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  1. SethInMI

    GPS/ Cellular Tracker for Canopy?

    Those are bluetooth trackers which are completely useless for skydiving. They have a range of 50' or so. It could be useful if you could attach a phone to a drone and fly a grid pattern. Look at the phone app afterward and see if it found anything.
  2. This is the Late Late Show with James Corden / Perris Valley tandem jump video. Very well done. The bit with the creepers was great, and the "big box little box cardboard box" no contact flying plan was hilarious.
  3. SethInMI

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    Yeah that is what I think was in effect before the big bumps in 2003, A-license was 20 freefall jumps. Then it went to what it is now, 25 total jumps.
  4. SethInMI

    New SL/IAD "freefall" jump requirement

    I was just starting out in 2003 which was the big change that I recall. I remember the scramble for the D and Cs, this change feels small in comparison, and I seriously doubt it will have much impact on IAD retention rates. Can someone tell me what the A-licence requirements were in 2002? Google is letting me down on finding them. Seth
  5. Again, I'm not saying communication is dumb. Communication is great. What I am saying is "opening at 5k should not affect the delay taken by the following group" and therefore not telling them is not a safety issue. there are two safety concerns I have seen raised: 1. tik168 is saying you need to give extra delay to account for the fact that once open if the person flies up the flight line they could fly into the airspace of the next group. I ran some numbers. First thing that stands out is this is not a concern if you are followed out by free-fliers, as they will catch up to you by the time you finish deploying, so if you do fly up the flight line you are flying over top of them. Actually they could give you a smaller delay if they knew you were pulling higher as the break-off spread would occur below you. (I'm not saying anyone would do that of course) (If they need to give a really long delay, still not a problem as see below) If you are followed out by a tandem with video, we need to consider the video flyer. How much closer will the canopy be flying for X seconds up the flight line? And what should X be? Let us assume the TI always plans to give solos 400ft of space. How long will it take our solo to cover that distance? With a 20mph speed, 13 seconds, so our vidiot could be in danger if the winds required a very long delay. But, and this is a very important point, the same collision risk exists no matter what the opening altitude of the solo is. If the solo opens at 3k and flies up jump run for 13 seconds, he will be under the vidiot too, the same position. In fact, he would most likely be closer at 3k, as in really strong winds typically the winds at 4.5k are stronger than 2.5k. I'm just a little depressed that some people can't understand the physics of this, or think the concern of running into someone while you are deploying is not a big deal. 2. Baksteen mentioned that seeing canopies above him freaked him out and caused a cutaway. This is a valid point, but I think the argument is a weak one. IMHO this goes in the "communication is good, but you should be prepared to handle your shit regardless"
  6. If you are coming down on top of me, I am not sure which is better, for one to be in freefall and one under canopy, or both under canopy which would lead to an entanglement or wrap. IMHO the rules for horizontal exit separation have been written in blood. It is extremely important to maintain those rules for the safety of all jumpers, and if someone is incapable of doing so, he/she is putting any jumper in the previous group at risk, regardless of pull altitude. If it actually is that important, the rule should be spelled out somewhere, if someone opens above XX altitude, you MUST give them YY additional delay. Just telling them what is going on is not enough.
  7. Yeah, maybe it was 3500. Dont get hung up on the number, you see the only point I was making, sometimes 4500 is against the rules.
  8. True. My only point was if the other groups exit how they are supposed to, opening at 5k is not a problem. So if we are to not make assumptions, the correct conversation with the following group is not "I'm letting you know I'm pulling at 5k", it is "What exit delay are you giving me? 5 seconds? Not enough, with these winds you need 8. Don't short change me. Thanks!" The same exit delay for 3k opening is the appropriate one for a 5k opening, imho.
  9. What if the tandem had a separate video flyer? Doesn't matter. I only mentioned tandem altitude b/c above that you really start to land late, and it does make sense to let the pilot and wingsuiters know there will be a canopy in airspace it normally wouldn't be in. But as well all know, it is horizontal separation that matters between groups, not vertical. If I end my skydive early, whether intentional or not, none of the other freefall groups should be affected. Even wingsuiters should be on a flight path well off the standard flight line.
  10. Why is that important? I can't think of a reason why it would affect the actions of any other group. Reasons I can think of is if after opening someone is looking around counting canopies they may wonder why they are 1 short (because it is 2k ft above them), or it is a good habit because some DZs and boogies have rules about not opening above 3k, and announcing your intentions to do so will give others a chance to tell you that is not allowed. But if I was at a DZ where it was allowed, I would not feel the need to announce my opening altitude, if I was under Tandem opening alti.
  11. SethInMI

    Dropzone manifest software

    You don't bring back concrete rebound hammer. Concrete rebound hammer will bring itself back when it feels like it.
  12. SethInMI

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    True. In the USA his memory will fade, but I feel it will live on in the UK, by both being a smaller place, and the unique nature of the crime making it a good conversation piece (can you mess with a rig and make it look like an accident is a conversation I have had before just shooting the shit in the packing area).
  13. SethInMI

    Cilliers Trial UK.

    I feel like he will become a skydive legend. Like DB Cooper or fictional Truman Sparks or Bohdi, his name will be a bonfire staple, enough that people will remember. It only takes one person to post "Hey remember that guy, his release date just passed, wonder where he is" and refresh everyone's memory.
  14. SethInMI

    Hero Session gone?

    Yeah, I don't think they will abandon the no-LCD display price point. My assumption is the session replacement will be thinner, look a little more pancake like.
  15. SethInMI

    Hero Session gone?

    Interesting. I can't find any concrete information about a session replacement, except for this from GoPro CEO Nick Woodman from Nov 2017: Reading between the lines, they will have a new Session style camera coming out some time this year, but it will be even smaller.
  16. The few times I've jumped in Belgium I did not need to buy additional 3rd party insurance or a membership. Apparently the 3rd party coverage with USPA membership was enough. YMMV.
  17. SethInMI

    Dropzones in France

    Wow. I would need 1k jumps to jump at my current 1.5wl, or about 500 more than I have. I can see doctoring a log book for a few jumps, but not that many. I would be nervous about planning to do a bunch of jumping with my gear even if I had a verbal advance assurance from the DZ that the rule would not be applied to me.
  18. They are two very separate questions, 1. what can you land safely when you are conscious and have use of your arms, and 2. what will land you safely when you are not. For 1, experienced skydivers are comfortable landing something 1 size smaller, and you really wont see people jumping reserves two sizes smaller than the main. For 2, there are so many unknowns it is hard to make a decision. How big is big enough? What change in WL gives me the largest step in survivablity? How does the fact that I am already seriously injured affect my landing survival chances? For me, I don't expect to survive an incapacitated landing (at 1.5 reserve WL). I do think it is still useful to have an AAD, as there are a range of impacts that could stun or daze you but still give you enough time (30-40sec) to get your shit together and flare.
  19. If I wasn't sure what to do, that means I have not jumped at this DZ before or in a long time, so I probably would just follow down the person in front of me. If it was a DZ I normally jumped at, I would know what to do when someone is landing the wrong way, and I would do that. If the rule is follow the tetrahedron no matter what, I would do that. I would keep an eye on the first person so that I didn't line up my final with his, so basically land not "out" but away from him as reasonably possible.
  20. this talk of evidence and video got me thinking, and I wish one of the lawyers was still around to give 2c on this HYPOTHETICAL: Steve is fun jumping at a boogie. He chats up a tandem pax, sees that she has no video, and decides after landing to get a shot of her landing. He is not in a great position, but gets the approach and landing. The landing is bad, the pax is seriously injured. No one noticed Steve shooting. He puts the camera away and heads to the packing tent. Now as I understand it, Steve can't delete the video, even as a disinterested person, because he reasonably would think he has evidence that may be required in a lawsuit. Is this true? Does he need to volunteer that he has it? How long would he have to keep it? Would a lawyer get the entire list of boogie attendees and depose them all to see if any one saw / recorded anything?
  21. SethInMI

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    With canopy collisions there are a few variables that make it hard to get a firm answer, but it is definitely worth some thought. If you attend safety day and can find a CRW dog or dogs who is also attending, having them talk through the different scenarios would be a good idea, as dealing with canopy collisions is something they train for and deal with. there are two kinds: 1. a wrap, where one jumper is covered in lines or canopy fabric and the other jumper is (usually) clear. 2. an entanglement, where the canopies are entangled but the jumpers are free, one jumper usually spinning around the other. with canopy collisions, the 1st rule is to talk it out altitude permitting, but below 1k ft you altitude is NOT permitting, and that make it very hard to know what to do. Many wraps can clear themselves, what your descent rate is factors in. cutting away from a rapidly spinning / descending entanglement is different decision than in a wrap that is more stable. If I was above 600 ft I would probably cut away if I was clear. I would probably have to get into a collision at 1000 ft because I would burn 400 ft trying to figure out what is going on.
  22. SethInMI

    Malfunctions below your hard-deck?

    Yeah to me, the 1000' ft line is a convenient if conservative line. Reserves are supposed to open within 3sec or 300 ft, so cutting away from a rapidly descending mal at 900 or 700 ft is a good idea, esp with a MARD or standard RSL. You really don't have much time once you get below that 1k line, and I think if you thought cutting away at higher altitudes was a bad idea and things have not changed, at 1k you need to think about things differently, and if you can't cutaway, you should just deploy the reserve anyway. To me, hard deck and decision alti are the same, the alti where you stop trying to get the main properly deployed and flying, and go to the reserve, and the 1k line is where you acknowledge you are fucked, you pause from trying to fix why you can't cutaway, deploy your reserve, and then go back to trying to fix why you can't cutaway.
  23. SethInMI

    16 year old skydiving

    Show me where it says that. The tandem BSR refers to age limits with "5) All student tandem skydives must be conducted in accordance with the specific manufacturer’s age requirements for the tandem system used for that jump" I can't imagine Mike intentionally violating a BSR, and if he is not using a tandem system that has a 18 age requirement, he isn't.
  24. SethInMI

    female TI near/in Michigan

    I live in west Michigan, and have a female friend who only wants to jump with female TI. anyone know a dz that has a one on staff? Chicago area, east side of MI would be options... thanks Seth
  25. SethInMI

    Help!-WW2 bailout question

    [inline "B26 crew with parachute.jpg"]