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  1. No shit. Governor Pritzker & Sen Duckworth both held press conferences. It's been at the top of the national headlines for a couple days. Six dead in Englewood or South Shore wouldn't even be top 3 on WGN at 9pm.
  2. I think I'd be more willing to believe "Demonic Obsession".
  3. What the actual fuck is 'demonically oppressed? Is that when the demon won't possess you because you're a minority?
  4. Funny how the conservatives preventing the US from enacting universal health care is Obama's fault. Funny how EVERY OTHER industrialized country in the world has that sort of health care.
  5. Kind of funny how the Mango Mussolini ISN'T disputing the allegations of criminal activity. Just the ones that show what an immature, selfish, petulant little brat he really is.
  6. Ahhhh. Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification. No, I'm not thinking about, say, the Koch brothers and ALEC 'taking their ball and going home'. I'm thinking more along the lines of various revolutions in recent times. The Orange Revolution in Ukraine back in 04 didn't get super violent, but it could have. Where protests against abortion bans or voter suppression or that sort of thing start turning violent, groups like the Proud Boys jump in and start attacking their 'enemies', and then general chaos ensues. I'm
  7. I have very little doubt that the current Supreme Court would have zero issues justifying that. Given the three major decisions the past couple weeks, they have no scruples, no restraint and no shame. None at all.
  8. Can you clarify that? I don't understand why you are asking 'who would leave?' I'm talking about a genuine Civil War. Battles, dead people, all that. And 'keep them' - Keep what? Not trying to be argumentative, I just don't understand what you are asking.
  9. The parallels between current events and the time frame leading up to the US Civil War (~160 years ago) are rather frightening. The behaviors of the current Republicans and the then Southern oligarchs is eerily similar. I only hope we don't have to go through another war that consumes 2% of the population to get past it.
  10. I'm a lot less offended by beastiality than I am by the SC deciding that it's ok for a person in a position of power and authority at a PUBLIC, TAX PAYER FUNDED school being allowed to coerce children into joining into a religious prayer ceremony. And, a blatantly public performance that flies in the face of the teachings in the Bible that they love to wave around so much.
  11. Ummmm... Seriously? Jackson evaded answering a 'gotcha' question. I never saw anyone but Trump fans get upset about it. And which side attacked the actual government because they were 'butthurt' about losing an election? Either that or so fucking stupid they bought Trump's lies about it being 'stolen'. And what I'm really and truly pissed at the Rs about is the systematic dismantling of our democracy. The usurpation of power so that the rich & powerful can do whatever the fuck they want, and the rest of us just have to take it.
  12. Interesting. In Wisconsin, there's no party requirement for primaries. The only 'catch' is that you can't cross parties during the primary. That is, you can't vote for, say, a republican rep and then democrat gov. I've voted both for the candidate I wanted, and for the opponent of the candidate I really didn't want. Party didn't matter as much as how much I wanted or didn't want a particular candidate.
  13. Lev Parnas got 20 months. https://www.npr.org/2022/06/29/1108635408/lev-parnas-sentenced-20-months
  14. Yeah, but many of them were incomplete with me.