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  1. I've got a 28' C9 chest that was one of the old clubs belly warts. Figure it's been packed since the mid 90's. Going to through it out at low altitude using a boxing heavy bag as my test dummy. Might have been Saturday but wind direction was wrong. Pretty sure I have at least one other new 28' container, and five or six airworthy C-9s if you ever need another one.
  2. Surprised the the reserve was so hard. I have several belly warts including sport ones. Also two Strong Pop Top chest reserves, and best of all a new chest container, identical to the lap container, built by Jerry. Single pin, through the PC loop. About the size of a pop top. Holds any 26' lopo.
  3. I just want to know where you got the jumbo. Been.looking.for one.
  4. Have to agree sound like a lot of work for an iffy repair on a $100 canopy.
  5. Which is why they were called lo pos. Less porosity than 80 to 120 cfm military fabric.
  6. Years ago PIA talked about it. As a organization with many manufacturers as members they didn't want a third party (that they helped control) providing their gear manuals. Keeping revisions up to date one big concern. Also PIA ethics would require adhering to copyright laws. And as a volunteer organization it would end up being one.person. Wasn't going to work. Hope you keep the information available somehow. Don't know if mechanism/technology base available to sell full data base exists but would be interested.
  7. As Mark said Butler's custom.for the around the world flight is likely smallest new one. The was a one pin miniature belly wart that only a tri con fit in. Stylemaster, Mini system variation, don't remember. Have one down stairs. Ot much bigger than a football. I have a one pin chest made by Aerosport USA when owned by Jerry about the size of a large phone book that fits Strong lopo, Preserve 1 and such. A pop top isn't much bigger. New ones available from Sonic as BaseR or The Ranch Pro Shop. Have two original pop tops. New and known to be available, PopTop from Sonic.
  8. Derek runs Elite Parachute Rigging Academy with Mark Kruse.
  9. Wink passed away last year. Hmm maybe two years already.
  10. You can get a used true industrial walking foot for less money. If the walking foot zig zag is important to you then this is an option. If portable walking foot is.important to you then this is an option. You can get the same machine with less company support and perhaps needing a couple of upgrades for $300 to $400. Consew sells a portable walking foot as do many other brands. Some that were the original portable walking foot.
  11. I made small red LED lights in small project boxes 1x2.5x.5 that I attached to the sides of altimaster III's with the mushroom head velcro like tape or on small aluminum brackets on atimaster II's. There are enough back lit altimeters around you can probably borrow one. Red or green chem lites taped to where ever provide enough light. Don't use white lights and don't look at strobe. Need to preserve night vision. BTW double check that your DZ doesn't have strobes to borrow or rent.
  12. Canopies are generally designed and sold either with or without cascades. As far back as some of the earliest ram air canopies. The only option was non cascaded center A/B lines so non CRW specific canopies could be used more easily for CRW. In the 80's I added 900lb red dacron non-cascaded center lines to many canopies.
  13. Sent it to Alexey. Anybody else want it?
  14. I have a 3.6 MB pdf copy. PM me emails and I'll send it out. Have two that I've serviced since new and now own. Including paper manual. But Strong used to have pdf on their website.