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  1. Lisa H, aka, the confetti queen, took her final leap this morning on February 29, 2020, having succumbed to a lengthy illness. Fly free confetti woman. I will miss those surprise messes on my floor!
  2. And DM's birthday. Einstein's, too.
  3. https://www.google.com/logos/doodles/2017/131st-anniversary-of-the-hole-puncher-5763551741345792.3-law.gif Google Doodle!
  4. So you are saying that the $70 million in debt is our current president's fault? How did he give them so much money in nine months?
  5. It is not that finances are being held back. It is a matter of getting the aid there.https://conflictresolutionpro.wordpress.com/
  6. FAA in the States allows Ts to have a Medical Certificate. You have to be five years in, though. http://transgenderpilots.org/information/faa-medical-guide/ Good luck to you girl!
  7. I don't appreciate being referred to as a bitch. And I'm not getting decent chow tonight.
  8. Jerry didn't pay his pimp fees. Congratulations!

    Miss Kansas

    It says she is a skydiver. Anyone jump with her? http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20732653,00.html
  10. In reality, people are released from the hospital within 72 hours because some jerk who runs the HMOs denies the stay any further no matter what the situation.
  11. That's right. Dave's hot! I thought I like blue eyed, skydiving lawyer Army officers. Turns out I just lust for Dave....
  12. I'm selling my gear. I am frequently getting asked what other size canopy can fit in my rig. My rig holds a Safire 2 139. What other canopies are similar in size? Would a Pilot or Saber II 150 be able to fit in the same space?
  13. If you can pay the interest while in school, that will help keep overall debt low. Pay rates for Pilots are pretty good. http://www.aviationinterviews.com/pilot/airlinepayrates.html
  14. That is a really sharp chair. Would you come to my house and make me some furniture?
  15. Skydive The Ranch in NY has beautiful mountain views, great vibes and turns loads all week long. You can camp in the woods and there are a few restaurants that are more than happy to cater to skydivers.
  16. If you can't find someone in NYC, it just may be you.
  17. Phoebe got $7,000.00 for that. But her finger was in a can of soda.
  18. That's not all that is ironic. He suffered from a mental illness (Alzeheimer's dementia) which, stem-cell research benefits, but he was anti-abortion so no benefit to him.
  19. It is not meant to be classy or to promote breastfeeding as a loving time between mother and child, it is meant to sell magazines. The more controversial the better! Hence, why I found it tasteless. It undermines the beauty of nursing your child.
  20. DFWAJG

    Mama Bird

    This is a nice story. Thanks, Wendy.
  21. As a breast feeding mother, and trust me, I've whipped them out in public, I found the photo less than classy. It looks like a photo to beget controversy, rather than to promote what a loving time breastfeeding can be for a mother and her child.
  22. Face Palm on the thong! Congrats again, Bolas. Lovely story.
  23. That comment must be coming from a place of ignorance. I have not seen the picture, but my breasts have over 2 years breastfeeding, and I am approaching old. They are still perky. Breastfeeding does not "deflate" breasts. If they are good before, they will be good after. If they are facing south before, then it must suck to have bad genes . I think he is comparing them to his wife's breast. From a 34 A cup to a 38 D cup after one child and pregnant with the second...