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  1. Russia, Poland have some options. International travel is a pain right now, so you could consider skyventure in new Hampshire.
  2. Listen to local jumpers and a local canopy coach. The internet is full of well-meaning and often stuck in their ways people that offer bad advice for the situation you are in. I unfortunately know multiple people who have broken themselves by flying underloaded canopies and getting unlucky with winds. And my wife tore up her ankle ligaments by flying a canopy that was too small for her and getting unlucky with winds. All at the same DZ. So there are truly two sides of the coin, the one that you lose on is the one you neglect, and you absolutely should seek the advice of someone that is familiar with your surroundings, can watch your landings and mentor you to a safe progression.
  3. Probably flying the suit too flat - when you approach stalling you start to buffet. Do you get the same at a steeper angle/faster airspeed? Not familiar with the piranha, but squirrel's swift definitely needs to be flown significantly faster than Phoenix fly's beginner suits.
  4. I started loaded at 1.2 on a 190. It's definitely more docile than 1.2 on a 120. But probably not the recommended route. I was stupid. I would suggest you not take advice from random people on the internet who don't understand basic canopy dynamics, and take advice from a canopy coach that does. It's important in this sport to have mentors that you personally know and trust for advice. FWIW almost a decade and about four canopies later I'm still (again) on a 190, although thanks to COVID weight it's loaded a bit heavier.
  5. The difference between the original Havok and Havok Carve2 is minimal really. When my wife and I first got to the tunnel in Stockholm there were people flying all iterations of the suit. My wife still has an early model Havok that she uses. The difference is the Havok carve 2 stayed inflated slightly better through transitions. But unless you're a world class competitor you probably won't even notice. That is probably what the difference will be like with the carve 21. The thing that makes a Havok a Havok is the planform, which I don't think they touched since pretty much getting it right with the original.
  6. So... How much does a plane ticket to 41k go for these days?
  7. That's above jet flight levels! How do you get ATC to clear the airspace for you? If you wear a wingsuit you probably need many miles...
  8. I jump a Pilot and the openings are definitely its strong point. Pulse if I remember correctly has harder than average openings - very surprised to hear you mention that it has soft openings. So I would imagine Pilot will have much softer openings than a Pulse. The other thing that a Pilot has that a Pulse does not is flare power. People who demo the Pulse typically end up landing on their ass a lot. Pilot doesn't have S2/3 flare power, but enough for a proper two stage flare. Pulse just does not.
  9. The folks at AON2 are hard at work on this.
  10. I don't judge, but I prefer my gear to not have failure scenarios. Especially ones that trip up so many people that there are YouTube videos. Truth be told I liked curv 1.0. I think 2.0 was a step backwards.
  11. I would advise against the curv because they currently have the worst dbag design on the market. I personally know someone that's had two streamers caused by messing up the holes in which lines go. No other manufacturer's design is as unforgiving. There are better options. Maybe consider vector or infinity?
  12. Wingsuits for sure not only have that issue, it's worse. The low pressure zone on top of a wingsuit due to the suit generating lift is substantially greater than the one on top of a belly flier. Main canopies have gotten sucked in back onto the WS back from a nearly deployed state.
  13. I'll second the snatch. If you're going to get a new PC, snatch is probably top of class. Marginally better than F-111. But in my experience, the bridle length plays a more critical factor than PC material or shape, so you'll be fine with anything so long as you have enough bridle for your PC to reach clean air.