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  1. Backintothesky

    stupid beginner question

    Sorry I haven't had/noticed that feeling in skydiving, most people don't. Tandem jumps do have some differences from solo jumps, so it's possible you won't (for example tandem jumps involve a stomach drop feeling when you deploy as you release the drogue in order to deploy the main, dropping you faster for a second or two. Its called the trapdoor effect). Either way, if you enjoy the rest of the experience, it will probably something you will grow to love or at the very least not really notice. When you are doing a tandem, you have nothing to occupy your mind and body, whilst jumping solo/fun jumping you will be focusing on exiting stable and (if doing relative work/freeflying/other disciplines) other tasks in your skydive. This could explain why most of us don't ever feel that dropping feeling you do, because we are hyper focused on other things.
  2. Backintothesky

    Cost of wind tunnels in UK?

    Hey, It was a couple of years ago, but at Airkix Bedford I got 10 minutes for about £165 Hope that helps.
  3. Backintothesky

    Solo Wind Tunnel - Advice

    Hey, I've done some time in the Bedford tunnel - the staff there are really nice (or were 2 years ago ;-). I got an extra 2 minutes in the tunnel from them because I was buying in bulk - I'm sure they could come to some cheaper arrangement in the event you took option 3....