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  1. I am seeking a good example of the old "One-Shot" Capewell release as found on the Security Piggyback rig from the mid-60's. If you have one or know of one, please PM me.
  2. Concur about the uselessness of the two-shot Capewells. Even when working properly they were difficult to disengage on the ground - let alone in freefall for a cutaway. Fat chance, that! I have never heard of a One Shot actually disengaging in the air - I suppose it would be possible but there were stories that it had happened. I never heard any specifics, though.
  3. Hi Jerry...Yeah, One Shots make hen's teeth look common. I had them on my X Bow but soon swapped them for the 1 1/2 shots. I also had the Last Hope Rope on it, too.
  4. I am looking for a nice example of the old "One Shot" Capewell release as found on the early Crossbow piggyback rigs. I have all the other styles - I just need the One Shot. Any ideas on locating one will be greatly appreciated...Thanks in advance! Larry D2238
  5. Is there a way to clear the data from a CYPRES2's previous owner? I would like to start logging my own data.
  6. Hey all....what would a fair price be for a deployment sleeve in really nice condition for a 28' Jumbo PC? Thanks in advance! Larry D2238
  7. I have a shorty sleeve for the Jumbo as designed for it. As far as a reserve, I have a strong 26' lopo in a SLCP MIRPS. I am all set except for a harness for the B12 container. Push come to shove, I will direct-bag it out of my MC-1 h & c, but I definitely want to free-fall it. We have a Skyvan coming to Dunnellon, FL in October and I would like to get it jump-ready by then.
  8. I am in need of a B4 / B12 harness in airworthy condition. I have a new-to-me Jumbo PC and I need a rig to jump it. I have extended a B12 container but I am in need of a harness for it. Unless someone can suggest an alternate harness/container system for the Jumbo? Thanks in advance! Larry D2238
  9. Bill....PM sent in reply.
  10. Poynter's manual covers this a little bit...part numbers, components and packing.
  11. Hi all, I am in need of a deployment sleeve for a 28' round canopy. Even a non-airworthy sleeve will suffice as I can use it for a pattern. (And please, let's not get into discussions of my sanity). If you have a sleeve, please let me know - airworthy, non-airworthy or a pattern. Thanks! Larry D2238
  12. Into my 6th decade here: 1960's through to the present. I will confess to slowing down a bit...with age comes wisdom, I guess! Almost forgot....that makes two different centuries, also. (Damn...I'm old)
  13. Mostly T10D Not so. We use all steerable mains: MC1-1C/D, SET-10's and SF-10A's exclusively. NO T10's. The FAA frowns on non-steerables jumping into crowded airshows. And, by the way, I have never seen a military chest reserve without a pilot chute of one type or another. As far as I know, they have always had them...right from the start back in the '40's.
  14. Not to hijack this thread but.....has anyone had any experience with a Singer 401A? Pros? Cons? Not looking to use as a harness machine, just the occasional heavier-than-normal material.
  15. E-mail sent with two mods for MC4 CYPRESS installation.