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  1. that's a great pic. just from the tease point of view, as so much is left out of frame. I assume it is a balloon with a custom exit point on it? and you with the engines on your did they work? we are left to guess.
  2. it's not useful to post links that are behind paywalls. The link had a video that I could watch that had impressions from WSJ staffers from all over the world who were given experiences in electric cars to see how they compared, but I have no idea if that at all related to the actual article. I have had my Tesla Model 3 for 10 months and put 12000+ miles on it. I have had no nightmare experiences. I assume that the writer of the article did not have a Tesla, and therefore had trouble finding fast chargers, which is a temporary problem. I am not sure what point @brenthutch is trying to make. Is he trying to say the world is making a huge mistake going electric and we will all live to regret it? Or just pointing out that buying a non-Tesla may make road trips harder in the short term?
  3. Thanks for sharing that with us. I took a course from Luigi Cani back in the day, and he got his course materials from you, so in a way I got a course from you. I never got a chance to meet, but your name to me is always going to be synonymous with canopy training.
  4. better man (that was really sweet. we've been to open mics in Nashville!)
  5. there are a few questions that have selections where a statement should be: for example the "entangled" step was a button i had to press, but should have been text.