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  1. That does make sense, thank you. Your DZ seems to use a logical blend of the two main disciplines for training. Economics are a part but not THE main factor, I have enough for either one but I don't want to waste money that I could use for gear later on... And to be honest, I still think a blend of the two training methods, IAD and AFF makes the most sense to me. A long drive home after an equally long day of jumping is something I have to seriously consider as well. I was hoping to get more jumps in to be honest, at least four... So two or three is a tough day huh? To muddy the waters even more, we're considering taking some of my training money and making a long trip to an iFLY facility. My 12 y/o granddaughter will be coming along and is super excited about it. Do you think that would be money well spent??? Maybe I should make a separate thread about that question... Tim
  2. Everything is shut down till at least April here... Good idea about each DZ's FB page, I'll check that out, I only joined FB to buy used skydiving gear. I read that somewhere on the internet... lol I'm not unfamiliar with internet research and forums and I do not take everything I read as gospel on here. But I certainly don't mind standing on the shoulders of giants!! Ultimately it's up to me how to get trained... Ultimately, when I'm in the sky it's up to me if I live or die... That's poetic huh? lol Tim
  3. Damn... I need to find that deal! Here's where I'm at. I have X amount of money for training. Gear is at least a year, probably two years out, depending on how many jumps I can get in to where I'll be content with a certain wing load for (hopefully) a good long while... I will be saving up for gear during that time period. I mean, I certainly do not want to waste money but I don't mind spending more for a better outcome in the end. I don't know how much rental gear costs actually... I like IAD's baby steps/building blocks approach, especially concentrating on canopy skills right away... I also like AFF's jump right in and let's get this party started style... I think I'm right back where I started! LOL Tim
  4. Equally important! That is a consideration... I would finish up with my "home DZ", if I even do the hybrid route. The IAD DZ works out to be about $1k cheaper with no re-dos. That's a lot of money towards gear! decisions... decisions... Tim
  5. I'm afraid that I won't be flying anywhere for training or fun jumping, money's too tight for that. I need all I can get for training and gear... I'm hoping the Republicans in the senate bend and OK the 1.4k uptick in the relief bill! I wonder how many leaf blowers strapped together it would take to get my fat ass in the air? Off to youtube! Tim
  6. I plead guilty to over thinking!! I know me... Hence the question in here to listen and learn from you guys. Well, minus the canopy wind tunnel guy... I do appreciate it... Tim
  7. It does seem the optimal approach.... A couple of tandems A couple of IADs A couple of AFFs Tunnel time at night A couple more AFFs I think I'll approach both DZOs and ask them about combining the different training methods. I'll update this as I progress. Timski - If I could, I'd go to Phoenix. My daughter is there, Matter of fact I bought her a Tandem for her birthday last month. The video and pictures are truly priceless!!!! Off subject, nice name and I was an avid snow skier! Now I just cruise when I can get to a mountain.. Tim
  8. Yes Grove City is the closest DZ to me, about an hour away and where I did my two tandems at. From my limited experience there I do have to agree with you that they are super!! No question!! Skydive Rick's is the IAD DZ I was considering to start with... OK... So I'm over thinking this!I'll just jump into AFF with Grove City! Tim
  9. Found this in the Category C Intro in the SIM, which is in-line with what I'm hoping to do; Crossover students to AFF who have completed Category B in the IAD and static-line program will need additional training on the AFF climbout, set-up, and count; AFF freefall communications; use of the altimeter in freefall; and the main parachute deployment device, including deployment device malfunctions. IAD and static-line students may make the first jump in this category with one AFF Instructor on the recommendation of the USPA IAD or Static-Line Instructor and with the concurrence of the USPA AFF Instructor. Is it spring yet???? Tim
  10. Thanks for this! I'll be practicing PLFs before FJC now!! Tim
  11. That was my thoughts exactly! The IAD DZ is a two hour drive making it fours of driving and getting in as many jumps as I can... being 60 now, that isn't easy anymore! I suppose like everyone else I want to get certified quickly, being realistic I just hope I can get my A before summer work picks up and kills any jumping until fall again... PLF off the top rail of a fence... Friday Freakout material??? Ouch... I'm off to read your article next, thank you for that!!! Funny thing is that I was slated for jump school when I was assigned to the 82nd as a FACP, I would practice PLFs with the grunts off of tables (after a few too many beers)... Of course that was 40 years ago. Using Goggle earth satellite image and the scale on it, DZ1's landing zone is 500' X 460'. Is that small for a first timer to try and stick? If it's not I'll consider going AFF all the way... I do like the idea of free fall right away and starting to get the feel of it. I know that I DO over think things, but once I get my plan decided on I'll just be a sponge and listen to everything the instructors say. I'm in their domain and I humbly understand that... Thanks for the welcome and I can't wait for spring!!! Tim
  12. Found this in the SIM… https://uspa.org/SIM/2-1#1G5 Crossover training [E] 1. Students may transfer after the first or subsequent jumps to another training method after demonstrating sufficient knowledge and skill in the areas of equipment, aircraft, exits, freefall maneuvers, deployment, emergency procedures, canopy control, and rules and recommendations to enter into that program at a comparable level of proficiency and training. 2. Students previously trained in a tandem program may continue in a harness-hold program or must demonstrate a solo exit and practice deployment with stability in the IAD or static-line program prior to advancing to freefall. 3. Students who have completed at least two tandem jumps and demonstrated the ability to reliably pull the drogue release at the correct altitude, maintain heading and a stable body position, without requiring any control or altitude prompts from the tandem instructor, may progress to single instructor AFF jumps after completion of solo ground training. 4. Students previously trained in a harness-hold program must have exited stable without assistance or performed a stable IAD or static-line jump with a practice deployment supervised by a USPA IAD or Static-Line Instructor prior to performing freefall jumps with any non-AFF-rated USPA Instructor. 5. Students previously trained in Categories A-C in SL, IAD and tandem programs may jump with one AFF instructor after demonstrating the AFF wind tunnel requirements. Tim
  13. LOL That's crazy! How the hell did he deploy it in there??? Tim
  14. Thank you for your insight! I understand the building blocks of each style and would be OK if I had to take ONE AFF "remedial" jump to bring me up to speed in that training discipline... If nothing else to make the instructors more comfortable. My learning style is an interesting point I hadn't considered. Like SCUBA diving I was very much a "just do it" and jump right in person (pun intended)... In other areas I prefer to really study and learn all I can before attempting something, like stained glass or repairing something on one of our vehicles. I think canopy flight and free fall are definitely going to have to be a "Just Do It!, it seems to me to be an experience based "get a feel for it" type of thing. There are no wind tunnels anywhere near me so that's out, Not that you can learn to fly a canopy in a wind tunnel! lol Tim
  15. Late this fall I did an intro Tandem (Yikes!!) jump at the closest DZ to me and couldn't stop thinking about it! I went on a training tandem jump a week later to make sure it was something I wanted to pursue after looking at the costs of everything... Gawd!!! The training jump went really well!! I was surprised at how hard it was to pull the main ripcord on that tandem rig, took more umph then I expected I guess. Anyway, I have two DZs I'm looking at for training in the spring. One is a little less then an hour away (DZ1), the other a little over two hours away (DZ2). DZ1 only does AFF while DZ2 only offers IAD. After a lot of research, I think the optimum training scenario for me would be to start training at DZ2 completing category B (IAD 4 or 5??) then transition to AFF at DZ1 to finish up. I really think that canopy flight and landing is crucial in the beginning, from what I see in the statistics most accidents occur then. Another concern I have is DZ1's small landing zone which ends in a chain link fence (assuming the predominate easterly wind), So my thought process is to gain some canopy experience before I work on stable free fall. Being ignorant of skydiving’s etiquette or unwritten laws, is it taboo to plan on switching schools like that?? I certainly do NOT want to offend a DZO!! I would be upfront with both DZOs about my plan... What do you think?? Tim