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  1. My rigger is the one that told me UPT doesn’t do half inch measurements, which UPT told me is incorrect. I guess it’s not the end of the world. I probably shouldn’t have sold my old rig so soon, but I needed the money to buy an AAD. My friend sent his used vector back to UPT for a lateral adjustment and they took almost 6 months.
  2. ? The last 4 years. It turns out my rigger gave me incorrect advice when I was ordering. He said UPT only did measurements in full inches. I decided to choose a tighter fit than a looser one, not realizing each 0.5 inch was about 4 pounds of weight difference. im already really thin. I don’t think I could get to 34 inches comfortably even with no body fat. My stomach muscles are in the way. That said, I can get a measuring tape to reach 34 inches, I just have to pull it quite taught. I’m mostly concerned about handles moving back and shoulders being too tight. It’s much more likely that I will gain weight going forward as well as I don’t have the time to run miles a week anymore.
  3. I am already quite thin. A year ago I was unemployed and long distance running 5 days a week, which I no longer have time to do. I am just worried it won’t fit correctly/interference with handles, etc. My old rig (already sold) is quite snug, and it is an inch bigger. I didn’t think an inch was a big deal until I read that on Mirage’s website.
  4. Hey everyone, My new Vector finally arrived. I tried it on empty and it seems to fit great - which is what concerns me. In the 13 months between ordering and it arriving I have put on weight. My waist, measured around my belly button, is a smidge less than 35 inches. My new container was measured for 34 inches. I am having a hard time finding information on whether this will be a problem. Mirage states that anything greater than half an inch is a problem. But that’s Mirage. My current rig was designed for someone with a 35 inch waist, and it feels snug but not tight. I can live with a slightly too tight rig. I’d really hate to send my new rig back. UPS already lost my rig while delivering it to me. What do you all think? There’s a lot of content about laterals that are too big, but not much out there about laterals that are potentially too small. i have to wait 2 weeks for my rigger to pack and assemble everything so I am just worrying a lot in the meantime.
  5. Hey everyone, New senior rigger here. I was wondering if anyone had any advice for acquiring out of service/unairworthy gear without paying too much. I currently only have 24 reserve pack jobs to my name and would like to practice packing reserves at least once or twice a week until I feel my reserve pack jobs are a bit neater. I asked the rigger at my DZ but he was less than helpful. I just got my riggers ticket last week and already I'm a little worried about how to stay current. I figure the least I can do is make sure I practice my packing and sewing until I figure out how to find work. Ideally I'd like to work with another rigger for a while. Thanks!