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  1. I knew Dan, the other name not familiar. The Pineapple story is true, had it happen all the time, when the plants were big they were like a skating rink for jumpers.
  2. In the late 60's I jumped with a fellow named Clyde (Sonny) Orr he had a brother named Dale who I jump mastered on his first jump.......sure would like to hear from them
  3. I was on the load when Evel Knievel made his 1st jump in Richland Wa. Jump master was named Hannigan. Bobby gave him his signed helmet.
  4. Looking for Sonny or his brother Dale , jumped with them in the late 60's in HI
  5. Dale was 16 in 1969, his dad was a General when they were in Hawaii, where they went from there I have no idea
  6. Any old timers around that jumped in the late 60's in Hawaii? Or if you happen to know Clyde "Sonny" Orr or his brother Dale