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  1. I also find it interesting that risky activities are viewed almost as zero sum. Which is riskier? Doing five jumps on a Saturday or riding the motorcycle an hour each way to get there? Turns out that the risks don't cancel each other out. They just stack up. It's an interesting philosophical question, but the more risky activities one does the greater the opportunity of encountering an event. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  2. I'm actually taking this pretty hard. In my mind Snake was everything I loved about the Raiders. On top of that, going out with colon cancer in a hospital just doesn't sound like how he should have gone. Something with a bit more bad ass associated. Hopefully Matuszak isn't making your time up there too interesting. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  3. Ironically, Skydive Dubai's Caravan just crashed. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  4. My brother (Ducks fan) sent me this. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  5. Big news with Mike Richards. Kings terminated his contract rather than buy him out. Said he made a material breach. This won't count against the cap if it stands. Oilers GM said Lombardi was working on trading Richards at the draft. Then he told him that here was an incident with Richards and it's gonna come out. Just found out about it and the trade talk should stop. Early rumors are that there was an incident at the border. Knowing Mike, I think we can sniff between the lines, so to speak. And after Stoll? The Kings didn't extend him a qualifying offer, either. This ain't baseball where a coke head can just take $80 million from a team. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  6. Remember the Gretzky Rule? Funny how things change. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  7. I made Tampa a finals pick months ago. I'll do it again. And the team will be better next year than this year. Tampa isn't losing anybody. Stevie Y has built something that will last for the next five years. And Cooper had a hell of an education. Coaching against Queneville in the Finals. And owning up to making strategic errors. I don't see a hi t of Boudreau in Cooper. Tampa is a force. And will be one for the next five years. It is a good time for you to get into the sport. Get down to Amelie Arena for a couple of games. See an NHL game in person and you'll be hooked. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  8. Congrats to the Hawks. It's generally considered that this is going to be the last hurrah for a few years. Hawks don't have the cap space to keep the team together. But the Hawks sure earned it. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  9. I think Tampa Takes it tonight. It's been that kind of series. Note the adjustments that have been made. Tampa has at times during this series looked dominant. But has problems potting the goals. Especially Stamkos. He not only isn't scoring or assisting but he doesn't even look like Stamkos out there. I mean, he's one of those good guys nobody has anything bad to say off the ice but can be a fast and physical game changer. This isn't like the Ducks where Getz and Perry were shut down and their frustration was palpable. It's like Stamkos is hurt and playing gingerly. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  10. They previously announced the intention to shut off the cameras to preserve the data. That video looked to me when it happened like the canopy got shredded again. Question for someone who may know: why isn't it being reefed? My wife is hotter than your wife.
  11. And a few seconds ago the revised chute failed on this next test. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  12. I got home last night. Did my typical "let's see where the weather is.". It's what I do since I don't get any precipitation where I am. I saw the attached on radar. A hook echo right there and thought I'd send a message to eeneR to prepare to take cover. I'd have told Yoder to do the same but I thought, "screw it." My wife is hotter than your wife.
  13. Not as pissed as Don Cherry or other purists. Imagine SoCal having three of the last 4 Cups. But since Ducks fans are such douches. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  14. I very much appreciate what Chicago did to Anaheim. I was their biggest fan the last couple of weeks. As it is now, fuck them. As much as I love Hawks fans (really, I thought no they are damned good fans) I am seeing the Hawks as a threat to the appreciation of the Kings, who still have possession of the Cup. But will be a great match up. I look forward to watching it. My wife is hotter than your wife.
  15. You are seeing as much artistry as science. It's why I love both. My wife is hotter than your wife.