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  1. Maybe Brooks, Thomas or Clark...
  2. You don't have to ban guns. Just ban ammunition.
  3. RIP Ken. Former member of Hawkes Bay Skydiving Club, and British Parachute Regiment, member of the Red Devils display team.
  4. I never knew fake meat was grown in a peach tree dish. Dumb as a rock. I'm amazed she is able to sustain a breathing response. Prolly wears those headphones while asleep, that repeat "breathe in, breathe out" all night to programme her brain for the next day.
  5. Why are people still engaging with this puffed up chimpanzee, who is desperately trying to come across as some sort of intellectual colossus? He's a troll.
  6. He does have a very punchable face though.
  7. He said essentially the same thing in an article published before Russia invaded. Basically called the pro war commentators and political analysts idiots who didn't have a clue what they were talking about. You could see the female panellist here trying desperately to divert him from his message. I wouldn't be drinking tea or going near any windows in high rise buildings if I was him. Perhaps it was a way of letting Putin off the hook a little if he backs down. Claiming he was misinformed by his "experts". Followed by the ritual purging of a few bigwigs.
  8. Just like to mention that this Chimpanzee character is NOT a Kiwi...
  9. Meat bombs and Earth Burgers were two I recall. The pilots used to love giving the "Meatbombs away" call on the radio to the tower...
  10. Or the village idiot who was bragging with his mates at the pub: "Me and my two mates Joe and Dave, have decided to take up astronauting, and we're in training for our first mission". Barman: "Thats interesting, what's your first mission going to be?" VI: "We're gonna be the first humans to land on the sun" BM: "But its really hot up there, you'll get all burnt up". VI: "We're not stupid you know, we thought of that, we're going to be landing at night".
  11. Live feed of the mission, blast off in about 20 minutes. Rocket Lab - 'There And Back Again' Launch - YouTube Slight delay, launch in 8 minutes from now. And they got it....
  12. Launch delayed till tomorrow. Weather problem.
  13. Rocket Lab planning to use helicopter to catch part of launched rocket (msn.com) This could be interesting. I wonder if they are able to steer the parachute remotely.