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  1. lawrocket

    A Yosemite article.

    That's the catch-22 - it's okay if you get a permit, you just can't get a permit because it's not "an appropriate use" as determined by the bureacrats. However, even hang gliders have made great inroads there. No. The aerial delivery law says nothing about BASE. IT doesn't care what is delivered. In that sense it is broad. The inappropriate use portion is just guidance by the NPS - their policy. You can't get charged with anything by it, it just tells park managers not to permit BASE. To paraphrase Geore Mallory, "Because the law is there." Honestly, that's all there is to it. There are lengthy discussions about this already on here. Nobody agrees on what BASE "needs." Each person has his or her own reason for doing it. Some like the unregulated and stealth approach while others would appreciate freer access in exchange for regulation. From what I know about Jan Thomas's incident, it was a protest that went horribly wrong. Like anything, the Rangers weren't going to stop them from jumping, just arrest them and confiscate their gear after they jumped. The other alternative is to sneak out and huck yourself in private. To each his or her own.
  2. lawrocket


    Obviously, I was giving an oversimplified explanation. You quoted Ross, which dealt with a warrantless search of an auto. As stated in the first post, this was not a warrantless search. The suspects were detained pending issuance of a search warrant. I could go back to Carroll and explain how containers could be "detained" pending issuance of a search warrant. In a sense, a Terry stop was instituted, and officers may "detain" suspects without "arrest" pending a search warrant to collect evidence. I understand that the vehicle issue was not the greatest example in a legal sense, but thought it to be practical in a lay sense.
  3. lawrocket

    The best of Nick DiGiovanni

    Fascinating reads by a man who certainly has a way with words. On top of that, I finally learned how to pronounce "Boenish."
  4. lawrocket

    First All Collegiant - 8-way

    Where's the photo, Steve?
  5. lawrocket

    Skydive Elsinore

    1. Gear Elsinore had enough gear and a nice variety for the new jumper. While I am unsure of this situation since the fire, they had several PD Navigators to choose from from 220 to 280 on Telesis containers. The rental gear looks well-maintained and I never had a single problem with any of it. Ideal for the new jumper. 2. Landing Area - the student landing area is a new jumper's dream. Covering several acres, it is well maintained and grassy, preventing dust from gathering on gear. It also has a tetrahedron and several flags, making landing directions and patterns easy on the newbie. With over one mile of length of pure open space to the lake, a jumper can land out and not worry about avoiding obstacles - thereby endsuring greater safety. 3. Staff is knowledgeable and always helpful. There seem to be no big egos, and the new jumper can get all questions answered. Elsinore welcomes people it hasn't seen before. Still, they will listen to even a new jumper who sees something they did not. 4. Atmosphere - relaxed and sedated and serious about safety. I never hung out afterwards for the dz parties at night, but nobody openly held that against me. 5. Facilities - Elsinore has a bunkhouse, a snack bar, and seemingly anything a jumper needs, but does not have the exceptional facilities of Perris. 6. In summation, a student would do well to learn at Elsinore. I cannot compare it to other dropzones for a student progression, but as a student it has what you need: friendly and knowledgeable staff, good equipment, great jumpers, and a big forgiving landing area. Best of all, Elsinore has a great vibe! Top notch!
  6. lawrocket

    Is ADD considered "disabled"??

    ADD is not a "disability." In fact, the prevailing opinion is that ADD or ADHD (from which I greatly suffer) is not even a learning disability. ADD or ADHD is merely a condition. It's not faulty wiring, or the inability to properly function. It's typically simply a lowered amount of checmicals in the brain.