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  1. lyosha

    Best container for a big guy

    6'5" here. It depends. Ask manufacturers about back length. Currently I jump an infinity I-45 and it's nice and long. Vectors also do well depending on size.
  2. lyosha

    Ever been unable to find PC?

    I've grabbed fabric at pull time a couple of jumps in my havoc over the years. Just not paying enough attention to technique at pull time. Both were non events - reset, paid a little more conscious attention to what I was doing, no issues. Chalk it up to complacency. I know a number of experienced people who could not pull at all after switching wingsuits and ended up going to reserve, in at least one case really low due to ego making the candidate try extra hard to avoid embarrassment of going to reserve on the first jump with a brand new extra shiny ATC.
  3. lyosha

    Beginner wingsuit recommendations?

    Phoenix Fly shadow or phantom if you're going to buy (recommended). Whatever you can generate your hands on if you're renting. Not sure what a hornet is, but typically beginner and medium sized suits do fine with standard gear setup. If you want to rush to a larger size like an rbird3 or ATC you may consider upgrading your gear. Of all the gear to upgrade, a semi stowless bag should be first. The added benefit of a skysnatch is much less in my experience.
  4. lyosha

    Squirrel swift 3 versus funk 1

    My experience with people flying Swifts is they have a pretty high stall speed for a small suit (so fly it fast or else). I think intro suits from competitors are better. Also never seen anyone in a funk1 have trouble getting into flocks. Just sayin'...
  5. If soft openings are your goal, F111 should not be in consideration. All modern canopies made from F111 all open harder than their pure zp counterparts. That's why people like them for wingsuitting. I have a pilot 9 right now and openings are always great thus far(about 100 jumps on it). Haven't heard of anyone getting slammed by one. I'm not a pilot fanboy by any means, my favorite canopy to date was my sabre2... but it did open uncomfortably on occasion. I'm a guy that switches canopies every 100 or so jumps just to try something new. I've also put a bunch of jumps on a Sabre1 with a pocket slider. I wouldn't put one on a pilot. I already get 1000 foot snivels out of it on occasion. Any more and it will be ridiculous... Both of the instances where a canopy opened hard enough to damage itself, the canopy was a safire2. Haven't come across similar from a pilot yet, but could also be that sample size is too small and events too uncommon. But if you're trying to avoid the tail cases to the point of paranoia... In my jumps on it it behaved fine. Hope this helps.
  6. lyosha

    Strix vs Freak 2 vs ATC

    Really? Because mostly I see the opposite. People saying "I know 75 is recommended but I'm at 30 and am already stable and bored and can't make it into flocks because my rented ibird sucks!"
  7. lyosha

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    Questions about canopies really should be asked to your local rigger or canopy coach. However, the generic guidance is a 9 cell semi elliptical loaded at about 1:1 works well. That's your sabre2, safire2/3, pilot type canopies. Get a used one with 500+ jumps for the discount and much easier packing. Get your local rigger to inspect it and possibly to escrow. Basically go talk to your local rigger for advice.
  8. lyosha

    Deployment Techniques

    Deployment best practices tend to vary based on various characteristics of the suit. You should contact the manufacturer if in doubt. The general theme is you want your canopy in cleaner air, with more vertical speed and limited horizontal speed. On small suits it really doesn't matter that much so long as your gear configuration is reasonable. When I break out the shadow I tend to get lazy and pitch from full flight...
  9. lyosha

    Velocity i43 with a pulse 190 ?

    i-43 fits canopies of size 135-150 in standard zp as per their user manual. 150 being max. That means 170 pulse. Try Pilot9 ULPV or Pilot7 ULPV. Those will fit at 190.
  10. lyosha

    Container WS friendly

    Can you elaborate??? Sure.
  11. lyosha

    Container WS friendly

    Hi Mario, Here is my $.02 A good container for WS is long and doesn't stick off your back too far. All container manufacturers make better and worse models, so ask what the dimensions of the container are before purchasing. My infinity works pretty well. It's something like 21-22" long and 4.25" high. My wife's vector works pretty well as well. It's something like ~20" long and 3.5" high. A friend of mine got a different size vector that doesn't work very well. It's 16" long. He has a hard time pulling. In general, Infinities tend to be longer. Vectors depends on the model (check their size chart). Mirages, Javelins and Wings tend to be short and chubby and work a bit less well. Like I said, figure out what sizes of canopies you want, and check with manufacturers about container sizes. Icon's "long" version of containers are popular as of late. I'm not a fan though - people I know that got them complain they sag off their back when backflying. I don't have that issue with my infinity... A semi-stowless D-bag in my experience makes a very substantial difference with openings. Definitely get whichever brand you decide to go with. Skysnatch makes your deployments more stable (watch rear-facing video). It actually has less "snatch" force than a regular PC. At least in the BASE version. Worthwhile, but I did fine without it. Then again, Infinity let me get it instead of their regular PC and discounted me the cost of the PC. That was pretty sweet. Probably avoid skyhook. Jury's still out about whether it's a good idea with wingsuits as far as I'm concerned. It could mess with AAD deployments. My wife's vector doesn't have it for that reason. WS-specific canopy is mostly not necessary. But for some people it is. If you're only beginning no need to sell your Sabre2 just yet...
  12. lyosha

    Audible Altimeter

    Diogo, I have supported AON2 in both the pebble and X2, but I wouldn't suggest the pebble as a primary audible. An Optima would be my go to choice. Here's a rundown and my opinions: 1. AON2 pebble is a cool toy. If your choice is pebble or solo I'd seriously consider pebble. But it doesn't have canopy alarms. I doesn't detect and differentiate fall rate. I mainly use mine for waypoints for WS. You also have to configure it, which is kind of a pain in the ass because you have to attach it to some other device. You have to turn it on every day, which is a pain. 2. Solo. It's basic but not bad. The default settings that come with it are reasonable, and the sounds are well calibrated to what you would expect. 3. Neptune. In my experience (between the wife and I we own 3... don't ask... I use one as my primary visual altimeter...) these can be glitchy at times. And expensive for an audible. Batteries tend to die quicker than average. Best used as a visual altimeter. 4. Optima. It has good canopy alarms. It is well calibrated. The inputs you get from it are simple and make sense. Batteries last forever and can be replaced (i.e. don't have to miss jumps waiting for altimeter to charge... happened a few times with my neptunes...). Definitely top of the game in my opinion. 5. Quattro. Never owned one, but my understanding is it's an optima with an extra alarm. 6. Protrack. Like an optima but with logging. In short if I were to have one audible, it would be an optima, quattro or protrack. If you want a second audible for better altitude awareness and wingsuiting/angle flying etc. Pebble works well.
  13. To add some datapoints to the mix: 1. Variance of release force is much greater with double stows than with single stows. Meaning off headings and line twists are much more likely 2. After I switched to single stowing small rubber bands opening heading performance increased. 3. I have about 200 jumps on a wings semi stowless d bag single stowing bungees (comes like that from manufacturer... release force - less than a pound). It worked beautifully. Like someone mentioned in this thread, the purpose of the stows is to keep your bag locked until line stretch. Single stows are more than capable of doing that. Everyone is a big boy and can decide for themselves how to pack their stuff. But I've gotten better performance out of single stowing small rubber bands, so I'm gonna stick to doing just that. If you have shitty openings, ask one of the more experienced people than you for some advice.
  14. lyosha

    Wingsuit airglide Rage/Horus

    Mainly. ...but then again, this is a Horus.
  15. Collapse resistance in places where rotors are an issue is a big one. Too many of my lighter (mostly female) friends have suffered broken backs. My bit of advise is to ask experienced jumpers (i.e. S&TA?) at your DZ if there are practical reasons to downsize, and demo canopies when the opportunity presents itself (i.e. at a boogie).