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  1. Those are numbers reported from the trials, before they were approved. The chart is in the Twitter link I posted. I can't verify the actual numbers, but I had read elsewhere that the trials had experienced zero deaths and zero hospitalizations.
  2. Hi Jerry, I don't disagree that he wants the money. But what he wants more is power and control.
  3. Not sure about all the people who have been vaccinated, but of the approximately 74,400 who received it as part of the trial process, none died or were hospitalized. Not hospitalized and vented, but hospitalized at all. Zero.
  4. Yes, and at the time of the insurrection attempt, he was still a 'State Department employee', holding a "Top" security clearance.
  5. Do we have to admit it? You left out 'maybe, but I'm not going to admit it publicly' in your poll.
  6. Yes. I came across an article a month or so ago, and while the primary focus of it was that they had basically figured out what the vaccine would 'look like' within a couple weeks of getting the genetic makeup of the virus cataloged, there was a secondary aspect that acknowledged we would likely be seeing variants and mutations for some time to come. But since the original vaccine had been approved, the minor variations, 'tweaks' if you will, that would be needed to protect against the new strains would have a much easier & faster approval process.
  7. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. It's not very nice to expose someone's ignorance so clearly.
  8. Don't bet on any answer. Ever. I've done a bit of searching. There is more information about the Lizard Aliens than there is about any Venus capture. I'd put the Lizard Aliens higher on the 'likely to be correct' list too. Gotta love how there are repeated claims that "NASA is suppressing the truth", yet no support for that 'truth'. None at all. At least Rhys would try to show how the plane couldn't have hit the Pentagon, or that it was 'nanothermite' that brought down the WTC towers.
  9. Still could apply to multiple toadies (at least two). But I can probably guess.
  10. The problem with this sort of 'bothsiderism' is that the facts don't support it. One group was protesting unarmed black men being murdered by the police. The other was protesting the blatant lie that the 'election was stolen'. One group had large scale protests across the country. Most were peaceful. The other group had one event that turned deadly. One group showed a fair amount of restraint. There were multiple instances of cops getting 'caught out' and being surrounded by the mob. When their lives were in danger, members of the protest surrounded the cop and protected him The other group used flags, fire extinguishers and various other improvised weapons to assault the cops. One cop was murdered. One group was repeatedly assaulted by the authorities. Chemical weapons (mace, pepper spray, ect) fire hoses, cops with clubs all went after the protesters. Many were arrested. Some were arrested without committing any crime. The other group was allowed to commit multiple crimes, including murder, then was allowed to leave. The arrests are happening, but didn't happen at the time. Lat, but not least, the violence associated with one group was largely committed by 'outside agitators'. The "Umbrella Man" in Minneapolis. The guy who torched the courthouse in Nashville. The guy who murdered the two cops in California. All were shown to be "Alt-right" types. Even here in Wisconsin, most of the idiots arrested for looting were white. There was even an incident where a mob of folks looted a Target store while the protests were going on. But the store was in the next town over, where there were NO protests. The other group proudly displayed their allegiance during the violence. Hats, flags, shirts, even the fool who proudly claimed that it was Trump supporters, not Antifa that stormed the Capitol.
  11. Which one? That title (both of them) could apply to a LOT of Trump's toadies.
  12. Wow. I never considered the reduction in asymmetrical thrust. That could be huge.
  13. The ones I've heard of use custom stuff. The one guy who I know of doing it made his himself.