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  1. Yeah, those death threats tend to make retirement look pretty good.
  2. According to Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel, it's a felony. She wants to see the federal government press the charges, because they could likely tack on conspiracy charges too. Link:https://www.8newsnow.com/news/politics/michigan-official-wants-criminal-probe-into-false-electoral-documents-citing-bigger-conspiracy/
  3. Yup. There are places that have exceptions to the vax requirements for people that have had it. So there are anti-vax morons throwing "Covid parties" to catch it. The problem is that 'catching it' has a not small risk of bad things. Like 'death'.
  4. Don't know for sure, and it's not as bad as it used to be. But I'd bet 'earning' the VP meant working twice as hard, a lot more hours, doing much better work than the men in the same position. (no sexual innuendo at all).
  5. History is written by the victors. Hence, it tends to be a bit biased. As a 'funny' aside, I guess I'm not terribly surprised that it was Virginia that banned CRT in public schools. In 1958, after the SC decided that segregated schools were 'bad' (Brown v Board of Education), Virginia chose to SHUT DOWN public schools rather than desegregate them. In the county were the lawsuit originated, the schools were shut down for FIVE YEARS. Funny that I had never learned this in 'school'. I found out about it when I read the book "Hidden Figures", because the women profiled in the book were in that part of Virginia, working at the Langley Research facility.
  6. She's successful, she's a woman and she's a minority. What's not to hate?
  7. When the privileged are forced to treat those 'below' them as equals, they will claim that they are being discriminated against.
  8. Oh piffle. How are the racists and bigots going to keep their racism & bigotry going if we teach people how pervasive and ingrained it is? How else are the politicians going to pander to their racist and bigoted base if they don't continue to perpetuate the lies and misinformation about CRT? Particularly the lie that "CRT says all white people are racist".
  9. Oh hush. You're using facts. And reality. And you're pointing out that the climate is a very complex and interdependent system that we have a very limited understanding of. Any changes we make can and will have long term consequences (long term meaning decades or centuries). But because the year to year data can be manipulated to show whatever anyone wants, the deniers use it to 'prove' nothing is happening.
  10. Sure they are. Watching people restrain themselves from opening the door and tossing the farter out is almost as funny as the fart itself. (tolja - 'junior high level mentality')
  11. Nah, she just thinks we're obsessed with them when we make bad jokes. The simple reality is that many of us still have the 'junior high' mentality. For example, farts are always funny.
  12. Sort of the opposite of the idea that the 'liberals' are pushing so hard for everyone to get vaxed because they know the idiot deplorables will oppose anything from the left?
  13. Very true. Very good point. Thank you for the correction. I still do. Pretty serious acrophobia. On a roof? On a ladder? No thanks. But in the plane I'm fine (always have been). When the door opens, I get a moment of "Oh crap, that's a loooooong way down." Once the light goes green, I'm so focused on what I'm doing that I forget about it. That is also the case for colder jumps. I feel the cold when the door opens, but not once we go. I'm also fine under canopy. Someone pointed out to me a long time ago that it's more a 'fear of edges' than a 'fear of heights'. I found that to be both perceptive and accurate.
  14. Line twists happen. Under a large, slow, docile student canopy they are usually a minor issue. They can be much more of an issue under a small, high performance canopy. Any canopy can kill you on any jump - even when you do everything right. That's why they teach you how to kick out of them. You did fine. As a side note, I learned on direct bag static line gear. The direct bag setup virtually guarantees line twists every time. It was really cool to get to hop & pops and not have them every time. Still got them once in a while, but not all the time. Edited to add the 'usually' and the part about any canopy. 'Cuz Chuck Akers is smarter than I am.