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  1. Because InfoSys, Sunak's father-in-law's company, has a registered office in Kigali and would have been given the contract for processing the deportees on behalf of the British and Rwandan governments.
  2. If the Russians want peace, then the simple answer is to pack up their shit and f*ck off back to Mother Russia. Simples.
  3. Massive fire and explosions at Russian military base in Crimea forces evacuation of 2000+ locals.
  4. You really want boil their brains, tell them the real story behind Andersen's tale of mermaids. Andersen wrote it as a love letter to his gay crush who had rejected him and married a woman. https://bookstr.com/article/the-little-mermaid-originally-a-gay-love-letter-to-authors-crush-the-little-mermaid-originally-meant-as-gay-love-letter-to-authors-crush/
  5. Seen on FB: "Every drag queen in Florida should rename themselves Rhonda Santis for the duration. "
  6. ICC (International Criminal Court) in the Hague issues an arrest warrant for Putin - charged with war crimes including the "unlawful deportation" of children from Ukraine. https://www.theguardian.com/world/2023/mar/17/vladimir-putin-arrest-warrant-ukraine-war-crimes
  7. The problem with that thinking is that there may be 5, 10 or 20 thousand other people who think exactly the same and who didn't vote. Those votes might make a difference or, if those votes went to a candidate not from one of the two main parties, would be a red flag to say that they're not doing something right.
  8. The shooter got dead. Blew his own brains out at the scene as first responders arrived bringing his total to 28 - his mother, 26 school children and himself.
  9. Hollow earthers are even weirder.
  10. “It is said to be a deterrent. I cannot agree. There have been murders since the beginning of time, and we shall go on looking for deterrents until the end of time. I have come to the conclusion that executions solve nothing, and are only an antiquated relic of a primitive desire for revenge which takes the easy way and hands over responsibility for revenge to other people.” - Albert Pierrepoint, Official Executioner in the UK During his career as Official Executioner, Pierrepoint was responsible for between 420 and 550 hangings including several Nazis after Nuremberg. The son and nephew of hangmen, he spent a large number of years engaged in the business and came to the above view after having to hang a regular who came into his pub. The man knew who Pierrepoint was, and what he did (it was an open secret) and yet still went on to commit murder.
  11. Canadian and Northern Irish parents living in the US at the time of the child's birth. Child is US citizen by birth, entitled to Canadian and Irish citizenship because of parentage and Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom as well as part of Ireland.
  12. Posting this here as I didn't know where else to post it. I found this article while searching for information about Fibonacci sequences in trees as I'm a scale modeller. This article has interesting ideas about how to improve efficiency in solar arrays. https://www.amnh.org/learn-teach/curriculum-collections/young-naturalist-awards/winning-essays/2011/the-secret-of-the-fibonacci-sequence-in-trees
  13. It seems that the Conservative party membership aren't happy about being denied a vote in the leadership election https://voxpoliticalonline.com/2022/10/24/is-the-conservative-party-imploding-because-of-sunaks-leadership-victory/
  14. I've seen other rumours to the effect that, should Boris be reselected as PM, at least 100 Conservative backbenchers will cross the floor, resigning the whip and vote with Labour to force a General Election.