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  1. So you bought six (6) winguits and a canopy from squirrel and have been disappointed by EVERY item? Does this say something about the manufacturer or yourself? Personally I would call it quits after 1 unrequitted purchase. Disclaimer: crushed the uncrushable in a P2, and love the C2.
  2. The clincher for me was having [email protected] agree to refund my money if the canopy i bought didnt fit into my rig. It did fit (and I love the canopy). As an aside, a manufacturer who I had previously bought a ws from didnt reply to 2 emails or a post to their FB page about an upgrade to existing suit. Simple email reply cost them an order as I changed manufacturer...... Go figure.
  3. Just keeping the thread active as i would love to hear from people who have a bunch of experience on p2 and have upgraded to either p3 or swift, and the extent of the improvement. Ideally in a base environment as i am still trying to figure the next step up for me with 200 p2 jumps and am trying to get another10 % in performance to make some jumps a bit more doable e.g sputnik. Thanks
  4. Hi, im posting here as there is more traffic than I'd appreciate feedback from anyone who has a good chunk of experience on a P2 and has upgraded to another intermediate suit and found an improvement in performance. Im not interested in those who have gone to the bigger suits eg vampire or colugo. More specifically id like to get another 15-20% from my next suits glide angle. Would a Havok provide this? I have 150 jumps on prodigies and 150 on p2, all in a base environment. Thanks.