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  1. The problem with the comparison with AIDS is that to a large degree, AIDS was something that had not been seen before. It did things that no other virus had been known to do. The fact that it attacked a marginalized segment of the population didn't help. It wasn't until AIDS entered the blood supply and began affecting 'regular' people that it got the attention really needed to figure it out. Yes, "The Band Played On" is an excellent movie. OTOH, the coronavirus is a fairly standard pneumonia causing virus. We know of other corona viruses. Some cause the common cold, similar to rhino viruses. Some affect livestock. We have good ideas on how it spreads. We are learning to treat it. There's a lot still to learn, and much of what we know is still in the 'hypothesis' phase. Some countries have done a very good job in containing it. The US was likely to see a bad outbreak, no matter who was in charge. The pushback over the quarantine shutdowns, the 'liberty' idiots who refuse to follow good scientific advice, the 'hoax' morons (same ones that are Qcumbers, anti-vaxxers, chemtrails, flat earthers, moon landing hoax, and on and on), those fools pretty much a guaranteed we'd see more cases. But the blatant mishandling by Trump made it far worse than that. I hate him. He's a con man, pure and simple. He's using his position to line his pockets at the expense of the rest of the country. He completely ignores the damage he's done and is doing. He doesn't care about anything or anyone other than himself. And he's conned a large segment of the population into believing his garbage.
  2. Meh. People are idiots. Shortsighted and gullible. They believe what they want to, not what's real (especially when reality is not fun). I know people that have decided that they are 'tired' and 'done with' the virus. Unfortunately, the virus isn't done with us. We're setting records for new cases, hospitalizations and deaths here in Wisconsin. There was a bit of a hiccup in the reporting last weekend. The DHS did an upgrade of the system, and it was shut down for a couple days. The following days had a bit of chaos as the reports caught up. Some stuff (total tests was one) were all reported the first day back. Some stuff took a couple days to catch up (positive tests had the 'missing' days reported spread out over a couple days). It kind of screwed up the averages for a few days. Doesn't change the fact that we are now seeing new positive tests over 4k per day. Hospitalizations are approaching 200 per day. Deaths are overall not catching up (percent of cases ending in death is now below 1%) but are increasing too. It's getting ugly and will get worse.
  3. wolfriverjoe


    That 'level of production' can be accomplished with a GoPro and a decent laptop. As I have asked before (and you have ignored), when is HRC going to be arrested? When are the military tribunals on Gitmo going to happen? When are you going to realize that you are being played? Barnum was right.
  4. On a slightly more serious note, my little dog (still my avatar, despite being dead since 2012) used to sniff around forever when we were out for walks. I taught him to understand the command 'pee on it and let's go'. He would obey it.
  5. Yes, there have been some cases that were transmitted through surface contact. But those cases seem to be in the minority. Unlike influenza and Rhinovirus 'head colds'. It also appears that the 'viral load' one takes in is a factor in how sick one gets. Taking in a large amount of the virus seems to be a factor in suffering a more serious case of the disease. Taking in a smaller dose seems to be a factor in milder cases. Note: I use 'seems to be' and 'appears' because there's very little actual proof of anything with this disease. Virtually zero genuine scientific studies. Not surprising considering we've known that the virus exists for less than a year. Look at how long it took to realize that the AIDS virus even existed, let alone get a handle on how it was transmitted, what it did and how to fight it.
  6. Fair enough. It may be because I didn't start jumping until my mid-30s, and I lost a decent number of friends before I ever started jumping. It also doesn't help that I have friends that are a wide variety of ages. I'm in double digits for friends who have died of old age (more or less - cancer in the 70s or 80s goes in the 'old age' category for the most part).
  7. Unfortunately, some people see the concept of 'lifting the short guy up' as getting cut down themselves. That is, to give someone else the same opportunity is to deny them that opportunity. To make them compete on equal terms with one of 'those people' is not what they want.
  8. Gotta disagree with this. At 55, I've got a pretty long 'dead friends list'. Only 4 or 5 were jumpers. Only one died jumping.
  9. The media reports what they can prove. They're ignoring the "Biden/Ukraine" story because it's provably false. Highly regarded, career intel officers (Fiona Hill is one) testified before congress that the whole story was Russian propaganda. Giuliani got the information from a known Russian intel officer. When it didn't gain the traction that was desired, the 'child porn' suddenly appeared. Why wasn't that mentioned from the beginning? Maybe because it's a standard FSB tactic. The whole story is so stupid, I can't believe anyone can buy into it. The whole Trump/Russia thing has not been 'proven phony' anywhere but in the imagination of Trump and his supporters. The Mueller report did NOT say there was 'no collusion'. Mueller himself said if there had been proof of no collusion, he would have said so Of course, we don't know exactly what was in that report because Trump and his toadies won't release it (despite what he said on Twitter). Funny that he won't release the very info he claims exonerates him. The Trump spawn have been involved in a wide variety of dubious ventures. Some should have resulted in felony charges (except daddy paid off the prosecutor). Don Jr's dealings with Saudi Arabia are as bad, if not worse than Hunter Biden's purported Ukraine involvement. It's been reported. But the Trump backers just call it 'Fake News' and ignore it. If you want the 'tree of liberty' watered with the blood of tyrants, start with the guy who called Nazis & KKK 'very fine people'. The guy who has called for the arrest (without charge) of his opponents. The guy who supports vigilantes who murder protesters. The guy who called for violent insurrection against elected governors, and when it almost came to pass, has yet to say anything bad about the actors, instead having his supporters chant 'Lock her up", directing those chants towards the target of the insurrection.
  10. That's a neat idea. For those in the US, it's more commonly called 'heat shrink tubing'. A quick search of the term 'electrician rubber' found gloves.
  11. Actually, it seems to be coming from Russia & Iran. The FBI just had a press conference (it pre-empted the local TV show on the GB Packers - BOOOO!!!). I'd love to blame it on Trump & the Rs, but it seems to not be.
  12. They are largely with relatives here in the states. Most of the parents were deported after the kids were taken from them and put in cages. It's inhumane, cruel & vicious. You know, standard operating procedure for Trump.
  13. The point is that he can blame Pelosi & the Ds for taking Trump & McConnell at their word. After she goes, both of them will pretend that they really wanted to push a stimulus through, but Pelosi left. Funny how he's ignoring Jakee's request for any sort of evidence that Biden's son was doing 'pay for play' during the Obama administration. Does he really think that if there was any real proof of that, that the Rs wouldn't be screaming it from the roof tops? Instead we have Giuliani & Bannon parroting Russian propaganda, now to include accusations of child porn. Please.
  14. From the link: Seriously? A 'further blow'? He's Trump's personal lawyer. He's either a Russian agent or a stooge for one. He can't get his story on Fox 'news'. I guess I was unaware he had any 'reputation' left take a 'further blow'.