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  1. IIRC, there were legal sanctions in the wake of Dwayne Weston's death at Royal Gorge. I'm not going to go look, but there's a hell of a long thread in Incidents.
  2. Pffft. The morons ignore the fact that 97% of climate scientists agree that AGW is a real, serious, major problem. The deniers have no problem latching onto the 3% that don't. The "9/11 Truthers" latched onto the idea that a thousand * engineers & architects thought that the collapse of the WTC towers wasn't legit. The fact that tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or millions of 'engineers & architects' didn't sign onto that idiocy didn't matter to them. * - I forget the exact number that signed the petition, but I remember Rhys latching onto it really hard. Of course, he ignored the question when asked how many engineers & architects there were in the US that didn't sign. These idiots are grasping onto any source that validates their position. With anything else, it's just annoying. With Covid, it can be fatal. These fucktards are removing themselves from the debate, permanently, at a rate that's currently a bit over 1500 per day (7 day average). The Herman Cain Awards are being issued at an incredible pace.
  3. He's a pretty good actor. I liked TJ Hooker when I was younger. Apparently, he shows up on time, knows his lines well, doesn't alienate the rest of the cast and crew on set, overall behaves himself well. None of that changes how he behaves out in the 'real world'.
  4. Yup. By most accounts, Shatner is a full blown douche.
  5. She said she's in a diplomatic post, not that she's a diplomat. Ya gotta remember that Marines are the standard security force in all the embassies & diplomatic missions around the world.
  6. Maybe a couple fewer, not the end. At the various larger DZs I've been to, I've heard of (or 'overheard of'): Foreign nationals working as TIs, Packers & office staff while in the country on a tourist visa for the summer. My (limited) understanding was that they had Tax ID numbers, so they were paid legally. Just not working legally. Staff (all sorts) and fun jumpers with active arrest warrants. Usually minor stuff (failure to appear for a traffic ticket, that sort of stuff), but I'm pretty sure there were a couple felony folks. It was always interesting to see who disappeared if a Sheriff squad car took a turn through the parking lot. Lots of jumpers have carry permits. Many lock up guns in their cars in the parking lot (legally). No clue how the Secret Service would handle that.
  7. Interesting thought. No way I'd actually want the job. I think it was Arthur C Clarke who wrote "anyone who actually tries for and want the job should be disqualified automatically, based on that. OTOH, no more having to deal with TFRs when I want to jump. The TFR would be for ME. But everyone at the DZ would have to go through a Secret Service Background check. THAT would likely be... Interesting.
  8. How about the test given to immigrants applying for citizenship? https://www.uscis.gov/sites/default/files/document/questions-and-answers/100q.pdf No way in hell Trump gets #12 right.
  9. Not exactly. All the video tapes are gone. They were copied over when NASA ran out of money. Gowlerk beat me to it by about a minute.
  10. If? No way. Absolutely NO WAY 'they' could have faked it. Keep in mind that there were 9 missions to the moon (counting 8, 10 & 13 which went to the moon but didn't land). I never hear about any mission other than 11 being faked. Also keep in mind that we were in a pretty serious competition with the Soviets for this. If we really didn't go, if it was as easy to figure out as these morons claim, do you think the Soviets wouldn't have known? And wouldn't have blown it? I recently heard the question in reference to the claims that Covid is a hoax, or that it was 'germ warfare' or any of that garbage. It applies equally well to the idea that Apollo 11 was fake : They couldn't even keep a blowjob in the Oval Office secret. Do you really think they could have kept a secret of this magnitude? Nothing 'Hail Mary' about it. John Aaron knew what he was seeing. He'd seen it before. He understood what it meant. When he had seen it the last time (lightning strike during a launch countdown test), he was curious and determined enough to find out what had happened & why. While there was no guarantee that the lightning that hit the rocket had done the exact same damage (needing the same fix), he had a lot of confidence in his decision. Gene Kranz covered it nicely in "Failure Is Not An Option". And the History Channel had a nice documentary on it. John Aaron himself detailed how he found out about the way the telemetry had failed, how he figured out the work around and his thought process when it happened.
  11. Apparently myocarditis caused by Covid has a little bit higher chance of happening than that caused by vaccination. Just a bit. https://edmonton.ctvnews.ca/oilers-archibald-s-risk-of-myocarditis-would-have-been-10-000-fold-lower-with-covid-19-vaccine-cardiologist-1.5610976
  12. Well, we have to spend the money on endless wars and huge tax breaks for the zillionaires. Spending that money on something as foolish and useless as people's health would just be silly and wasteful (we really need a sarcasm font on here). And US politics is actually very rational. The GOP wants to dismantle all of the social safety nets and silly 'rules' that restrict rich people from doing what ever they want to whomever they want in order to become more rich & powerful. Of course, they want to take away the individual rights of the 'little people' to do it. They've been trying to do this since the 50s and have been succeeding at it since Reagan in the 80s. They want to go back to the 'Gilded Age' of the late 19th century or the 'boom' days of the 1920s. You know, the times right before the economy crashed. The part of the preamble to the Constitution that says 'promote the general welfare' is not something they think is important.
  13. No, because he's not actually in office. I'd like to think that he'll be in prison by then. Maybe not, but it's a nice thing to hope for.
  14. Preheg-naaaaant. (spelled the way they say it in the song)
  15. My experience is that reserves are generally (not always) solid white or light blue. Very few people jump solid color mains. It tends to make them more noticeable. Of course, I know a jumper who has a solid white main. Yes, it tends to attract attention. Jumpers new to the DZ commonly ask if 'Did he have a cutaway?' We give him a fair amount of shit about it.