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  1. I hate to tell you, but it's almost certainly a 'weird artifact'. At least here in the US. There was very little testing done over the holiday weekend*. So new positives dropped dramatically. They're already trending back up in Wisconsin. We set a new record for deaths today here. * - In Wisconsin, one of the strange aspects of this whole thing is how the testing gets turned into results (not sure how it happens in other places, but it may well be similar) . The tests are taken, then processed. That processing can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. Those processed tests are then released as results. Because of this, any 'positive results' released (say) today could come from a test taken any time in the last 2 weeks. So any sort of 'trend' that shows up in the test results has to take this into account. Also, some labs report test results 7 days a week, some only do it 5 (weekdays). So the numbers from the weekend are always lower than the weekdays. What makes it even 'funnier' is that the results are reported to the state in the evening, and the DHS releases them the next afternoon. So the numbers released on Monday are actually from Sunday night. So the 'low weekend numbers' are the ones released on Sunday & Monday. I have a FB friend who has been taking the state DHS numbers and putting them on paper as a series of graphs. The ability to spot trends on those graphs vs trying to follow the daily numbers is amazing.
  2. I'm guessing the 'pre-emptive' part is pardoning him before any charges are brought. I remember Nixon being pardoned for 'any and all crimes'. It was never tested in any court of law. I don't think any pardon could be applied for a 'future crime'. I can't see it passing any sort of legal challenge. The idea of a "license to commit crimes" sounds good in the movies. But this is real life. I got a funny feeling that this will put a lot of this to a fair amount of testing.
  3. That was the Solid Rocket Booster (SRB), and those were made by Morton Thiokol.
  4. My understanding is that it was a ransom-ware attack.
  5. I may have phrased that a bit poorly. I'm not saying the money in the pocket making them overlook all the other shit is not an issue. Not even saying it's not a major issue. But it's not the only one. The Trump Cult is pretty strong. He's a hell of a good con man. I've seen a lot of folks who aren't going for him because of the money issue. They actually believe his shit.
  6. I disagree. Many were conned into believing the idea that Biden would bring 'socialism'. Or that he'd raise taxes. Some were stupid enough to believe the "Soros is going to take over the entire world" crap or the "Q" garbage. Some were gullible enough to think that his 'strong' behaviors were a good thing. That treating others badly is a way to show how strong one is, and that strength is admirable. Some were still foolish enough to think he was an 'outsider' who would change how Washington operated. He did, but not in a good way. Some bought into his racist and xenophobic garbage. They wanted more of it. In part, the fact that so many Trump supporteres deny reality and think there was widespread voter fraud tells you both how effective of a con man he is and how gullible and stupid his supporters are.
  7. I have rotator cuff issues on both sides. No tearing, no surgery, just PT to keep it under control. So I've thought about this sort of situation a bit. A couple random thoughts: As noted above, I'd pull high. While not a 'best idea' under normal circumstances, in an emergency you want to 'end the skydive now'. Also, if you are in a bigger group (presuming everyone is on level) you are simply 'pulling in place'. No need to track away, you'll get vertical separation (again, not what you'd want to do in anything but an emergency). If it's my left shoulder, I'd go for the main. I know it far better than my reserve. At minimum, I'd unstow one brake. I can use that to turn in either direction (basically flat turns) and it's at half brakes (partially flared) to go straight. I could PLF from that without too much trouble. The idea of unstowing both brakes and using them in the same hand is also an option. The swoopers call it 'switchblade'. But it's a pretty advanced technique. You turn by moving the hand to the side (outside of the turn you want to make). It makes for flatter turns becuase you are pulling down on both toggles, just one more than the other. You flare by pulling both down to your waist. But, again, it's a pretty advanced technique. I've tried it a few times up high and it's not all that easy to do. There was a jumper who managed to fracture her humerus (upper arm) on the way out the door. She tried using the 'both in one hand' technique and ended up breaking her femur on landing. Leaving both brakes stowed and using both harness & rear riser is also an option. That give less manuverability, so it's a trade off. Landing area is likely to be a problem. Any normal pattern will be difficult. I'd pick a big open area that has good access to roads. I don't know if I'd be going back to the DZ or loaded directly into an ambulance, so that's more of a priority than making it back to the DZ. Depending on how the DZ is laid out (obstacles & hazards around the landing area), I might deliberately not land there. For example, the bigger DZ I usually jump at is right next to a freeway. Landing east and overshooting (or west and coming up short) would put me on the freeway. Bad place to be. There are plenty of farm fields around, so (again depending on the situation at the time) I might pick one of the fields over the DZ.
  8. Well, part of the problem with that is that 70 million people were apparently ok with 4 more years of it. And this is not new. It's just further confirmation of how insane he really is.
  9. So you are ok with a President that is that out of touch with reality? https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2020/11/mad-king-trumps-post-election-spiral-was-even-more-deranged-behind-closed-doors
  10. Well, at least Brent was sort of right. The NOAA prediction was way off.
  11. Nope. He's never been 'green'. He has been a thorn in their side ever since I've been here.
  12. Oh, he just keeps on going and going. He was on Fox, once again complaining about 'massive fraud', conveniently ignoring all the lawsuits that have been dismissed because of a complete lack of evidence. Of course, the "newscaster" just sucked up to him and failed to ask him where any actual proof is. https://www.rollingstone.com/politics/politics-news/trump-complains-about-massive-dumps-1096040/?fbclid=IwAR1HwGB6M2a-b_JPFlycePmbHCo4is3qoDbw9DbtdwFntMiu-JFh0iN15qw
  13. Oh my. This may generate some interesting responses. The 'Coopernicans' are not terribly well regarded by many on here. I read and posted in the Cooper thread for quite a while, but it was a long time ago. I agree that it's an interesting subject. I knew about it from when I was a teen, and when I started jumping, that interest was re-kindled. Have you read the earlier posts? I doubt you've read the whole thing, but go back and read the original thread if you haven't done so. It's linked early in the current thread. Also, read the beginning of the current thread. Maybe the first hundred pages or so (yes, I'm serious). When Ckret, Sluggo, SafecrackPLF and even Snowmman were posting regularly, there was a LOT of good info, and a fair amount of actual 'sleuthing' going on. Much of what you are asking (and the ancillary questions that will arise from the answers) were covered in pretty good detail & depth. Presuming you aren't a Derek Godsey sock puppet, here are some serious answers to your questions: 1 - Depends entirely on opening altitude. If he pulled right out the door, it would be a fairly long time under canopy all the way to the ground. Maybe 20 minutes. If he pulled at a typical skydiver deployment altitude (2000' - 3000', 750m-1000m) then much less. Maybe a minute of freefall, and then a canopy descent of 3 or 4 minutes. 2 - He probably would have still been alive when he reached the ground. If he pulled high, then he'd be pretty cold. In any case, if he didn't get inside and warm reasonably soon (maybe an hour or so after landing), he'd be in a difficult spot. 3 - What 'large plastic carrier bag' are you talking about. Cooper had the 'bomb' (most likely a fake made from railroad flares) in a briefcase. He also had a small paper bag. Nothing he could have carried with him would have been much use. 4 - Sort of, but not really. The canopy he was using was an 'emergency bailout' rig. It may have been steerable, but the control of it was nowhere near what's available with a modern square. Think old school army paratroops. Seeing what's below at night is actually easier than you'd think. The night was broken clouds, and the moon was out (maybe - I don't remember the exact moon phase). With no other lights, what's there allows you to see reasonably well. Night jumps are something modern sport skydivers do sometimes. Generally, there's lights on the airport (normal runway lights), a big bonfire (both as a sgnal and for fun), and usually cars lining the landing area with their headlights on, angled in the direction people are supposed to land. 5 - Presuming you mean 'blackout' to be loss of consciousness, not really. 6 - Sure. He could have had a flashlight in his pocket. Small lights show up quite well over a fairly long distance at night in the middle of nowhere. Same thing on the ground. Someone with a 'biggish' light could have signalled him. However, he would have had a hard time landing near them (see above). But the idea that he could have simply 'walked out' is not unreasonable. I"ve 'landed out' more than once. I've had to walk several hundred yards to the nearest road so I could be picked up. 7 - It depends. It's entirely possible to land unscathed in a tree. It's also possible to get impaled by a large branch. Presuming landing unharmed, it's possible to reach the trunk, get out of the harness and climb down. It's also entirely possible to fall out while trying to do so. Students are taught to wait for help to come and get them out and not to try to get down themselves. 8 - It depends on the landing area and my ability to choose the exit point. If I know where I'm going to land, then hell yeah. Perris (in California) is talking about getting their DC-9 jet flying again. It's very similar to the 727. It's a very spendy jump ticket, but quite popular. Back in the 'early zeros' (2000ish), the jet was a big attraction at the "World Freefall Convention". Lots of folks jumped out of it (during the daytime).
  14. Well, just when you think Trump supporters can't get any more infantile, petty, vindictive, irrational, self-destructive, and just plain stupid... Wow.
  15. Hi Jerry, No worries. I suffer from "Age Related CRS" on a regular basis. It sucks, but beats the alternative. And to be clear, the main reason I posted the video was NOT to defend against any counter claims. It was because I thought I remembered it being the canopy, not the rig. But I wasn't sure. And I hate being wrong when pointing out someone else's error more than just about anything. So I searched it out, and thought it was such a cool stunt sequence that it was worth posting. Of course, the really funny part is that I remembered the canopy being square, not round. Go figure. After thinking about it a bit, I realized that it was made in 77 (43 years ago?!?!?!?). Squares were in their infancy, if around at all. Duh.
  16. The Trump campaign paid $3 million for the partial recount in WI (Dane & Milwaukee counties, where Madison & Milwaukee are). It resulted in a change of 132 total votes in Milwaukee County (out of 460k total votes, an error of 0.0287%)... In Biden's favor. So Trump paid approximately $22,700 for each vote added to Biden's total. Dane County has yet to report it's results.
  17. I'll second David's suggestion of US AirNet. My understanding is that it's just a graphic representation of the NWS data. So it's the same forecast you'd get from Flight Service or any other government weather (NOAA, ect). This is the Green Bay WI weather (local to me), but you can pick & choose any location in the US (can pick by city/state or ICAO identifier). http://www.usairnet.com/cgi-bin/launch/code.cgi?Submit=Go&sta=KGRB&state=WI
  18. Hi Jerry, I hate to tell you this, but the rig was just a plain red container. It was the canopy that had the Union Jack on it.
  19. Did you know that in Illinois, the Innocence Project exonerated more death row inmates than were executed by the state? Maybe those in favor of the death penalty haven't thought about the victims enough.
  20. Gotta give credit to the judge for knowing the distinction between 'Frankenstein' (the mad scientist) and 'Frankenstein's Monster' (the creature). Not everyone knows the difference.
  21. Yeah. Fools and idiots love the idea of 'killing the enemy'. The reality is that he wasn't that big of a figure in the current nuke program and killing him will make it harder for the West to enter into good faith negotiations with Iran. Of course, Trump is doing just about everything he can to leave Biden with a series of crises and doing as much damage to prevent Biden from being able to resolve them. From the WaPo article you linked:
  22. I don't understand his problem. The group filed the lawsuits. Because they were baseless, completely false and clearly going to fail, they withdrew them. Anyone with half a brain could see that result coming. Helpful hint: When the FBI, headed by a Trump appointee, says that there's no evidence of any significant election fraud, it might be a clue. So this dipshit gave a ton of money to a group that was pretty much doomed to failure from the beginning. What a maroon.
  23. As noted above, if you change the closing loop, it will need to be the perfect length for the panels to line up. Also, the humidity level will affect how 'big' the canopy packs. If the design lines up perfectly in Florida, it might not in Arizona. Personally, I'd run your ideas past the manufacturer. They've seen most of the ideas we can come up with. They've seen what works and what doesn't.
  24. Yeah. It's kinda funny how Giuliani, Trump and all the other morons claim 'voter fraud' in front of the cameras. That they have proof and evidence that the election was fraudulent. Then, in front of a judge, where lying is a crime, they have no evidence. Almost as if all that evidence, all that proof, was just... A lie.