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  1. firemedic

    Deployment Sleeve

    PM Sent
  2. firemedic

    Wings Boost

    I have repacked some Wings rigs with a Boost system. It does not have a Collins Lanyard. So, the opposite side will not disconnect if there is a riser failure on the boost lanyard side.
  3. I didn't see any comments about the cutaway handle so I thought I'd chime in here. You asked about a soft D Ring vs Pillow. I assume you are talking about a soft handle made of webbing with cutaway cable material sewn inside and I have seen a few of these. I have arthritis and it makes gripping a pillow very difficult for me and I didn't like the feel of the soft loop with cable inside so I had a metal low profile D cutaway handle made for my rig and it worked out well.
  4. firemedic

    TM Poll: How many Reserve rides and Why?

    Fun Jumps Reserve rides 4 1 Packing Error 3 Due to Broken Steering Lines Tandems Reserve Rides 5 All 5 were Tension knots. Details: All 5 cutaways occurred within 4 months of each other. The DZO and other instructors thought it was due to packing errors because they were having an unusually high number tension knots as well. I watched the packers closely and they were doing acceptable jobs. The packers noticed that rubber bands were breaking on every jump and a videographer showed me one of my deployments. 3 or 4 of the stow bands broke when I deployed, dumping lines in a huge mess over my head. That narrowed the problem down to a possible bad batch of rubber bands. As soon as we got new rubber bands the tension knots ceased occurring.
  5. It was interesting. Hope to see the rest of it here.
  6. firemedic

    Western north dakota

    Was he kinda funny looking?
  7. firemedic

    Vortex vs Infinity

    A complete custom rig will take 12-14 weeks. But, if you choose a stock container, already built, they will build the harness to your measurements and get it all done in 4 weeks. You'll just be limited to the container colors and pattern they have on hand.
  8. firemedic

    New Javelin Odyssey - Sunpath Backpad or Not?????

    I've owned 2 Javs. First one had standard padding. The second one I got the Spacer Foam option. I noticed a big difference especially under canopy. Worth every penny to me.
  9. firemedic

    South Carolina Skydiving

    Unfortunately PhreeZone is correct. This is a Domain Name that ASC uses so no facility. Skydive Myrtle Beach, Skydive Walterboro and Skydive Carolina are the choices. Walterboro is a cessna DZ weekend only. Myrtle Beach and Skydive Carolina both fly Turbines and operate during the week. Give em a call. I PMd the phone numbers to you.
  10. firemedic

    Goofy Chest strap idea

    And that is some scary shit. Sparky That sends chills down my spine.
  11. firemedic

    Goofy Chest strap idea

    3. One of the largest mfrs of sport gear in this country once built a rig in which they never sewed the reserve loops at the top of the four reserve risers. They had been hot-glued but never sewn up. And the rig had been packed three times before it was noticed. OMG Please tell me you are joking
  12. firemedic

    Pet Euthanasia

    Ed, First I would like to say how sorry I am that you are having to go through this. I went though this a year ago and it felt like loosing a beloved family member. I didn't have his remains cremated, I buried him in a very nicely kept burial spot, with a grave marker, in my back yard under a bird feeder. My feelings about this are to do what your heart tells you. It is highly likely you will never regret doing it, but you might if you don't. To answer your question about where do have it done. Local funeral homes will do pet cremations in my area but it will depend on your local laws whether they allow it or not. Otherwise you might have to find a pet specific crematoria. I hope this helps.
  13. firemedic

    Lasik or PRK?

    I would echo what just about everyone said. Had Lasik done 15 years ago. It was the best 4 grand I ever spent. I have to use reading glasses but I'm told its normal when you get older and I'm 56.
  14. My Vacation days are approved and my room is reserved. I can't wait. Be celebrating my B Day at this boogie. I'll try and behave myself
  15. firemedic

    FUN Jumping near Jacksonville

    ***I was looking at moving to Amelia Island. And contacted Skydive Amelia. The owner says they are restricted by the city to tandem jumpers only. Of course if its a federally funded airport they cant restrict his business in this way. But I dont know the particulars on the funding. Also even if it was allowed legally, they are his planes and choice would be his. I'm familiar with their operation and as I understand it the DZO signed an agreement with the Airport to only do Tandems. The agreement does allow any staff to do jumps there. If you have any instructional ratings and showed up with your rig, who knows, you might become a staff member for a day Ma