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  1. That is an excellent suggestion, BIGUN. A couple days ago I reached out to her using Facebook. She responded nicely but it doesn't look like there will be a way for me to get a number (even if I make my own certificate). I waited too long.
  2. Making my own certificate is not out of the realm of possibilities as I've downloaded a copy of someone else's. Would rather have the blessing of someone from the WFFC staff. You might be right about the list being long gone. I figured it was worth coming here and asking.
  3. Don't need to prove it to others. Just something that I want.
  4. Crickets here. Okay, can anybody tell me who might have organized this? Do you think it was the people that ran the WFFC or some other organization specific to the 727?
  5. I jumped the jet at the World Free Fall Convention in 1996. I never got the D.B. Cooper certificate and I've always regretted it. Does anybody still issue these or can somebody point me in the right direction so I can try and get a number after all these years. Any help is appreciated. Rob
  6. I started jumping with them in Hawaii about 11 years ago and lost touch. Any clues to their whereabouts would be appreciated. Rob Meyer