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  1. Abedy

    Interaction with Tandem Students

    What you wrote sounds absolutely OK to me. I do appreciate other skydiver's cheering up students in an unobtrusive way. I do object if other skydivers interfere with my students, especially if they touch 'em even when well-intended.
  2. Abedy

    Felix Baumgartner Sets Skydiving Record

    Outstanding. I now sort of know how adult people felt when they followed the reports about the 60s air-superheroes (Kittinger, Gagarin, Armstrong etc) on the radio or on TV. For a short moment the feeling of "we shall progress eternally" and "everything is possible" was back in my mind...
  3. Abedy

    Brüggemann & Brand GmbH &

    The German "Prüferverband" (sort of independent rigger association) lists some of their products: clicky You might wish to contact someone of the Prüferverband Other than that you might also try the DFV (German Parachute Association) clicky Maybe they can help you.
  4. Abedy

    Balloon JUMPS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Balloon jump with 55 jumps? Or is it a fly-in ride (drop jumpers over ...dropzone) - even then tough one at 55 jumps.
  5. Abedy

    Armless, legless and doing a Tandem!

    This guy is really incredible and giving so much hope and motivation to others. Hope he can make the jump. Everything's gonna be OK I'm sure.
  6. Another one is: Point at the CYPRES display (OK, must be visible, huhu) and exclaim "Woo, your parachute is expired, zero jumps left on it! Doncha ever check ya gear?" Of course, only if student can take a little fun and only if you then explain what this display is good for
  7. We sometimes tell the students when asked if we do "that" for a living: Yeah strange, huh? The folks at the employment centre asked me if I like an easy job mainly sitting and dealing with folks now and then. So last week I was on the dole and now I'm a TI. P.S.: "This morning, I janitor." - Wasn't it "Dr Jan Itor?"
  8. Abedy


    I AM NOT ENVIOUS!!!!eleven Nothing better than blue sky and low winds and the dammit plane has an engine problem that keeps it and subsequently all the hungry skydivers on the ground. But heck, I can bitch about on the net at least and go for a walk with my missus so the weekend isn't completely spoiled And I found a nice video while surfing the net, enjoy.
  9. Abedy

    Basik new web site

    Made it clicky for you: www.basik.fr
  10. Thanks for that post. I read it with interest and it made me once again think about what great a sport we share.
  11. Abedy


    I can only give you two examples in German, but you might get some ideas by having a look: Wolli's AFF-Logbook: Clicky My logbook: Clicky
  12. That's why they're so filthy rich: Saving money where ever they can BTW: They gear with a belly strap looks funny. Never seen a student gear with a belly strap here.
  13. Abedy

    silencing my protec !

    I dunno whether you're radioed down but students here get protecs with its ear holes open so that they can hear the directions for approach and landing. Please ask your instructors whether they mind you taping your protec.