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  1. Lawrocket was able to meet him a few years back down in SoCal. I've never seen my husband so thrilled!
  2. We have a different culture than Europe. We are not European here. (or down under or Canadian). The purpose of the 2nd amendment is to protect ourselves from our government. And for that, I whole heartedly support open carry and no "gun laws." Familicide is often carried out by those who see their families as extensions of themselves, a very narcissistic concept. I didn't know Billy well enough to be able to determine why he did what he did and none of us who were regularly in touch with him saw this coming. We can only wait for the release of his letter. When I was in school, kids had gun racks hanging from the backs of their rear windows in their trucks. If what occurs today occurred then, there would have been a whole lot of kids taking that down. You take down an active shooter with a shot. It is the "norm" now. It has been done many times. It's called "contagion." Read up about it.
  3. Because "Gun Free Schoolzones" has worked thus far!
  4. Gorgeous! What a large tongue! Our newest, Jackie, at 130 pounds, thinks he is a lap dog!
  5. Then you need to reevaluate yourself if you can't see it.
  6. Actually, private health plans don't cover much at all. Reimbursements are higher through medi-care/medi-caid plans.
  7. Typical. Man telling a woman where to go.
  8. People kill people. With or without guns. 9/11 showed us you need no guns to kill massive amounts of people.
  9. <sigh>. I have no words. https://www.wbrc.com/2022/05/23/riverside-mayor-mourning-family-involved-triple-murder-suicide/
  10. Thank Bigun! Just seeing this now! We successfully got our Jackie through a service!
  11. Lawrocket and I were just talking about her.
  12. It has been a long time since either Lawrocket or myself have been on this forum. Children and several moves plus a crazy ex-wife have kept us on the ground and wrapped up in our own world. We have settled in beautiful Mendocino for our forever home. While walking on the beach combing for sea glass, admiring the beauty around us, both of us bent over to pick up a piece and upon snapping back, we looked at each other and said, "Remember when we used to skydive?!" Our excitement these days is finding tumbled garbage from forty years ago! We do have a small airport a few miles away and should I find an instructor, I'd like to get flying again. And now for the favor to the skydiving community... There is a male Black Russian Terrier up for adoption in the Akron, Ohio area. He is too big to put on a plane. A service costs in excess of $5K for a dog his size. He is 130 pounds and cannot fit in a 700 size kennel. I'm hoping to form a doggie rescue relay. Thus far, I have a pick up in Akron to Toledo. A brief jaunt from the 90 juncture in Indiana near the Michigan border and a hop between Vail and Grand Junction, CO. The 80 is the straightest way to NorCal. We are about 5 hours away from Sacramento. I was planning to con Gowann (Max) to transfer from Tahoe area to Elk Grove/Sacramento area and meet him for the puppers. Any jumpers traveling west who can pick up some legs and fill in the gaps of the rescue relay? We would be much appreciative. Pick of who will be his older sister. Julia.
  13. Lisa H, aka, the confetti queen, took her final leap this morning on February 29, 2020, having succumbed to a lengthy illness. Fly free confetti woman. I will miss those surprise messes on my floor!