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  1. fucking mobile phone wouldn't let me finish it in one post. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  2. Was 1399. What calendar says that this year is 1399, when the Islamic calendar says it's 1392? Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  3. OK, I am confused here. We have a new worker here who is from Afghanistan. She left there during the Soviet invasion, and has lived in Germany and the USA since. She said that her people celebrate the spring equinox as the new year, and they set up a table with seven objects beginning with the letter S in her native language (Urdu?). Each object symbolizes health, life, prosperity, etc. But I am confused about the year. I figured that it was Islamic calendar, in which case the new year woulf be 1392. But she said that the new year Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  4. SpeedRacer

    22-mile, 36-km jump today, LIVE here:

    Quoteand after a jump like this, I'd say he owes craft-brewed beer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  5. SpeedRacer

    22-mile, 36-km jump today, LIVE here:

    This guy owes beer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  6. SpeedRacer

    How will you Celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day?

    R! Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  7. SpeedRacer

    The Muppets perform Bohemian Rhapsody

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IlxozJh2JNo Supposedly Queen did a cover of this, but it wasn't as good. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  8. OK, I now have Ubuntu Linux on a separate partition. Had some problems early on with the system freezing up when I logged in, but I just downloaded the ATI display drivers and so far so good. Good bye, Windows (hopefully)! Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  9. SpeedRacer

    We are living in a giant cicada singles bar.

    I wonder what they're all saying. They're probably talking dirty to each other and we don't even know it. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  10. SpeedRacer

    Curiousity Touchdown Confirmed!

    The parachute landed on the property of a mean Martian farmer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  11. OK, thanks everyone. I don't want to wipe windows, because I've got the complete office suite on there & soon I will be getting MySQL which I need for a website I'm starting. So I guess the way to go is put Ubuntu on a seperate partition. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  12. So I bought a laptop that has Windows 7 installed on it. But I would like to get Ubuntu Linux because I want to learn bioinformatics and they often use Linux. Should I make a partition on my harddrive & install Ubuntu on it? Someone also told me that I don't need to do that, that there is a way to install Linux within Windows. And as a side note, I hear that computer viruses dont usually infect Linux OS, but I guess I wouldnt have that protection if I ran Linux within Windows? anyway, I am just getting started learning about this, so if you know of a good book on the subject or if you have any advice about this stuff I would really appreciate it. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  13. SpeedRacer

    Shit skydivers say that sounds dirty

    I am sure this has been covered,so please just post a link to the thread, but I am trying to put something together that summarizes things skydivers say that sound dirty. stuff like "how much for a pack job?" and "glad you could join us on that three way" and "i couldn't get any penetration" {last bit sounds like a rolling stones song}. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  14. SpeedRacer


    Dragonflies are good because they eat mosquitos. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  15. SpeedRacer

    questions about Bump smartphone app

    Does anyone here have it? I installed it, but it's no good unless you already know enough about the other person to know that they have a smartphone with Bump installed. If you already know them that well, you probably don't need to exchange contact information I attend a lot of networking events so I was wondering how many people use this app. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------