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  1. bozo

    What was your safest parachute?

    I think the safest canopy I ever owned was an LR288 predecessor to the Manta. I put about 500 jumps on it until ZP came out.....and then went thru a series of Sabres and finally a Spectre 210 which was an awesome canopy. I still have warm fuzzies for my LR288 though.
  2. bozo

    007 Don Henderson in Hospice Care

    I met Don at one of the Old Farts SCR meets 15 years ago. He was a great guy then and I really enjoyed BSing with him. After jumping that first nite he brought out his old reel projector and films that dated from when I was in elementary school. Here I am in this little room with all these old white headed guys around me watching film from when they were young , with the slick back hair , ducktails and the like. I was overwhelmed to be among them and told Don this. He put his arm on my shoulder and said dont sweat it we were the same as you we just got here first. I have a photo he gave me of the first 8way and it is a treasure in my album. Go easy , Don.
  3. bozo

    Is this real?

    Its real.
  4. bozo

    Passing of Mark Schlatter

    I got a call earlier today about Mark. He has had his share of problems of late. I hope he is at peace now I was and always will be a Sphincter Brother cuz of Mark. Rest easy shipmate.
  5. ------------------------------------------------------------ Back in the day Doug went by the nickname Iverdeath. He was really a piece of work living in the storeroom of the "wreck hall" at the old Coolige DZ. He had a horribly broken leg and still took my wife and I out to the speed canals for some fun when it was too windy to jump. He jumped right in with us. What a good guy. Tell him Bozo says hi.
  6. bozo

    Does anyone know?

    You dont mean "Weird Harold" do you ?
  7. bozo

    Lumbar Spine Surgery

    ----------------------------------------------------------- I crushed L2 fractured L1-3......a couple surgeries to stabilize and made my next jump almost a year to the day from my injury. I had 1500+ jumps when I was injured and made over 1400 more of which 400 were tandems. Today...13 years later I am totally disabled having had 4 more surgeries this year. Was it worth it ? I ponder that answer every day, The choice is yours. I probably would make the same choice but remember theres a lot of life to live after it worth being a cripple ?
  8. --------------------------------------------------------- My back injury is almost identical to yours with the addition of a hip replacement. I rehabbed with returning to skydiving my goal. I returned to the sky almost a year to the day. I made 1400+ jumps of which 400 were tandems. I recently had to quit the sport due to neurological problems with my hands ,related to the back injury. Now.....13 years after my initial bounce I am fully disabled. I have had 4 back surgeries just this spring. I always wonder would I be in this condition if I hadnt gone back to jumping. I miss skydiving everyday but I still wonder ...what if. I would never try to discourage anyone from going back to the sport but you need to remember theres a lot of life left after skydiving is gone. Do you want to live it in terrible pain everyday?
  9. bozo

    CSM Harry Parrish

    Aw man.......Harry was a great guy. I havent seen him 3-4 years but always got a handshake and a hug when we met up. I just dug up his challenge coin he gave me many years ago and it brings up some good memories. Pleae email me with any particulars related with Harrys passing. He was one of the good guys.
  10. bozo

    Apple Valley Skydive

    QuoteAnybody out there still remember Apple Valley Skydive, CA? reply] How could I forget. That was a fun DZ while it lasted.
  11. Thats easy. Go to the DB Cooper thread. Thats the missing gear that Cooper wore out of the plane. GOOD FIND !
  12. Maybe as a community, it would benefit us to hear from some of these survivors with respect to their "recover"... what they went through shortly after their injury (surgery ?) and lasting effects (if any) as the years went by. Thoughts? Well....I fractured two vertebrae and crushed one, in June of 96......I "recovered" and made 1400+ more jumps which 400 of were tandems. As of November of last year , 07 I am out of the sport due to neurological problems causing me problems with my arms. Unlike ZigZag....I live on pain meds just to get thru the day. Did I really recover ? For a time maybe.
  13. bozo

    I'M BACK

    no kidding....youve been gone ? hahahaha
  14. bozo

    Anyone famous sign off a jump?

    QuoteHave you ever had anyone famous sign off a jump in your log book? Command Sgt Major Bob of the first Golden Knights ...and my buddy. We did TAndem training together and we both signed each others books. I got signatures from Governors all over the country but I cherish Bobs the most.