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  1. Hi Phree You the man. R One Jump Wonder
  2. Krip


    Hi Ski and Dough. Your both correct in a way. AirBNB is like a box of chocolate you don't know whats in the center until you bite into it. NEWSFLASH: Sorry you'll have to google this. Trump towers had a condo listed on ABNB for a long time until about a week ago. Only $300 - $450/night Great view of the Manhattan skyline. Excellent security. FWIW I'm not a fan of AirBNB. To the mods this is not a political rant, or a anti new wave rant The knowledge gained from this thread may enhance the skydivers DZ experience. If you want to hide this thread in the deep black hole in SC what ever floats your boat. R One Jump Wonder
  3. Krip


    Hi Boogie Folks Anyone ever stay in one these places? Close To A DZ. We never heard of them until 6 months ago. R One Jump Wonder
  4. Hi John You realize this container was designed for the wingsuit people. R One Jump Wonder
  5. Quade. Any chance of locking this thread. R It would be more helpful if people just let it die. Quade I don't want to confuse the issue with the facts. But if you think this thread is going to die on its own , you have unrealistic expectations. Your the mod do whatever you want, maybe this websight needs the extra traffic. Have a wonderful day, and jump until you puke. Chow baby R. I..P. One Jump Wonder
  6. Quade. Any chance of locking this thread. R One Jump Wonder
  7. Hi mate I have 1300 jumps The feeling your experiencing is what we all experienced irregardless of gender or experience. It's what keeps us alive. Have you looked at the incident forum. Read that forum, it was written in blood. Don't do what they did. I hope you got lot's of money, jumping is a money pit, and you have to stay current. Be well, don't worry be happy, jump until you puke R One Jump Wonder
  8. Thanks for the heads up. Your timing couldn't be better. I have a dental appointment in 20 minutes...?........?.........?.......?.... I made it back . Almost didn't cry until we discussed the bill. See you on the flip side Scotty R. One Jump Wonder
  9. Hi Bill This is a old post, but I know a very handsomely dude that jumped a 10 year pack job in his main and a fresh pack job on the reserve (5 cell swift) Terminal velocity is a wonderful thing. The main sabre one, opened marvelously.
  10. Blind John Nice meeting you on this side. We'll hookup on the other side. R One Jump Wonder
  11. I had the privilege of sharing a room with Wayne at the first boogie in Bali. Leave the light on. Waynes world here we come.
  12. I have one of those certificates When I got my certificate in the mail
  13. Hi PC Of course I had my collection of parachuting mags. But eventually time moves on. I'm guessing that someone has already digitized their collection of parachutist mag. Imagine 40 yrs reduced to a cd or thumb drive. I wonder how much that would cost if it hasn't already been done. The digital collection might be more efficient, but I can still remember waiting for my mags via snail mail. O the joy when the mail god would favor us with a paper copy. That's one part of the sport that can't be duplicated these days. I long for the pre digital days, just the grape vine and the fire pit. R One Jump Wonder