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  1. Kenzdik96 - Thank you, I will double stow!! Bigun - Awesome... Videos are worth a million words! Much thanks all !!! I'm pretty squared away now. I just need to practice, practice... practice!! Tim
  2. That sounds good to me and makes total sense. I'm anal and tend to over think everything. I'll probably try and dig up my old fish scale and try to make some sort of force gauge out of it to try and test various rubber bands and stow bands. Should all the bights should have an equal pull force or should it get progressively stronger? Besides... I believe only the Holiday Inn EXPRESS creates savants or over night experts! lol Tim
  3. No to securing the tube stows more securely to the D-Bag?? Tim
  4. Thanks guys! It's the off season up here in snow country and the closest rigger to me is infrequently in his loft, I couldn't even coordinate an inspection of this rig from him so I had Joannie at Sunshine Factory check it over before it was shipped up here. Can't speak highly enough about her!!! The reserve will need to be re-packed before the season opens up again here and I'll have the rigger go over it with a fine tooth comb, maybe even wash it... But for now my goal is to become proficient at packing!! JW - I noticed those tube stows and thought they looked like a pretty good idea. Are they silicone tubes and do they last substantially longer then the ribber bands? A little research showed that the biggest gripe with them is that they don't stay tight on the bag, right? A quick loop and knot of dental floss would fix that and can easily be cut off when needed... I might look into those... Thanks again!!! Tim
  5. I’m newly licensed and I finally found a used rig!! Wings 31, PDR 253 and a PD Silhouette 230 w/Dacron lines. Fitment is really good and I’m super happy with it!! It has an Argus AAD but that’s another discussion… So, I’ve been practicing packing because I suck at it and I’m burning through rubber bands like crazy. The ones breaking are the locking stows and any AFTER the brake cascades, they are crazy tight! I got a pack of rubber bands and they look like the small ones. Is it OK to use the larger bands for the cascaded section of the lineset and the smaller rubber bands for the skinnier section?? Also according to Wings the W31 is made for a 260. My plan was to find a used 260 and jump that for a little while longer until I’m ready for the 230. But I can’t for the life of me see how in the hell a 260 could ever fit in this tray UNLESS the Dacron lines really take up that much space??? Tim
  6. A couple of suggestions; Dirt Dive – Before each training jump do 5,6 ,10 dirt dives for that category specifically. Know your jump inside out. Get a Mantra – repeat in your head “plane… plane…plane…plane” just as you release. While doing that look at the damn plane! Keep your head back with a hard arch, toe tap etc… When you’re stable do your planned dive, only concentrate on your task at hand, that IMMEDIATE task. Wind Tunnel – It’ll help… period! If you can get in one, tell the instructor you want to concentrate on stability and the PC pull. Do the PC pull over and over again. I did it with my belly against the wall in my house for hours over winter waiting for AFF to start up in the spring. It was muscle memory by then. Relax – I have to laugh when I hear this… although it’s true, it’s also true that you’re freaking out and can’t until you have more time in the air. Break down each jump into little tasks during your dirt dives and concentrate on that ONE task only, complete it and move to the next task. It’ll come around, hang in there!!!!!!! Tim
  7. I'm in for an education! Protected from UV and moisture I would think it would probably be OK... How hot does your garage get? What size is it? I'm looking for my first rig!! lol Tim
  8. Yeah... I'm certainly light years away from attempting this! I just got my A last week! Thank you for all the information and advice!!! Tim
  9. Perhaps some tunnel time will help alleviate another unknown factor... freefall stability. I've just recently got my A license and I basically choked down and ignored any fear on the earlier jumps and solely concentrated on the task at hand. One hiccup that I had on my very first AFF jump was the stupid seatbelt! lol I had no experience with it nor knew anything about it... I was getting yelled at to buckle up but couldn't find the seatbelt, when it was thrust into my hand I didn't know where the hell it was supposed to go! A seemingly small thing but I got panicked and that set the whole damn mood for the jump. I had to really concentrate on the dive flow and block the panicky feeling that in all honestly was threatening to overwhelm me... Keep at it! You're in good hands and NO ONE wants to see you fail or get hurt... Tim
  10. Can someone explain the mechanics of how this happened to a newbie? A mistake, expensive or not that you walk away from in skydiving is luckier then hell and I'm sure you'll never EVER have to worry about that mal again! I hope someone finds your canopy for you... Tim
  11. The VOG fits into the Bonehead audible pocket perfectly! I mean... like it was made for it. I did cut out a corresponding section of the removable shim behind it as it was pressing against my hearing aid too tightly. Oh! That's right, I can also comfortably wear my hearing aids with the Bonehead Aero and the VOG, behind the Ear Phonak Audéo Paradises... It's still new and I'll be using it in the wind tunnel today for the first time. I'll report back if there are any issues. I may experiment with adding shims to see how that effects the fit which seems perfect right now... Tim
  12. https://www.chutingstar.com/blog/m3-joins-impact-rated-helmet-revolution/
  13. Is anyone jumping the VOG audible in a Newer Bonehead Aero?? Any fittment concerns? I saw one post in here that it was a tad tight against his ear. Just ordered an Aero and am looking for an audible for it, kinda keen on the VOG. Thanks in advance! Tim
  14. I'm in your boat and currently considering the Cookie G4 or the Bonehead Aero. On paper the G4 eaks out a win (to me) but because of where I live I am not able to try any on. For that reason, I'm looking at the Bonehead as they offer a customizable fit out of the box. I'm sure either one will be fine... Tim