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  1. Still have boxes full downstairs, many years worth, my daughters will likely have to throw them out when I die or get put in a home. Can't bring myself to throw them out.
  2. If is was not in the direct sunlight coming through the window and only exposed to a room lit with reflected sunlight little (likely no) effect. Even if in the direct light through the window glass effectively blocks most of UV B, the UV wavelengths that affect nylon. It should be fine.
  3. Rob, Every new rigger should have tensile testing clamps. While PD dropped their yearly tensile test for their reserves 10 years ago or so the Evo Rush reserve requires a tensile test yearly. In addition I think their is a round emergency canopy that requires one but would have to look to see if I remember that right. In addition, you yourself have indicated why any rigger should have tensile testing clamps in your post above.
  4. "§ 65.129 Performance standards. No certificated parachute rigger may— (a) Pack, maintain, or alter any parachute unless he is rated for that type; (b) Pack a parachute that is not safe for emergency use;...." If you choose to equate not safe as unairworthy I'd argue this regulation gives every rigger the right AND responsibility to determine the airworthiness of every piece of approved equipment (and non-approved since "parachute" in this case refers to both approved and non-approved equipment) presented to them. not believe that gives any rigger or manufacturer the right to retain equipment not airworthy or not approved for repair by the owner. Obviously this is item specific, not a model, group or design.
  5. For a long time I didn't have an industrial machine. Now I have 63 industrial heads including these zig zag machines. 2 Pfaff 238's, 5 Singer 20u's, 2 Consew 199's, Bernina 217, 3 Bernona 217n's, a Sing 17w15 (highest foot lift) and an sailrite LSZ-1 (that I haven't used). But first I had a Husqvarna Viking like the one in the photo but without all the fancy stitches. It STILL does zig zag on toggle noses better than any of the other zig zag machines. 6 layers of 1000lb type 4. If you can find one like this I'd grab it. Be aware a bartack is a specific pattern that includes straight and zig zag stitches. Various numbers if each stitch, sizes x and y, and starting and ending stitches.
  7. I have CAA (FAA predecessor) regulations that list ratings, experience requirements and privileges for rigger, senior rigger, and master rigger. Rigger and senior rigger hardly different. So there WAS a civilian "rigger" rating. Pick of regs later.
  8. After 35 years since I jumped a para commander and 17 years since last round jump jumped my Jumbo PC. Steel in ankle and weight gain kept from jumping rounds. After talking to a few folks on FB Round group decided wise to jump into water first. About 305lbs exit weight. I was ready to jump it last October on land but got weathered out and dz's closed for winter. Water jump pick up boat and opportunity came up very short notice. As much fun as I remembered and expected EXCEPT instant canopy. Discussion for rigging. Calculated descent rate somewhere around 17 fps. I can take that onto land. received_631436048348779.mp4
  9. No it wasn't the Atair your posted about.
  10. This is the BIG one. On your sternum means you can get it with either hand and your sternum doesn't bend so knife never get in the way.
  11. Reminds me I have/had one. Haven't seen it in years but I may know what file cabinet it's in.
  12. Hmm, about 1999 or 2001, someone displayed a welded seam canopy at the PIA symposium. AFAIK is never made it to market and of course no other has. I don't believe the fabric was nylon. I remember the look of the booth but not who it was.
  13. I don't get on here much anymore. But... A jumper who was working construction in the summer and throwing students weekday evenings essentially left his Javelin in the trunk all summer. Came to me for repack. It took over 30 lbs of pressure to pull the sticky free bag off the canopy stack after the locking stows were out. The bag was lifted off the floor between the anchored rig and my scale on the bridle. Given the force data from the PIA PC freefall testing he would have towed it for a ways after a cutaway.