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  1. Krip


    Hi mate I have 1300 jumps The feeling your experiencing is what we all experienced irregardless of gender or experience. It's what keeps us alive. Have you looked at the incident forum. Read that forum, it was written in blood. Don't do what they did. I hope you got lot's of money, jumping is a money pit, and you have to stay current. Be well, don't worry be happy, jump until you puke R
  2. Krip

    old video

    Hi Dragon Thanks for posting the video
  3. I dont have any medical training either. Could it just be a owee On a scale of 1 to 10, how youd you rate the pain
  4. Krip

    Skydiving History Interviews

    Hi Sere Thanks for sharing the link.
  5. QuoteI'm helping with the Golden State Killer case in California. One piece of evidence is a unidentified car decal that has a parachute on it. They have been looking for its meaning since 1977! Does anyone recognize it? Here is the official website for the case and the image of the decal.
  6. Krip

    Looking for some help...

    you might get some one to take the bait. Have you considered posting this request in the speakers corner forum R.
  7. Krip

    Lake Erie Survivor Photo on Ebay

    Anyone want to tell the seller the date on the ad was transposed.
  8. Hi Remember when the gas stations used to have price wars. Or the big bully retailer would sell stuff at a loss to hurt his competition. R.
  9. Krip

    Blaine Wright

    Hi Steve Thanks for the update
  10. Hi steve You left out the part about the main ripcord retainer, so you wouldn't lose it during a cutaway. The pull out PC on the belly band was another idea that didn't work to good for some people. Then ther were the guy's with some of their suspension lines hangng out the bottom. The series arout living wild in alaska is a hoot lots of beaver hunting, and little critter snare traping. Saw some kids looking for a bear in sleeping in it's den. One kid crawled half way in with his rifle and his bud holding onto his legs. R.
  11. FIFY the url without the / goes first. R
  12. H Mr Spoon Sorry to hear and watch the "Good old boys" on another airport board trying to shut down another DZ. IMO the board is trying the same tactics that a lot of other boards have used in the past. Safety. Insurance premiums etc. The lack of space for the DZ at the at the airport was a new one for me, due to the hundreds of acres avalaible on the airport. The board is really grasping at straws with that one. I'm sure there wll be plenty of meetings, discussions etc but I think the FAA will finally rule n the DZ's favor.