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  1. One thing I don't see that you've pointed out (I may have missed it): The proportion of the circle (globe) and the eagle. In the EGA, the globe is fairly large. The diameter of the globe is about the same as the height of the eagle. In the Nazi logo, the circle is much smaller. Maybe half the height. The proportions of the Trump symbol are virtually identical to the Nazi symbol. Nowhere near the Marine emblem.
  2. Content not available. No doubt someone captured a screen shot, but the original post is gone.
  3. Pfft. The serious discussion on this died maybe 9 or 10 years ago. Once it re-opened, there was maybe 15 or 20 posts that had halfway decent info, but then it descended into a fight between a couple folks, and a real douche who insisted that it was a certain person, but had nothing even resembling 'evidence'. After he was banned, he became a 'serial vandal' using sock puppet accounts. I do believe he's surpassed even John Rich for the 'Most Annoying Little Brat" title. How so? And who 'didn't want to find him?' There were a bunch fo mistakes made during the intitial search, but there's no indication that any of it was deliberate. The DNA on the tie was too degraded to get any data from. Same with the cigarette butts. Earl Cossey was the rigger who packed the rigs that were delivered to the plane. At least the airworthy ones. I would suggest reading the linked thread. On the first page, there's a link to the original thread that ended up getting locked. There's actually a LOT of very good and interesting info, although you have to ignore a couple of folks who insisted that their suspect was the real one.
  4. Some of them. Not willing to go further than that. Statute of Limitations has been reached on all of them, but I'm not willing to put the stupid shit I did when I was young out there. But I never got caught. My answer to the question "Have you ever been arrested?" is 'No'. I actually would get that question from Canadian customs every once in a while. They take DUI more seriously up there, and are known for refusing entry to people who have convictions.
  5. There were over 77k nursing home residents that died in New York & New Jersey? While it was a stupid thing to do, they admitted the mistake and stopped the policy. OTOH, Trump still insists that the pandemic is 'largely done' and blames the Chinese.
  6. Sure. There's a reason those outlets trust the NYT. Please cite all of the major stories in the last 6 months where the NYT was shown to be 'totally bogus' and published 'without investigation'.
  7. wolfriverjoe


    Nah. If Trump and/or associates get dragged into this, Ron will just pretend that it's the 'Deep State' framing them for crimes they didn't commit. Don't kid yourself. This is VERY MUCH a political issue. Epstein had lots and lots and lots of political connections. How do you think he got off so easy down in Florida? I posted this link in another thread, because of the tweet about the Trump campiagn eagle logo. But read the beginning: https://www.facebook.com/heathercoxrichardson/?__cft__[0]=AZUx1O5tOAlJg_l5No2jizCoiW-rGvPmucEdO9tzqfXRjC27SKf6kEobVC0j8i1GKspeXGEGM2rxQbhoKwjcxjrw5xun6Vwn6ALiLAYv-xSUgJeq11LsPCahQoKdFzW1gR4oh2A_K0i3ta3xh8xLDXjzD0a45wbgeruxbY-7edAIryL1JY5Tg6MAkV05KRwZJUs&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R The idea that Epstein was that close to Barr is very disturbing. Toss in the fact that Barr removed the Federal Attorney in the district that this case is being handled, and it starts to really raise eyebrows. Or it would under 'normal' cirucumstances. After what the "justice" department did with the Flynn case, nothing surprises me much anymore. Edit to add: Oops. The Heather Cox Richardson that I'm referencing is from July 2 (Thursday). The one I was referencing in the other thread was from July 1.
  8. On Twitter, conservative Tom Nichols, a professor of international affairs at the U.S. Naval War College said, “I've been pretty hard on people who make the Nazi comparisons around here, but Christ, even *I* saw this one right away. This is not some standard American eagle, this is a Trump graphics guy thinking he's being clever and trolling the world by saying "mayyyybe it's close." Heather Cox Richardson on FB (she has pretty long posts, this is near the bottom): https://www.facebook.com/heathercoxrichardson/?__cft__[0]=AZUx1O5tOAlJg_l5No2jizCoiW-rGvPmucEdO9tzqfXRjC27SKf6kEobVC0j8i1GKspeXGEGM2rxQbhoKwjcxjrw5xun6Vwn6ALiLAYv-xSUgJeq11LsPCahQoKdFzW1gR4oh2A_K0i3ta3xh8xLDXjzD0a45wbgeruxbY-7edAIryL1JY5Tg6MAkV05KRwZJUs&__tn__=-UC%2CP-R Edit to add: The quote is out of the post from July 1 (Wednesday). She added one on Thursday, so it's not the first one.
  9. How about retailers? Those selling the gas, deisel & heating oil. Wisconsin has a 'minimum markup' law. Gas stations have to sell their gas at a minimum price above what they pay. It keeps the big chain guys from undercutting the competition and driving them out of business. Back in 08 or so when gas was super high, those laws meant gas stations were reaping large profits and there was some talk of changing it (flat rate instead of percentage was suggested). Once prices dropped back down, that all disappeared. So now the profit margin on gas has dropped significantly. While many might go "Oh boo hoo, the gas retailers aren't making as much", the reality is that if there's no competition, big chains like Wal-Mart will have a monopoly on gas. Do you think Wal Mart wouldn't jack up the price to make more if they were the only seller in town?
  10. Well, when the "right" includes people like Miller and Bannon, when the president calls Nazis & KKK "very fine people, then yes, Bolton & Will are now 'leftists'. They haven't moved. But the end points have moved so much the 'center' is now well right of where it used to be. Ronald Reagan was a 'hardcore conservative' in 1980. Now? Ha!
  11. So increased education, nutrition, housing, ect are making the problem worse? Life expectancy has increased significantly. The number of kids in the US suffering from actual malnutrition has dropped to near zero. However, average income for minorities compared to whites hasn't changed much at all since the 50s. Maybe if the systemic racism was addressed, the 'social programs' would have a chance of doing more to actually change peoples' lives.
  12. This is from a week or so ago. Three cops in North Carolina had conversations after one accidently turned on the dashcam. A routine audit of those tapes found some conversation that was rather disturbing. Including the cops looking forward to killing Black people during a coming 'Civil War'. They got fired. Prosecutors are reviewing the cases these officers brought. They've already thrown out pending cases, because they don't want to have to put these former officers on the stand. https://www.npr.org/sections/live-updates-protests-for-racial-justice/2020/06/25/883358818/wilmington-n-c-police-fires-three-officers-over-racist-comments-caught-on-tape
  13. It's called 'propaganda'. Tell lies, get people to belive them, gain power, tell more lies. It's worked pretty fucking good for Trump so far. No. WHATEVER the truth is, that's what's important. Trump and his minions scream 'FAKE NEWS' all the time. Yet they spread the most outrageous lies. Trump lies ALL THE TIME ABOUT EVERYTHING. His followers then spread the lies and deny the truth. It's called 'gaslighting' and it's despicable. As I noted above, it's propaganda, pure and simple. And it's destroying the country.
  14. Why am I not surprised you belive that blatantly racist bullshit? You can't even get the claimed number right. https://afropunk.com/2019/09/no-andrew-sullivan-70-percent-of-black-kids-arent-fatherless/
  15. Yeah, funny how he's ignoring the bounty Putin put on US troops and how Trump ignored it too.