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  1. You are right. From your point of view as a participant in the march. It does explain a lot. Down is up. Black is white. No surprise there.
  2. Second row, far right holding the sign. Mr T Speed. Thought you looked familiar...
  3. Starting a war has already been predicted. Just another tactic which he will use to try to get support. Pre emptive strike anyone? He doesn't have much left in his locker. Can the military refuse to carry it out if they perceive it to be unlawful?
  4. After doing ground tests on hand deploying reserves like this, we concluded that the mess was caused by the packing method. Pulling the reserve out, with one hand on the apex and one on the periphery resulted the guts dropping out as soon as the reserve was extracted from the container. We changed to a roll pack, which involved rolling the reserve up from the apex. (rather like a toilet roll) This resulted in a much more solid handful of canopy which was much easier to extract and throw, without it turning into a mess. Never had to do it in anger, as we had just turned to cutaways and pilot shot reserves. Glad we had the new fangled system. Hand deploy was only any good under cheapos anyway, PCs tended to spin up a lot faster than a C9.
  5. RIP Frank, ex Manawatu Skydiving club. Judge at several nationals in the 70s. The big C strikes another one down.
  6. Another numbskull outs himself.
  7. Its such a pity Christopher Hitchens is not around anymore. He'd be making mincemeat of both Hillary and Trump.
  8. The answer is.....Yes. But, as usual, there is always someone who knows better than the majority of experienced jumpers.
  9. Yep, if bullshit was wire, Trump could fence Texas....
  10. Nothing accidental in either case. Sheer carelessness. Stupid adults leaving loaded guns with a bullet in the chamber in places where they can be fired, or where kids can access them. Tragic, but unnecessary deaths in both cases.
  11. RIP Richard Kinloch, who was a good buddy back in the 70s at Manawatu Skydiving Club before he moved to Australia and jumped at Elderslie DZ. Ex RNZAF. We had some crazy good times back in those days. Fly free old mate. ETA: Richard posted on DZ.com as Marisan. Hadn't been on here for a while as he was battling the effects of a stroke a couple of years ago.
  12. So you think background checks for maniacs wanting to buy guns is a bad thing?