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  1. Obesity is a hell of a comorbidity for Covid. So is the diabetes, cardio-vascular disease and all the other stuff that comes along with obesity. The number of people earning Herman Cain awards who are morbidly obese is staggering. Their denial of the obesity is almost as prevalent of their denial of the seriousness of the disease.
  2. Yeah, like the people behind this wouldn't apply just a bit of understanding of crowd psychology (or idiot psychology) to this sort of thing.
  3. Yup. And until kerosene was found to work well, and then crude oil found in accessible places in decent quantities, the whalers just about exterminated the whales. Like as in "all of them gone".
  4. In addition to using a specific metric from a fairly short time, (I remember the double digit inflation of the late 70s & early 80s), it's also cherry-picking from a time when the economy was basically at a standstill just after reopening everything last August to a time when the economy has done a great job of rebounding. For example, look at gas prices. Back up to where they were before the pandemic started (plus a bit, partly due to the hurricane damaging oil production & refinery capability in the Gulf). But way up from where they were back last August, when traffic was virtually non-existent. And since he hasn't stated his name since you issued the challenge, I'm wondering myself.
  5. Oh hush. Stop using facts. You know, like back in 1921 cars were a rarity, only owned by the well-to-do. Or that most rural homes were without electricity. You're just being silly.
  6. United Airlines has issued it's policy on those who have a 'valid reason' to refuse the vaccine. They don't get fired. Those claiming a religious exemption get unpaid leave. Those who have a valid medical reason get temporary medical leave. https://www.nbcnews.com/business/business-news/united-airlines-staff-who-are-granted-religious-exemptions-vaccine-mandate-n1278782?cid=sm_npd_ms_fb_ma&fbclid=IwAR32UdnYA0CQkXZJQ2_iWkkK-RNxJWcHMceFOXRbBAOcOTKMCq8EIBakouw
  7. To be fair, the mask is not a cure. Neither is the vaccine. Both are mitigation methods that will slow the spread and stop the pandemic. But those idiots are too stupid to understand science. Fortunately, the kids seem to have some sense.
  8. That study has a lot of flaws. https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/ivermectin-sterility-in-men/ I don't have a problem with those idiots sterilizing themselves, but it doesn't look like it's happening. Going blind & destroying your liver are bad enough and they're real.
  9. Like there's nothing more important to do on that particular day.
  10. The "Redneck Riviera" is doing really great these days. Last month, deaths & new cases AL - 815/118804 FL - 6629/583466 LA - 1497/122997 MS - 919/88714 TX - 4813/479143 Total deaths that area last month: 14673 Total deaths last month US - 31529. Nearly half. Throw in some more of the south: AR - 788 MO - 873 KY - 473 TN - 802 GA - 1318 SC - 831 NC - 972 VA - 341 Total - 6298 Total for the "Confederacy" - 20971. Nearly 2/3 the total in the US. Almost as if they're trying to lose the Civil War again. Data from Johns Hopkins: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/us-map
  11. Same guy made it on the Herman Cain Reddit sub. They're being fairly strict about not posting full names of 'non-public' people, so the name wasn't included. I didn't know him. But I have to say that his posts (FB?) were absolutely typical of HCA recipients.
  12. I've linked the Herman Cain Awards sub on Reddit a couple times. I said a while back that I'm done being nice to these idiots. They don't care about anyone else, they also don't think they're going to get it. When they do, they 'gnash their teeth and rend their garments', and beg for the 'prayer warriors' to 'storm the gates of Heaven with prayers'. They go so far as to coordinate the times of the prayers so God gets a lot of them at once (funny how a denial of service attack on God's "prayer servers" seems to be a good idea). Then, of course, they start a 'GoFundMe' page to cover the costs of the funeral and the fact that many times the man was the sole provider for the family. There's an interesting piece on the mentality of the Anti-Vax types. Not a 'suicide cult', but a "homicide cult". https://timjwise.medium.com/covid-anti-vaxxers-arent-a-maga-death-cult-it-s-worse-than-that-16d74186e46b From it: Living proof of 'actions have consequences'. More so that stupidity has consequences. I don't think we've seen a 'culling event' on this scale in a long time. Interesting that many of the people being culled are essentially co-conspirators in their own deaths. Also from the linked article: Last, a link to a post on the Herman Cain Award sub: The comments are interesting. Not all of them are 'laughter', although many are. Most express frustration and despair at what these idiots are doing and how it affects all of us. The fact that the anti vax folks are perpetuating the pandemic has serious consequences. For everyone.
  13. I think somebody got confused about what thread was what:
  14. Are you in the right thread?
  15. That's been true since there have been pictures to document it. This is from a work of fiction, but it rings pretty true (bonus points to anyone who identifies it - for real, not by googling it):
  16. The thing called 'protection of lawful commerce' or something like that was because of just that. In the late 90s, after the anti-gun folks got pretty much shut out of legislation (every single legislator, both state and federal learned the lessons of the 96 mid-terms), the gun control/ban folks tried to sue the gun industry out of existence. They filed lawsuits that they knew full well would get thrown out. But they filed them in the expectation that the costs of defending them would bankrupt the 'gun industry'. So the NRA used it's political power to pass laws against just those sorts of things. One can reasonably argue that the law overstepped. But the arguement above is exactly why it was passed.
  17. Yeah. The funny part about extortion. It tends to work better when the accusations are true. According to the story, Gaetz says all the accusations are lies. So he's exonerated. By that definition, Bill Clinton 'did not have sex with that woman', right?
  18. You mean giving Trump his due for surrendering the country to the Taliban?
  19. Those are questions a longer development & trial would have answered. What's the optimal time between the 2 shots? How long will the immunity last? Is there an advantage to mixing & matching different brands for the 2 shots? When vaccines take years to develop & get approved, those questions get answered. In the current situation, they established safety (mostly) and effectiveness and let it go at that. Given how many had died, I have zero problems with that.
  20. This got a bit of discussion on the Reddit page I've linked. #1 - Ivermectin is FDA approved for people, for certain things. Covid isn't one of them. #2 - In reasonable doses, it's safe with minimal side effects. So it really can't hurt. It just won't help. #3 - The judge basically said that since it won't hurt, go ahead and make the family happy. It's a stupid decision. The precedent it sets is really troubling. The truly funny part about Ivermectin is that there are situations and circumstances where it helps. It does a nice job on parasites. In places where parasites are a real issue, giving people a drug that will address them will improve their overall health. That gives them a better chance to beat Covid. So if this guy has a bad case of intestinal worms, the Ivermectin will improve his overall health and give him a better shot at recovery. Shame that parasites aren't a real issue here in the US. Some people claim it has anti-viral properties and has been successful against Zika and a couple others. But there's no real evidence to support that.
  21. Well, as understanding of the situation changes, or the situation itself changes, then the response and necessary actions change. That's how science works. The sheer number of people that cannot grasp that concept stuns me. Edit to add: WI State Senator Andre Jacque has been in the ICU on a ventilator for a week or so. His wife released a statement urging people to get vaccinated. So only three of the 8 were vaccinated. Awesome. Full story:https://www.wbay.com/2021/08/30/wife-sen-jacque-consider-placing-trust-medical-professionals-who-recommend-covid-19-vaccine/
  22. Wait a minute... You mean they told everyone that they aren't going to conduct those sorts of missions, and then go do them anyway!?!?!? Almost as if they didn't want to tip off the Taliban that it was going to happen??? My God!!!! Who would have thought that possible?!?!? Note: We really need a 'sarcasm font'.
  23. You have to remember some of the history of Afghanistan. One of the most important points is that the reason they have been so successful in fighting off invaders is because when they don't have an invader to resist, they spend a lot of their time fighting each other (that's also true when there is an invader to fight off). Once the Soviets left, the various factions that beat them off started turning on each other. They tried to form a central government, with some power sharing agreements among the different groups. Often, the disputes would boil over into actual fighting inside of Kabul. Imagine Mitch McConnell using the Kentucky National Guard to attack Chuck Schumer in New York. The fighting became so bad that a LOT of people decided to leave, rather than get killed (a reasonable choice). The 'least bad' option was Pakistan. Iran, China & what used to be the Soviet Union were worse, but each got some refugees. Pakistan had the most, many of whom were leftovers from the Soviet occupation era (there were a lot of those). There's some pretty convincing evidence that the Pakistanis more or less created the modern Taliban, primarily to stabilize the border region, slowing or stopping the flow or refugees. The Taliban, with support, did a good job of destroying the opposition. By 2001, the last of the holdouts were on their last legs. Don't forget that Al Queda assassins murdered Ahmed Shah Massoud (the new guy's dad) on Sept 9th, 2001. If Al Queda hadn't attacked the US, prompting the invasion, the Taliban would have had a solid hold on Afghanistan by the end of 01. And now they're back. There are reports that they've learned their lesson. That they aren't going to allow terrorists to hide out there. That they might actually try to be 'global citizens'. They've done a pretty good job forming a 'shadow government' the last few years. Taxation, infrastructure, the whole thing. They're finding out now that the Afghan economy was largely based on humanitarian aid from the West. If they want to keep the country viable, they'll have to find replacement funding for that. Or behave well enough that the aid isn't totally stopped. We shall see what happens. I don't think they will make the same mistakes. But there's lots and lots of different ones available for them to make.
  24. Hi Jerry, They come from everywhere. I posted this link a week or so ago: https://www.reddit.com/r/HermanCainAward/ It's absolutely exploded since then. Warning: Very large amounts of schadenfreude in here. It's stunning how many strident 'anti-mask' or 'anti-vax' fools are dying off. Or maybe it's not. There's some decent info (sourced and such) in some of the comments. And there's a sub where a poster claiming to be an ICU doc* is answering questions about the whole situation. Some of the interesting items: People who go on a ventilator have about a 20% chance of making it out alive. They have about a zero percent chance of resuming a normal life anytime soon. The number of people asking for 'woo' treatments is staggering. Yet people who take the vaccine are 'sheep'. The number of people who are sorry they didn't get the vaccine is high, but so is the number of people who are defiant to the end. The number of 'supporters' and family of those who are sick or dead that are still adamant about being anti-vax is stupidly staggering. This isn't going to get better anytime soon. * - The OP in that sub (currently near the top, with a lot of posts) says he's an ICU doc. He doesn't identify himself any further (understandable). So there's no proof he really is what he says. But his language, terminology, overall attitude & tone are convincing. The stuff he's posting that's checkable checks out. There are a lot of other health care types also posting, and they're saying essentially the same stuff. So, with a bit of skepticism, I tend to believe he's who and what he says he is.