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  1. Actually, that's proving to be a bit of a problem. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/02/898165324/americans-go-home-canadians-track-u-s-boaters-sneaking-across-the-border
  2. True. But it should be a strong disqualifier for being President. The 'need to read' is paramount. SInce he couldn't read, he couldn't read the intelligence report about Russia paying bounties for dead troops. He couldn't read about the coronavirus. Or anything else. And, while I agree with not making fun of a disability in general, the way Trump has acted in the past kind of removes any compassion I have for him. If he wanted to be treated nicely, he should have thought of that a loooooong time ago. Sort of in the 'if you can dish it out, don't bitch about being made to take it' category.
  3. I hope so. I honestly do. But the problem isn't just Trump. It's also (and perhaps even to a larger degree) how the GOP establishment has enabled him. The Senate basically refused to hold a trial, despite the impeachment. They refuse to hold him accountable for his destruction of the oversight. The "checks and balances" built into the Constitution have failed, because of collusion between the Senate & White House. It's abundantly clear that McConnel and Trump have agreed to let each other do whatever they want, as long as it goes both ways (Trump doesn't stop McC from filling the judiciary, McC doesn't stop Trump from doing any fucking thing he wants to). I hope the problem gets fixed in November. But I'm not convinced it will happen. And if it doesn't happen in November, the chances of the republic as we know it surviving the next 4 years is not really good.
  4. Yup. They gave something like $30 million to Trump. No, that's not a typo. They were one of the first big lobbying groups to hop on the "Trump Train (wreck)". I had been a member for over 20 years, but their shrill hatred & lies about any D candidate were getting old. When they backed Trump fairly early in the campaign, I finally had enough. The revelations about Russian 'dark money' were no surprise. This new info about serious money mismanagement is not surprising either.
  5. We are currently run by an idiot with despotic aspirations. This idiot is likely a Russian agent. He's effectively removed most of the oversight of his actions, surrounded himself with toadies, 'yes men' and a bunch of characters who act in their own self interest, to the great detriment of the country. He's used anonymous 'federal agents' on peaceful protesters, not just once. His own underlings, convicted of committing crimes to his benefit, have been let loose. We are suffering this pandemic at levels so far above the rest of the world, levels beyond imagination. Here we are, the 'richest country in the world', the country with medical care that's the best (although the most expensive) in the world, and we have infections and deaths something like 6 times what the rest of the world has seen on a per capita basis. The rest of the world has it under control. We're seeing it ramp up even further. And congress can't even give any help to it's citizens. Just to the big corporations. And the big organized religious groups. Call it a 'banana republic'. Call it a 'shithole'. Call it whatever you like. The US has abdicated it's position as a 'world leader'. It's pathetic. Hopefully it will change.
  6. wolfriverjoe


    Because they WANT IT TO BE TRUE. They want to believe that all the 'liberals' are going to be taken to Gitmo and put in cells. Starting with Hilary. Their hatred is so strong, they ignore reality. When the first real Q claim was that there were children being molested in the basement of a restaurant that doesn't have a basement, it should have been done. If the QCumbers had ANY sense at all, any critical thinking ability, they'd see that all the claims are groundless. Nobody's been arrested, no one is going to 'save them' from the "Deep State". Which would be a bit difficult, seeing as the 'Deep State' is as real as Trump's business acumen. That gulliblity is one reason Trump came to power. He conned a bunch of people who wanted to believe in his crap so badly, so desperately, that they actually believed him. Many still do.
  7. You don't have to look 200 years in the future to see that, Professor.
  8. No. Never seen it attempted, and I've seen some goofy stuff done out of a 182.
  9. Maybe so, but don't forget that "Dick Trickle" was a 'local boy' race car driver here in Wisconsin until the guys on Sports Center (Dan Patrick & Keith Oblerman) made a point of mentioning him whenever he did well. That publicity got him a full time NASCAR ride.
  10. At this point, I would think 'probably not.' Not entirely sure why I feel that way, but I do. I think it's unlikely that a woman or a minority will win the Presidency soon. Almost certainly not in 24. The hatred, bigotry & misogyny left over from Obama & HRC is going to be difficult to overcome. I do think that a minority, woman or both at once might make the best VP candidate this time.
  11. Well, treason charges for one. Trump cannot pardon himself for that (or any other 'impeachable offense'). Tax fraud charges against the whole clan. Corruption charges. Ethics violations (many of which may reach 'criminal' level). It's far less of a 'pissing match' than it is a return to the 'rule of law' and the very important principle that 'no man is above the law'. I'd like to see the whole shitting deal put out on the table. ALL of Trump's corruption and crimes. So the people can see exactly who they put in office. It won't change the opinion of many of his die hard supporters (the 38%), but to document it for history is something I think is important. Kind of like the Nuremburg trials, but on 'less evil' scale.
  12. At this point, I don't care about that. I'm more concerned with the pick being the one that enhances his chances for winning the election THIS year.
  13. There will be an even larger quantity of 'legal garbage' to DO.
  14. Hi Jerry, While it certainly isn't 'bad' news, really good news would be him getting fired. Or perhaps facing criminal civil rights violation charges.
  15. Nahh. They don't need that 'license'. Their selfishness, immaturity and stupidity are all they need to 'carry on as before'.
  16. While I don't doubt that either or both would have done a better job than Trump, I'm starting to seriously wonder how much better they could have done. It seems like a disgustingly large percentage of the population has the emotional development of a three year old. Ask them to stay home? Ask them to wear a mask? Ask them to take reasonable precautions to help prevent the spread of this? They throw a fucking temper tantrum, attack store workers, spit on people, and generally act like selfish little brats. Pretending it's about 'their rights'. Pretending it's all a 'hoax' Falling for the Russian propaganda that advocates opening up everything (and continuing the spread of the virus). While the 'rise of Trump' has given these sorts of people a lot of validation, they were still out there before him.
  17. True, but if Putin can manipulate Trump into starting a trade war with China (which has largely happened already), then Russia can use that to their advantage. The fact that Putin's been unable to get Trump to remove the sanctions (not for lack of trying) has been one of the things holding Russia back. It would be nice to see the next administration level some real sanctions on Russia for their behaviors, particularly the disinformation about corona.
  18. I would be in favor of anyone doing stuff as stupid as gathering indoors in large groups being denied hospital care (or at least put at the back of the line). I would have said the same thing about the outdoor protesters, but the evidence is seeming to indicate that outdoors is far safer. There haven't been any superspreading events linked to the protests that I've seen. Some people seem to think this means that I hate religious people. Which really isn't true. Many churches shut down in person worship services. Many went to online services. Around here, the bishop held mass on a local (Green Bay) TV station. But some. particularly the hard core evangelicals, insisted it was their right to violate the quarantine orders and gather in large indoor groups. Funny, I didn't hear of anyone else doing that much. No reports of, say, square dancers or quilters or bowlers insisting they had the right to violate the orders. So that makes me a 'anti-religious bigot.' Fine. I'll just leave this here: https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2020/02/24/808914718/secretive-church-sect-at-the-center-of-south-koreas-coronavirus-outbreak South Korea had it pretty much under control. But now it's spreading pretty fast. Guess what group seems to be the most infected? And seems to be spreading it? And wasn't cooperating with authorities?
  19. Sell lottery tickets for a spot on the firing squad. $100 a pop. Add in the PPV revenue, you'd likely recover most of the debt Trump incurred.
  20. Pfft. Hurricane season hasn't fully ramped up yet. August & September are the most active months.
  21. Nicely put. The basic concept of 'presumed innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt" is central to our justice system (or at least it was supposed to be). For a long, long time that concept was stretched beyond belief for women accusing men of sexual assault. The prior sexual history of the woman could be brought up, but the prior accusations against the man could not. Women were accused of 'enticing' the man. No surprise that something like 2/3 of assaults went unreported. Fortunately, times are changing.
  22. There were a few accusations of sexual assault against Bill. Not just harassment, which led to the lawsuit which led to the deposition, which led to the perjury, which led to the impeachment. But actual sexual assault. No charges, due to some credibility issues. Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bill_Clinton_sexual_misconduct_allegations
  23. Since when is Bill Clinton the 'left's hero"? Hell, when's the last time he was in the news? By most accounts, he was pretty much a sleazeball. I wouldn't be totally surprised to find out he had sex with underage girls (technically not a 'pedophile', who go after very young girls). I would hope he would face consequences for that if it turns out to be right.
  24. Yeah. A few things have changed. Skybytch (Lisa) asked the same question a year & a half ago. My answer to her is still the same:
  25. Funny how the right is perfectly ok with blatant lies. Paid for by 'dark money' groups who want the country to 'open up'. https://www.nbcnews.com/tech/social-media/dark-money-pac-s-coordinated-reopen-push-are-behind-doctors-n1235100 How many people have to die before the right will accept reality? Or will they just keep pretending it's not a problem?