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  1. The whole Russian interference thing, along with the reaction of the Mango Mussolini - anger at the fact the Ds on the House committee were told, firing the DNI and replacing him with a Toady, all of that should scare the living fuck out of any intelligent citizen.
  2. The As, Bs, Cs & Ds are the lines from front to back. As & Bs on front riser, Cs & Ds on rear. 7 vs 9 cell won't matter for that. However, you will only have 3 'flakes' for a 7 cell, vs 4 for a 9 cell. So you will still have 4 line groups, with 3 sets of flakes. It's just that each 'flake group' will only have 3 folds of fabric, and 3 lines each.
  3. Don't slide. It's an advanced technique, and it requires pretty precise timing/height judgement to pull off well. You have neither at this point (same as everyone else). It also requires knowing the landing area very well (where are the holes & ruts that will catch a foot?). I've had a jump or two that I had planned on sliding in up until I saw a rut (or hole or lump or whatever) about 10' in front of my contact point. Precisely placed to break my ankle during the slide. Changed to a PLF and was fine. PLF is what you needed here. It's a vital skill that should be in every jumper's toolbox. It can save your leg, foot or ankle on any given jump. I've heard it said (by Wendy) that planning to PLF on every jump is important. If things go well, stand it up. But consider a 'stand up' landing a bonus, not the standard.
  4. Clinton committed the crime of Perjury. He was found in contempt of court while he was still President and fined $90k. He admitted that he lied under oath, and as a result paid a $25k fine to the AR Bar Assoc, and surrendered his law licence for 5 years. Those 'penalties' were part of an agreement to avoid criminal charges after he left office.
  5. Oh please. You forgot about the false equivalence that all the Rs and Trumpettes need in order to argue. Trump buying the election was fine. He was an 'outsider'. Bloomberg doing it is wrong. Trump's long record of racism is fine. That's 'just who he is'. Bloomberg's support of 'stop & frisk' is wrong. I don't like Bloomberg and I hope he isn't the nominee. But I'll hold my nose and vote for him if he is because Trump is simply evil.
  6. Of course he does. One of the 'facts' Rs like to tout is how many counties voted for Trump. The simple fact that the population of many of those counties is insignificant is something they conveniently ignore. The idea that a state like Vermont or Wyoming should have the 'same vote' as California, New York or Texas is ludicrous.
  7. Official count was 2,912,790 to 2,912,253. However, the nationwide total was 50,456,002 to 50,999,897. If the idea being proposed above was in place then, the Florida crap wouldn't have even made the papers, let alone the Supreme Court. Instead, the 'Brooks Brothers Revolution' (led by Roger Stone) was what put Bush & Cheney in place. Numbers source: https://www.infoplease.com/us/government/elections/presidential-election-of-2000-electoral-and-popular-vote-summary
  8. Each state individually, same as now. The real downside of this would be the simple fact that the TV news broadcasts would lose the 'suspense' of reporting each states results as they came in. They would have to wait until all the states reported their results. Actual results, not statewide poll percentages. It wouldn't matter if one candidate 'won' a particular state by a huge margin, only the vote numbers would. California would be the big vote tally result. Late to report (Pacific time zone), huge population, diverse population, all of that could make that state very pivotal. But again, the state itself wouldn't matter, it would be the votes that did.
  9. wolfriverjoe


    What 'ongoing investigation' would that be, Ron? McCabe was fired 2 days before becoming eligible for his pension. After getting fired, The Mango Mussolini tweeted numerous attacks and lies about him. It was abundantly clear that the firing and subsequent threats of prosecution for 'leaking' were nothing more than Trump's attempts at revenge.
  10. If all the states would simply pass laws to assign EC votes proportionate to the popular vote, it would go a long, long way towards a fair(er) election. Since it says "in such a manner as the Legislature there may direct", that would be well within the Constitution.
  11. You are making the erroneous assumption that their minds ever leave the gutter. To the OP - You want all the cell openings hitting the air at (approximately) the same time. That's why you want to count out the nose, line it up and clamp it between your knees. After you flake out the cells and get all the lines straight, you put the 'gathered' nose where you want it (actual placement varies). Also, you will see some packers take the 'gathered' nose and give it a sharp 'snap' before they clamp it between their knees. That motion will take care of some of the 'arrangement' of the flakes and lines, making the actual flaking part somewhat easier.
  12. Well, in a not at all surprising development, the NY AG issued a statement about this. #1 - She is an elected official, independent of the governor. #2 - SHE is the one in charge of these suits, not the governor. https://www.palmerreport.com/analysis/new-york-attorney-general-tish-james-just-slam-dunked-donald-trump/25190/?fbclid=IwAR2AGiLalB-C7M4DArv5zoAnFuRfOao4rwWFTJgYOXWfPcI-xkUIV9xNO1Y
  13. Well there's also the very simple fact that the whole concept of a 'wall from the Gulf of Mexico to the Pacific' is utterly idiotic.
  14. The problem is that Trump is only a manifestation, a symptom of that bandwagon. The R party went down that road a few years ago. "Voter ID" laws, promoted as preventing voter fraud (which was really rare, and seems to be perpetuated recently by... Republicans) that really disenfranchises older and minority voters. Gerrymandering (done by both sides, but the Rs really ran with it). Vicious and false attacks against HRC. I don't like her and didn't vote for her The "Benghazi" and "E-mail" hearings had no merit, or substance, but did a good job of attacking her. Flat out refusing to hold hearings for a Supreme Court nominee. It's become abundantly clear that the Republican leadership has no interest in anything but retaining power.
  15. To be fair, the entire Republican party ignored the wishes of the people when they decided not to hear witnesses or allow new evidence. For the first time ever in an impeachment trial in US history (not just the Presidential ones). McConnell threatened blackmailed & bribed the R Senators into being simple pawns for Trump. On the positive side, the House committees are still investigating.