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  1. Thanks, I can consider also Pilot and Safire 2 also, katana, crossfire and x-fire also. Crossbraced is out of the question.
  2. Thank you for a good answer. Main goal is to not get hurt. The sabre sounds good. Also good to hear that i snivels, so it dosen`t open to hard. Just need to find something not to expensive.
  3. I`m thinking of buying a used canopy, in the size 150, also possible with 135 cross braced. Normally I jump a 150 spectre. Not buying a new canopy, because of the price. I would like to buy a canopy that is fun and have soft openings and landings. And also a canopy that have a low chance of malfunctions. I have about 800 jumps. A 135 cross braced canopy would give me a wing loading of 1,59 (exit weight 192 lbs (87 kg) and equipment weight 22 lbs (10 kg). A 150 canopy will have a wing load of 1,43. I`m thinking of Sabre 2 150, but don`t know much other than it is popular. And will it be fun at a wing load of 1,43? Any other good alternatives?
  4. Thanks! I`ll folow that advice
  5. Have an S-fly expert and want to buy a V4/5. But I wonder i its to big of a gap in size and maybe also in how the suit is suppose to be flown? Just thinking that what I learn on the expert on body position for a good flight might not apply to the V series, since its a different kind of suit. Speed and glide ratio is my concern here. Is it possible to jump straight to the V4/5 or is it necessary to get something in between first?