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  1. Donald Trump Leaves The White House | Spitting Image - YouTube
  2. Here is Glenn Kirshners take on it. Fair points. Watch from 2.40 on. Here's Why the Rule of Law Requires Trump Be Prosecuted Upon Leaving Office - YouTube
  3. Don't confuse revenge for justice. This has nothing to do with revenge, even though any punishment is richly deserved. Trump deserves to be prosecuted for his crimes in the interests of justice. As is the case for any other citizen. A court can decide on his guilt or otherwise. Why is he talking about self pardoning if he thinks he has done nothing wrong?
  4. Not much good if there is no evidence to base a case on. Its no coincidence that the "good" lawyers he had all ran for the hills.
  5. If Trump were pardoned he would claim it as total exoneration. As he did with the Russian investigation. I have a feeling Mueller may have held something back and we may hear more about That after Trump loses the protection of the presidency. As for the GOP controlled Senate finding him not guilty, that is like the foxes judging and finding no case to answer for the great chicken coop massacre. McConnell squashed any chance of impeachment even before the hearings began.
  6. Glen Kirchner makes a pretty strong case that he can be charged with 2nd degree murder in the case of 250000 Americans who died of covid on his watch. He clearly fulfils the 3 criteria necessary for indictments in the deaths of every single individual. And could be charged for every single one of them. No pardons. So what if his brain dead supporters consider him a martyr.
  7. It will never work. Everyone knows right wing racists don't think. They are safe.
  8. I never thought to equate wearing a mask with wearing a set of handcuffs. And they, of course, have the freedom to choose. Burial or cremation...No need to be scared.
  9. Trump will match donations by 1000%. Yeah right!!! Anyone want to buy a bridge?
  10. He needs to give Lionel Hutz a call and get him on the job!!! (Donny probably thinks he's real)
  11. I remember seeing that movie when I was at high school back in the late 60s. It provoked some discussion as I recall, which is what the teacher intended. Not sure if it particularly influenced me. I just like playing the devils advocate, sometimes just to piss the others off, especially those who are a bit cocksure of themselves. Its not really hard to find some angle to take, because a lot of people are so full of themselves they just expect everyone to fall in line. A lot of times they really don't stop to consider other points of view, so convinced are they of their position, and the righteousness of their views. I enjoy a good argument, particularly when up against someone who can counterpunch. What is surprising is the number of people who will just fall in line with someone who appears confident and strong. Its unfortunate that there seems to be 70 million Americans like that at the moment.
  12. I've been in many discussions at national level meetings with skydiving, (and work as well) where I have argued a contrary view when the rest of the quorum has been unanimous, often not because I necessarily disagreed with them, but because an opposing view promotes further examination and discussion of the issue. In some cases I flipped the whole room. I found that in lots of situations, many people just follow the accepted ideas, because they don't have the critical thinking skills to fully analyse the issue, or they don't want to be seen to disagree with the powerful voices in the room. I was a little unpopular at times, not that I gave a shit about that. It was no surprise that lots of times, I was approached by people after meetings who confided they agreed with me but were afraid to speak up. Ridiculous. People who take it personally when people disagree with them, really shouldn't be in decision making positions.