many of you persist in saving gear, the can be easily repaired, is just a heap of nylon, Why do you continue to place such a high value on equipment, that isn't even yours, as compared to the pain and suffering, potential irreparable damage to someone else's health, and a delay of care? All to protect gear??? The logic is inane. ESPECIALLY when this same amount of effort could be spent on actually doing something good? And your comments about First Responders, and Medics don't know anything about skydiving is just irresponsible and irrelevant. Knowing how to care for an injured person has nothing to do with the activities of skydiving other than the MOI. Like I said, my scissors cut nylon like going thru butter. And if in my opinion a harness is in the way of actually caring for a fellow skydiver that harness is history and you will end up arrested if you interfere. You have NO RIGHT to interfere with another's care to save a nylon strap. I don't think he's seriously suggesting that a severely injured jumper can be cared for properly by DZ personnel. Nor do I think anyone is going to jump all over an EMT doing his job. They wouldn't have the equipment anyway. That is the job of the professionals, and I think people with the basics in first aid would not get involved with anything but treating for shock and giving reassurance to someone with a suspected spinal or head injury. But standing around with your finger up your arse while someone is lying injured and you are waiting for the EMTs isn't a hell of a good option either. But a broken leg might be met with a bit of arguing if you pull out your butter cutting knife. My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....
  15. obelixtim


    I miss static line. Good times! If you are really good at instability, you should be able to tie a reef knot and bowline before deployment.... My computer beat me at chess, It was no match for me at kickboxing....