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  1. The VOG fits into the Bonehead audible pocket perfectly! I mean... like it was made for it. I did cut out a corresponding section of the removable shim behind it as it was pressing against my hearing aid too tightly. Oh! That's right, I can also comfortably wear my hearing aids with the Bonehead Aero and the VOG, behind the Ear Phonak Audéo Paradises... It's still new and I'll be using it in the wind tunnel today for the first time. I'll report back if there are any issues. I may experiment with adding shims to see how that effects the fit which seems perfect right now... Tim
  2. https://www.chutingstar.com/blog/m3-joins-impact-rated-helmet-revolution/
  3. Is anyone jumping the VOG audible in a Newer Bonehead Aero?? Any fittment concerns? I saw one post in here that it was a tad tight against his ear. Just ordered an Aero and am looking for an audible for it, kinda keen on the VOG. Thanks in advance! Tim
  4. I'm in your boat and currently considering the Cookie G4 or the Bonehead Aero. On paper the G4 eaks out a win (to me) but because of where I live I am not able to try any on. For that reason, I'm looking at the Bonehead as they offer a customizable fit out of the box. I'm sure either one will be fine... Tim
  5. Currently 1,850 Euros = $2,208.14 Tim
  6. As a newbie this thread is extremely helpful, thanks to the OP and everyone who has responded!! I also appreciated this little "round up" from Chutingstar; https://www.chutingstar.com/blog/aads-which-one-to-buy/ Somewhat surprised that no AADs are made in the USA though... So, they ALL work and here's my priority list as I spent 13 years in Europe in the Air Force; MarS M2 - Best Beer! If you've never had Budvar on tap, you haven't lived! CYPRES - Close runner up, Kutscher Alt is a stand out... Vigil - The Frite (french fry) stands were more of a stand out then the beer! Tim
  7. Following, I'd like to learn about this as well! Tim
  8. Thanks for that! I didn't know that they would do the ground school on any given day... Tim
  9. Yep, I won't be fully vaccinated until March 30th though. Then it's all systems GO!
  10. Stick with me... I'm old and wise and I've also been through enough narrow escapes to know not to get my self into situations that will at the very least make you winch in pain at every breath!! lol Tim PS I still haven't picked a DZ yet!!!
  11. Starting trouble already aren't ya?? I'll echo outdoort though and hope you guys get sorted out quickly!! Tim
  12. Or any Tandem/AFF instructors that have worked there recently... Tim
  13. Has anyone in here completed the AFF program and received their A license at Skydive PA at Grove City PA within the last few years?? Tim
  14. Wendy - Amazing how things change and progress. I wish I would have started this sooner in life and honestly I don't know how in the world I've missed getting into this. It's right up my alley... Thanks for the encouragement. Tim - LOL Yep! Nowhere indeed!! I like it rural for most things, not all though!! I'm driving four hours one way for 15 minutes in the wind tunnel... How crazy is that?? As mentioned previously, I need professional help! I'm taking my granddaughter for some fun flying so that'll be cool and worth the trip alone! I'm looking at Grove City (1hr 24 min) or Cleveland Skydiving Center (2hr 14min). I would prefer the latter but because of unpredictable spring weather I'm leaning towards Grove City. Planes are similar and Grove has a hard runway... I did two tandems at Grove late last fall. Tim
  15. LOL Yeah, admittedly an active over thinker as well! Especially since I've been waiting since last fall to get this going... I've had to save money, lose weight and get in better shape. I've purchased the SIM and read it cover to cover. I even stressed over which shoes to buy for my skydiving adventure! I need professional help! Tim