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  1. Nope. Not dumb at all. Why do you think sunset load high pulls are popular?
  2. I think he did. Something like 30 FBI agents going into his "home" (one of them anyway), searching through his stuff, opening his safe, all of that is very unpleasant. The fact that the Secret Service were the ones that allowed the FBI in is just icing on the cake. They had to. A search warrant isn't something that can be argued or debated on the front porch.
  3. Love the part where he complains that the FBI just came up to him and took it. That if they'd contacted his attorney, he would have handed it over. Yeah. Right. Sure. He would have handed it over after deleting everything.
  4. Interesting. I would have somewhat expected that there would be some sort of 'hour meter' for the motor. I have one of those in the big truck, and have ever since the 'digital dash' became a thing in them. So 10% of 30k miles is 3000 miles, which is a fairly standard interval.
  5. I haven't jumped at that many different DZs, but EVERY one considered 'currency' to be a requirement. Several required fullon coach jumps.
  6. Do you have any idea of the miles or hours the motor ran?
  7. You're just figuring this out? I always thought the idea that the 'alt-right' pretended that 'liberals' were the ones getting all bent out of shape over mild or imagined insults was absolutely hilarious. Who was it that accused the Muppets Bert & Ernie from Sesame Street of being gay and 'grooming' kids? (Note: the response of 'They're puppets. They don't exist below the waist' has to be one of the all time best) Who wants to ban any and every book that suggests being gay is somehow not a horrible, terrible sin? Who went after the fucking TeleTubbies? It was a while back, but Jerry Falwell (Sr) made the accusation.
  8. #1 - "Defund the police" is a bad way of phrasing "let's put the money we use to militarize the police towards things that actually address crime". We see far too many cops prancing around with military equipment, assaulting innocent, unarmed citizens, and then failing to act when actual danger presents itself If the fools are buying guns because they think the cops are going to 'go away', then they're idiots. If it wasn't all the 'pro gun' types (NRA in particular) screaming 'the scary black man is coming for your GUNS!!!!!!!", then what was it? Seriously, I saw all the NRA propaganda in my mailbox. It's one of the reasons that I'm no longer a member. When Obama got elected in 08, all the guns went flying off the shelves. Ammunition too. Even components. Primers in particular were impossible to find for most of 09. Then, when it finally started to calm down, the Sandy Hook shooting happened. And it went bananas all over again. And the NRA continued to raise the roof about Obama, Feinstein, Schumer, and Hilary (her in particular) wanting to 'take your guns away'. It was their mantra for the entire time.
  9. From what you said, you do the 'seldom run it, but when you do it gets run long enough to get to full operating temp' thing. That oil validates what I said. Guessing it's synthetic (which has a longer change interval). I've seen opinions that you can just change the filter at 'normal' intervals and let the oil go twice as long. I personally wouldn't do that, but I tend to be conservative on oil changes. Summer cars & motorcycle get it once a year regardless of miles, which means I sometimes go 1500 miles or less on a change.
  10. Have you seen any of the 'hero worship' pictures of him? The won't EVER catch on because they believe it to be true.
  11. Makes you wonder how 'Reverend Rambo' would react if someone wearing, say, a "Church of Satan" t-shirt walked into one of his services carrying the same weapons he has there.
  12. Hmmmm... Didn't Brent claim that none of the insurrectionists were armed? Yet this guy freely admitted that ALL OF THEM were armed. From the article:
  13. You expect him to answer a serious and substantive question?
  14. I'm guessing it's something of an 'add on' position, where someone is given the duties of establishing policies and procedures to be 'inclusive'. I had something along those lines as a member of the 'Safety Committee' a while back. I had a 'real' position and duties, but the 'safety guy' was also part of it. As a side note, I volunteer at a cat rescue, where the owner is very inclusive and open to the LGBTQ community. We had mugs made for Pride month that said "Purrrrride" on them, with a picture of a rainbow colored cat. They sold out. Of course, a couple dipshits on FB complained about 'going against God's Will' or accusing us of being 'groomers'. We get quite a few 'difficult to determine' people walking in (it's a cage free shelter, where visitors are welcome to come in and interact with the cats). My job is to greet them, make sure they understand and follow the rules and answer any questions they may have. Not to judge or classify them. Something I have found is that very few are offended if I 'mislabel' them. As long as I accept correction and address them as they choose to be. I was having a conversation with one of the other volunteers, and she said that she was often nervous trying to decide how to address someone, and would usually default to 'them'. I pointed out that it's easiest to simply ask. Something like "How do you prefer to be addressed?" What I have realized is that giving someone the opportunity to clarify that before any awkward mistakes is giving them a level of respect and acceptance that they don't usually get. The times I've gotten a 'thank you for asking' outweighs the number of 'what do you mean you can't tell' by a HUGE margin.