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  1. firemedic

    Wings Boost

    I have repacked some Wings rigs with a Boost system. It does not have a Collins Lanyard. So, the opposite side will not disconnect if there is a riser failure on the boost lanyard side.
  2. firemedic

    Latin American Championships of Formation Skydiving

    Really enjoyed this article and the videos. It's awesome to see how far the sport has gone world wide. When I retire I'd love to go on a tour of DZs around the world.
  3. firemedic

    Altimaster Neptune2

    I bought my first Neptune in 2008. Used it for fun and doing tandems. 2009 it really started going through batteries. Issue with the firmware was reported. No worries. I bought a new one (Late 2009) cause I like them. No issues with it so far. Finally decided to send the old one to Alti for repair. Tried for a month to get in touch. No reply to my e mails or calls. Finally got someone after a month of trying. Got my RMA# and sent it in. Didn't hear a word for over a month. Started calling, E-mailing, etc. After 3 1/2 months got email saying they were having issues with their parts vendor. Said it would be sent in about 6 weeks. Over the next 6 weeks I got e mails making further excuses and some of the e mails were basically stating the same thing but sent by different people. Finally got notice it was on the way. Got it today. Installed the new battery (provided by Alti) It wouldn't turn on. Yes it was installed correctly according to the manual. I really liked the Neptune II but I will NEVER buy any more products from Alti-2 because of the customer service. If you are in the market for an altimeter I recommend you avoid Alti 2 products. Sure it works well but if you need service you will be VERY disappointed.
  4. firemedic


    Decided it was time for a new main so I demoed a Katana 150, a Stiletto 150, and, since I'm getting a bit older and more conservative, decided to try a Firebolt 164. The Stiletto opens too erratically, the Katana was too ground hungry for me, though both were fun to fly. What I noticed about the Firebolt was the awesome openings and powerful flair especially at the bottom end. Another thing I noticed was how easy it was to pack. The largest canopy I've been able to put in my container is a 150 Cobalt with an H Mod. The Firebolt 164 packed up smaller than the Sabre 150 I used to jump. This is the best canopy I've ever jumped. I've ordered one and I can't wait for it to get here.
  5. firemedic

    Emergency Aircrew Parachute

    Check with Butler Parachutes and Strong Enterprises. They both have Aircrew systems compatible with a C9.
  6. firemedic

    Strong Instructor Rating Angst

    Sorry for your troubles. I got my rating from Strong in Jan 2010. I received it about 30 days after sending in the paperwork. 30 days seemed a bit long but I only called them once when I hadn't heard anything the first 3 weeks. Now its posted here maybe the word will get out and they'll get on it.
  7. firemedic

    Newbie who just began AFF..

    AFF and Static Line are both good methods of instruction. You will get various opinions pro and con as to which is better. My opinion is this. You have a much longer drive to do AFF and have a much higher cost verses SL. On the other hand your going to take longer to progress to an A license. Generally with AFF your freefall skills will develop more quickly than you canopy skills. Generally it is the opposite with SL. There are other factors you may wish to consider as well. Look at your options and decide which one will meet your goals.
  8. firemedic


    Hi Muffie, welcome to the adventure. Sounds like you've got it bad. Nothing wrong with that. Sounds like you had to take some time off from you AFF so it's smart that your doing the tunnel time. It will help you keep you basic body position skill up to snuff. Anyway, glad you jumped in with all us.
  9. firemedic