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  1. ripcord4

    MC 4 HALO rig

    I have two different mods for installing a CYPRES. Both require a bit of work on the container. Let me know if interested.
  2. ripcord4

    Quantico Parachute Club

    Diesel, I was one of the original members of QSPC back in 1962. We used a DZ out towards Camp Barrett and jumped from UH-34D's from the Air Station. Made my first sport jump on a blank gore 28' cheapo.
  3. ripcord4

    Cool logbooks

    Ahh, yes, another designer skydiver enters the ranks.
  4. ripcord4

    Baton Pass Relived

    Back in the day (and getting further back every day!) we would use a rolled-up wind drift indicator as the baton just in case someone did drop it. Intentional drop-tests showed it would just flutter down slowly enough not to damage anything or anyone.
  5. ripcord4

    Identify this canpoy (easy)

    Jalbert Para-Foil
  6. ripcord4

    First time rig- advice on Canopy please!

    It's pretty hard to give advice to you when your Profile is not completed. How are we to know your weight, experience level, etc?
  7. ripcord4

    Pricing of gear set for MC1

    $500 is high for a MC-1 Bravo. An MC-1 Charlie would be fairly priced at $500 if the reserve was no more than 10 years old.
  8. ripcord4

    Storing rig and main/reserve

    Unpack both canopies, shake them out and store loosely in a kit bag in a dark closet, preferably cool. Remove the batteries from the Cypres.
  9. ripcord4

    Aviator Helmet

    Put it on - if it fits, it's the right size.
  10. ripcord4

    Canopy Add-Ins?

    Yeah, I have also put talcum powder into a PC as I was flaking it, which really messes up a black canopy, which took several jumps to air out at terminal. More trouble than it was worth. I was always leery of putting anything else into a canopy.
  11. What is your life worth? $200 or somewhat less?
  12. ripcord4


    Then don't wear one.
  13. ripcord4

    Piggyback system

    Security. I had one in black and gold - my PC and Tri-Conical fit in there just fine. A nice rig - if a bit heavy.
  14. ripcord4

    Laying up gear..

    Deploy both main and reserve, put them loosely into a kit bag or other suitable container and store them in a cool, dark, DRY place. Don't know about the Cypres batteries...but I can't see where it would hurt to remove them. DO NOT store them in the same bag/box/whatever as the rig.
  15. ripcord4

    High Quality Seal Press

    Wait a minute....your 28 year old seal press still works, but is poorly made? What else do you have that is still working after 28 years? BTW, my ParaGear seal press is still working after 35 years and I do not consider it poorly made.