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  1. Might as well be, might actually catch him. Whoever he was, he's most likely dead and gone and give it another 10 years anyone who could identify him probably will be too. I was really more impressed with the technology used on the tie and being able to lead it back to possibly someone working on the Boeing SST program before the funding was cut and it was shut down. Most of those guys are gone. It really is more of a nail in the coffin that was this case.
  2. lol, I hope not. I've seen some of the locked threads on here about the case. Worse than people arguing about Hillary vs Trump.
  3. Possibly an employee or contractor on the Boeing SST program. http://www.king5.com/news/crime/new-evidence-was-db-cooper-boeing-employee/385924766
  4. Andy you cantankerous pain in the ass. Who am i going to argue with now? I'm so glad I got to meet you and become friends. We got several good years in there. Heck almost a decade's worth Glad you got to learn to sail. I know from your FB posts you really enjoyed it. And I enjoyed getting to see it happen for you even if it was from afar. Speaking of FB, just a couple of months ago you said to me, "You really should unblock so and so, life is too short. You made your point to them, now it's time to let it go and mend the fences." Wasn't much I could say to you about it, cause like 99% of the time, you were right. Hopefully you're somewhere reading this. And just so you know I'm going to heed your advice, once again. I suspect it won't be the last time I heed your advice either. Take care, until we meet again.
  5. You're probably right. But whatever the reason for it, it gave me a sec of comic relief watching this extremely experienced skydiver do practice pulls. Then I remembered there were no handles to be touching and the reality of what my eyes were seeing set back in. What an awesome achievement. Right up there with Felix Baumgartner and Alan Eustace setting jump altitude and speed records. The biggest difference in these achievements for me though is in Luke's case when I heard about it I had no desire to do it myself. In Felix's case I wanted to do the same thing he did until I actually saw it and saw how violent of a spin he got into during part of that jump. Then I decided, nope, not for me. We've got to see some amazing things in the world of skydiving over the past few years. What could be next?
  6. If he had one hidden he had me convinced he didn't have one. I watched it live. And I've watched it about 20 times on youtube. I don't see it https://youtu.be/fWOOoXtiXiA You have to admit the practice touches were a little comical. For me it broke the stress of watching it for oh, about two secs, then it was back to fingers crossed. One can clearly see when they get to him in the net there are no handles where he was doing practice touches. And like you said, even if he did have on a chute, in the end he didn't use it and landed like planned. But some just can't bring themselves to appreciate the accuracy and accomplishment that Luke did today. Personally I would think a chute on that landing would have been a hazard for his back. I also think the "he has to wear a chute, now he doesn't" was just part of the show. You know how TV is. Have to make something dramatic even if it's pretty dramatic to begin with.
  7. No chute, landing a success. Pretty friggin amazing to watch https://youtu.be/fWOOoXtiXiA
  8. Ever since I saw the video she posted on Youtube of herself filming a cargo flight at 2am I knew she wasn't fully in touch with reality. Made for a funny video. Shame she took it down. I saw that too, and I'm still kicking myself for not saving a copy of it. As am I. I guess I was so caught off guard by it that grabbing it completely slipped my mind. It was one of the most paranoid things I think I have ever seen. Made me wonder what else might be chemically involved in her brain. It would have been a great piece for the defense to play for the judge.
  9. Ever since I saw the video she posted on Youtube of herself filming a cargo flight at 2am I knew she wasn't fully in touch with reality. Made for a funny video. Shame she took it down.
  10. Sad to say but this could just be the beginning. There is no telling what this woman can dream up to keep her cause going. And there's no shortage of attorneys who will take her money, or donors' money while stringing her along on a bogus fight. Her words: Regardless, Gibbs said she and her supporters would not give up and in addition to considering filing an appeal, they also want the Longmont City Council to pass an ordinance restricting noise from Mile-Hi, despite the judge's ruling suggesting the city did not have that power. "It's an extreme disappointment but we've known from the very beginning that this was going to be a very difficult case ... but still to come face to face with an outright loss is hard," Gibbs said. "We're not done. We're not going to give up, we're never going to give up and we are simply on the leading edge of fighting this good fight over noise pollution. It's going to take some time but I'm confident that we will prevail and in fact, we are not stopping until we do."
  11. Stewardess Vesna Vulovic, 33,333ft fall, no parachute http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vesna_Vulovi%C4%87 Ivan Chisov, 23,000ft, didn't open his chute http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Chisov Alan Eugene Magee, 22,000ft, lept from a ball turret with no chute, went through a glass roof of a train station. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alan_Magee Juliane Diller (born 10 October 1954 in Lima as Juliane Margaret Koepcke), 10,000ft, fell strapped into the seat of a jet liner http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Juliane_Koepcke Sometimes it's just not your time to go.