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  1. Hello Everybody, I have a question concerning my rig, I ordered it in the year 2000 and I did a bunch of jumps on it , maybe about 500 and around the year 2005 I stopped jumping , and ever since its been sitting in the garage in a plastic bag, I dont use it anymore , Im wondering if its still jumpable , I took it out of the bag this weekend to air it out and it still looks good but im no expert , any toughts ? i want to sell it eventually Thanks !
  2. Sad:: Im at work and just learned on the internet Ramiro went in :: I dont know all the details but Im very sad for him::This guy was my favorite friend to see at the dropzone because all we did was jump and talk shit and make jokes: Just very fun to be around with: Im really really gonna miss You my Brother : I hope You find Yourself in a better place and the condolences to Your Family and loved ones: so sorry ! :((((( Paul Keeping it real 22x7
  3. Theyre doing a dirt dive for 20 way diamond Keeping it real 22x7
  4. I think its called the jihadX Keeping it real 22x7
  5. i didnt see the buddy system deal : Keeping it real 22x7
  6. thanks for the laugh::: it was great !!! Keeping it real 22x7
  7. i jump a thriatlon 135 for wingsuitting specifically and i had twisted lines one time:: canopy is very reliable Keeping it real 22x7
  8. hahahahahahahaa jerry jerry !! welcome to the wingsuit theater or rather the flocking theater. Keeping it real 22x7
  9. hahaha priceless humor. keep it coming Yuri. Keeping it real 22x7
  10. i just bougth a new mac but I wondering if I can install the leopard os in the old g4 also ? i dont want to crap out the compo. lait !! Keeping it real 22x7
  11. http://www.sportsshooter.com/members.html?id=6469 check out picture number 4 in the gallery. nice. Keeping it real 22x7
  12. I read about it last week but forgat the link, Keeping it real 22x7
  13. ....packing tamdems. today i did it as a favor and it suked ass Keeping it real 22x7
  14. this sounds anti american. who the fuck cares what nationality people are nowadays. Keeping it real 22x7
  15. Gus: The GS1 is no beginner suit, It would be wise to have your buddy jump the more docile suits for a few jumps at least til He gets his safety procedures down. (Assuming Your buddy has no WS experience, otherwise disregard) Great flights. He's gonna love his suit. Keeping it real 22x7