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  1. councilman24

    Argus SB AMMO130514/1

    No, but it can fire, hold the loop and then let go at anytime. Like on climb out at altitude and take down a whole airplane.
  2. councilman24

    Ejection Seat Servicing

    Ask Allen Silver at Silver Parachute Sales. I don't think he did ejection seats but he was an Air Crew Survival Tech I think in the air national guard. He is in CA and may know of a resource. I know someone in MI that was working on getting training but I don't think he has yet.
  3. I think your going to have trouble meeting the DOM. I've got the parts to put together a direct bag 35' static line rig with 35' T-10 and T10r reserve but I don't think anything i that new (1994). By then the army was demilling everything. I don't think I've ever seen a complete mirps reserve in civilian hands. Of course most of my skydiving gear is older than that.
  4. councilman24

    PIA Symposium

    I'm not involved this year but I expect they will post it when they have it. It is VERY hard to juggle everyone's travel schedule, try to avoid conflicts (two aad seminars against each other) etc. And changes come in daily until next thursday. I know some big conferences post the schedule months to a year in advance. We've never been able to get that hard core with skydivers and manage to get it very early..
  5. councilman24

    Helmet/goggle recommendations

    There is only one or two impact rated helmets suitable for skydiving. We've never cared. A Protec is better than the carbon fiber stuff because it has some give and won't break into knife edge pieces. Some Protecs have a snaps along the top of the forhead. Kroop goggles are easily pulled forward and hooked on the snap. For those without a snap I put a pop rivet in the middle above the forehead and snap the goggles on that. Been doing it for 37 years. Still haven't found anything I like better. For better padding there is a pad set available from I usually put matching color duct tape over the ear openings to make it a little quieter. I make small spandex pouches that velcro around the ear pad to hold audibles. I'm not kewl but it works for me.
  6. councilman24

    Strong Aerosport manual

    Got it. Thanks.
  7. councilman24

    Strong Aerosport manual

    Okay, I have two, I can't find them, Strong pulled it from their website, UK skydiver doesn't have any strong manuals right now and I can't find it on my recovered data from my dead lap top. Can someone send me the Strong Aerosport manual?
  8. councilman24

    RSL length

    They vary in both length and design by make, model and age. Correct answers could 8 to 18 inches.
  9. councilman24

    Five Year FAA Riggers Contract Awarded.

    While testing another DPRE for a lap rating and being observed by my FAA PMI all three of us forgot to check passed.
  10. councilman24

    Five Year FAA Riggers Contract Awarded.

    There's no way my PMI will be able to pack a sport reserve. Between size and artificial joints and other issues if he got on the floor he have trouble getting up, let alone packing a rig. He's said himself there's no way he could do that. And I think that was for a pilot rig.
  11. councilman24

    Fingertrapping 550 cord?

    I have never seen an intact kern mantle 'finger trapped' into a loop for any application in skydiving. Only either type IIA (sheath, 'mantle', only) or braided line. Intact Type II or Type III ('550') really isn't used in any applications that I can think of in sport equipment. It is used in steering lines in pilot emergency rigs. Certainly can't think of any where braided line /doesn't/wouldn't work. I can't think of ever seeing anybody finger trap climbing kern mantle rope either. If we need a loop we tie it. Certainly in boating we splice eyes into braided line.
  12. councilman24

    Fingertrapping 550 cord?

    Have you done that splice with kern mantle construction versus double braid as shown? Seems that having individual separate strands versus a single braided core would make it more difficult. But I'm too lazy to try.
  13. councilman24

    Stuffing into centre cells... wtf?

    [edit; Whoops, didn't see post above quoting PD.]Stuffing cells in the center cell predates the Sabre. We were doing it routinely in the 80's to slow down Strato Clouds and other early ram airs. Long before the guy in the video was born. In fact when the Sabre came out we were cautioned by PD NOT to do stuff the center cells even though other posters have said they do. PD was worried the wrap around the nose top skin (new design) would trap the center cells and delay opening. Of course the definition of an acceptable opening has changed since the Sabre came out. What is now considered a desirable opening was considered a malfunction (streamer) in the early 90's. Original Sabres opened how they were designed, in 200-400 feet. EXACTLY what I want when I get out at 2000'. I still jump an original Sabre, a couple in fact. I demoed a Spectre and should have cut it away it took so long to open. Getting out at 2000' as normal below the clouds was NOT a good idea on a one of the first Spectres out for demo in 1997. When it took 800' to open at terminal also I said no thanks. Domed or pocket sliders, stuffing cells and other tricks to slow down an original Sabre only make it open more like later designs. There is nothing broke about the original Sabre design or slider. These techniques don't 'fix' it, they change it. For the worse in my opinion. It's the same reason my other main is a Triathlon.
  14. councilman24

    favorite sewing machines

    Lol, I didn't look at date but it came up top of the forum when I replied. 🤔
  15. councilman24

    favorite sewing machines

    Either Pfaff 238 or Berninan 217. If you find a Bernina 217n-8 parts are available from Global who's making new versions. If you find either a Bernina 217 or 217n with a cam drive on the back you can also do a 308 double throw zigzag with it. A 217 is easy. The 308 cam for a 217n can be made but not found for sale. Another choice is a Consew 199r-1. I have all three. (5 machines total) Have never bothered with a 20U. If you decide to buy a 20u I do not recommend a new one. Everyone sells new ones with their name on it, including Consew, or even with no name. I friend bought a no name one, it came with a Chinese only manual, and he never could get it to sew a zig zag. I think the new ones all come from the same Chinese factory but may have different quality of finish and parts. Consew sales manager claimed theirs were good. But most of us would recommend a blue one or a tan one. I think anything more than $400 is too much for a used 20U.