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  1. wolfriverjoe

    opinions for a cherry jumper

    As was noted, any rig made in the past 10 years or so will likely be 'freefly friendly.' Is where you are jumping now likely to be where you jump in the future? I know military folk tend to get moved around more than the rest of us. What is popular at your DZ? What do the local riggers normally pack? While there are some variations among rigs, for the most part it's a 'preference' issue. And having a type that your rigger is familiar with and comfortable packing is a plus. Bigger rigs are out there, you just have to look harder & longer.
  2. wolfriverjoe

    Color the line attachment points on the canopy

    Not strange at all. It's been asked a few times before (there's a hint in here). Generally, 'coloring' stuff is not always a good idea. You don't know for sure what all is in the ink you are using. Will it damage or degrade the line? That could be 'bad'. Some folks consider the Sharpie brand 'safe', but I don't think anyone knows for certain what is truly 'acid free' and safe to use. Also, I was taught to discern between line groups by knot placement. Each group of lines has the knots at the same (relatively) height. And each group is a different height. (All the A lines are at the same height, which is different from all of the B lines). Last, but not least, it's 'brakes', not 'breaks' (and bridle not bridal, flare not flair).
  3. It was mentioned in the thread in Bonfire that you guys have a solution to the spam problem, it's just needing a bit of fine tuning before implementation. As a suggestion: Set up a filter so that any thread title that includes "Passport" and "Driver's License" and "Ielts certificate" gets the thread deleted and a 7 day ban for the person who posted it. EVERY forum had one Saturday afternoon. Every one.
  4. wolfriverjoe

    Dropzone Template Upgrade

    Well, the spammers managed to find it. I was hoping the update would do something to reduce this, although I realize that can be virtually impossible.
  5. wolfriverjoe

    Site Launch Gaffes

    The 'stars & dots' on the left have changed to an orange box with the word 'unread' to the right of the thread title. I haven't tried to get into a 'fully read' thread, so I don't know about that part. The thing that is bothering me the most is that the order of subjects in "Skydiving" has changed a lot. I just commented on this in another thread. Used to be General, Safety, G&R, Instructors, Tandem, Incidents, Tunnel, Events, History. Very different now. Edit to fix the word in the orange box. Duh.
  6. wolfriverjoe

    Email from an attorney .

    Well, based on what he wrote, if you choose to use it, I would think you would owe him the $300 for "other time, minimum billable time is 1 hour." Considering that you read the e-mail one day (1 hour) and then replied to it another day (1 more hour), then the ambulance chasers would owe you $600. So paying Mark $300 for his time composing the response wouldn't be too big of a burden.
  7. wolfriverjoe

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    Magnifying glass, right side of top bar.
  8. wolfriverjoe

    Feedback on new format

    Funny. (or maybe not) My sigline disappeared, I had to figure out where it was (little arrow next to my profile pic on top bar brings up a drop down menu, account settings is near the bottom of that) and re-enter it. My profile pic stayed. Edit to add: I'm also just noticing the automatic double spacing. If I type a long, single line, it single spaces. If I hit enter, it double spaces automatically. If I double space, it doubles that. I've been in the habit of double spacing, due to the 'wall of text' that would appear if I didn't in the past. That's going to be a hard habit to break.
  9. wolfriverjoe

    Dropzone Site Launch & Bugs Megathread

    It seems like everything I read before the change over is now 'forgotten'. Clicking on the blue dot goes to the first post in the thread. The only 'go to latest post' that work correctly are the ones that I've read since the change.
  10. wolfriverjoe

    Feedback on new format

    Ok, the sigline issue is fixed, there's a line at the bottom of each post separating the siglines. The format issue is older posts. I think that the old 'in reply to' box doesn't appear any more. So when someone did that (the [reply] thing to make it clear what someone was responding to), it used to appear in a box. That box is now gone. There are a few of those on page 19 of the 'global warming' thread in SC. Apparently, the old reply box is now just 4 dashes between the 'replied' text and the posted text. Also, I just noticed the individual post numbers are not there. So I can't say 'go to post 452 to see what I mean'. Again, this is pretty minor stuff. Getting used to any new format is always a process. Overall I think it's an improvement.
  11. wolfriverjoe

    Feedback on new format

    I pretty much like the new format. But... (of course there's a 'but') User names on the posts no longer have the 'normal' info. Jumps & time in sport, join date, post numbers, that sort of thing. Format is odd. The 'quote' and 'xxx said' seem wrong. The post runs right into the sigline, and you can't tell what's a sigline and what's the actual post. This may be a carryover for old posts and go away with new posts. What's with the 'user reputation'? Is there any where that covers the new layout and posting techniques? I'm used to the old 'markup' style, and while the auto embedding of links is handy, I'd like to know how to make the 'hidden' clickies.
  12. wolfriverjoe

    Questions and clarifying for the A-license Test

    I would suggest learning the difference between Mean Sea Level (MSL) altitude and Above Ground Level (AGL) altitude.
  13. wolfriverjoe

    Hi I am using a friends(old) account.

    First off, you can make your own account. There are alternatives, depending. Some DZs will allow those 16 and over to jump. Some places will take even younger on a tandem. There's a lot of debate and discussion about this that I won't go into. You can get tunnel time. None of those are cheap, you may have to travel some to do them. Which brings up another issue: Money. This is not a cheap sport. It burns money very fast. If you don't have a good job (or a really generous benefactor), it becomes a problem. Or you could become a full time packer, live in a tent on the DZ and eat Ramen a lot. Patience is hard and it takes practice. My suggestion would be to get a job and start saving. Practice your patience. You will need it jumping too. I just spent a 3 day holiday weekend on the ground due to weather. Not what I would have chosen, but that's what happens sometimes.
  14. Well, in the first case, if you use your own copy machine and do all the work yourself, then yes, it's likely legal. Or at least low profile enough not to matter. However, that's pretty similar to burning your own CDs or DVDs. And if you cross an international border with 'homemade' copies of copyrighted material, customs can and will seize it. In the second case, it would be a business, who would be making money copying and selling other people's designs. Flat out piracy & counterfeiting.
  15. wolfriverjoe

    USPA Badges

    The mental image of 'some sort of uniform' is rather amusing. However, I've been part of a couple club DZs where the long time members had club jackets. Reasonably decent nylon jackets with the DZ name & logo on the back, person's name and club position (president, S & TA, 'Head Troublemaker', ect) on the left chest. Several of those folks had jump & FF time pins right above the name.