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  1. According to the Iraqi President (prime minister?) the General was an invited guest, bearing an official response from the Iranian government to an Iraqi proposal aimed at de-escalating the tensions between Iran and the Saudis. The Mango Mussolini, in launching the drone strike, has assassinated a de-facto diplomatic courier, engaged on a diplomatic mission on the soil of a host country. This violation of the 1961 Vienna Convention will have the result of painting a bullseye on the back of every US and UK diplomat around the world (I include the UK because our shitstick government is very likely to back US actions) and make them legitimate targets for retaliation. Way to go, Donny! Bigly winning!
  2. And then you have the assholes like the "Christians" in Australia who are burning Aboriginal sacred objects and trashing Aboriginal sacred sites. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/progressivesecularhumanist/2019/09/pentecostal-christians-are-burning-australias-sacred-aboriginal-objects/
  3. Whereas bigotry and hatred is how the right drive theirs.
  4. In the UK, Scottish courts operate under a different legal code to the rest of the country. One of the major differences is that there are three verdicts available to a jury - guilty, not guilty and not proven. A not proven verdict essentially means that the jury thinks that the defendant did it, but that the prosecution didn't present enough evidence for the jury to return a definitive guilty verdict. Not Proven also allows for a retrial should additional evidence come to light without incurring double jeopardy.
  5. Income is generally considered to be money earned from employment and dividends on shares. Investments such as stocks, bonds and property normally only attract tax when they've been realised. In the UK it's called Capital Gains Tax. Inheritance Tax covers money and property left in wills but there are quite high thresholds. Money acquired from gambling may be taxable but betting shops will generally give you the option of paying tax on the stake rather than on the winnings.
  6. Socialism is NOT Communism Capitalism - Anyone can be rich Communism - Nobody can be rich Socialism - Anyone can be rich but nobody should be in poverty.
  7. The current UK system is based on progressive taxation. No-one pays any tax on the first £12,500 of income. Between £12,501 and £40,000 tax rate is 20% but only on the portion of income over £12,500. Over £40,001 the tax rate is currently 40% but only on the portion of income over £40,000. There are plans to introduce two new tax bands that come into play at £80,001 and £125,001 (45% applying to that portion of income over £80,00 and 50% applying to that portion of income over £125,000). As an example, someone earning £81,000 under the new 45% band would pay approximately £500 a year in extra tax.
  8. “Charity is a cold, grey loveless thing. If a rich man wants to help the poor, he should pay his taxes gladly, not dole out money at a whim.”
  9. The system in the UK is fundamentally different to that in the US. Judges are appointed by the Monarch on the advice of the Lord Chancellor (High Court Judge Appointment). They're independent from the political process and have fought to maintain that independence against political interference. They occasionally make bad decisions but generally they try to uphold the laws (statute and common). The other difference is that we don't elect a head of state. Every constituency in the UK (roughly 650) elects a local MP and the party that wins the most seats forms the Government. Sometimes this necessitates forming a coalition with one or more of the minority parties (SNP, Plaid Cymru, Green, DUP etc). Whoever happens to be the leader of the party with the most seats (including coalition partners) becomes the Prime Minister. There are several ways to terminate a Government. The first is to force a vote of no confidence (VONC) which is hard to do against a party with a solid majority, but against a minority government or one with a very slim majority it can be effective. The second is to vote down the legislative program put forward by the Government in the Queen's Speech. The result is the same in that the Leader of the Opposition meets the Queen and is invited to form a new Government. They then have 14 days to demonstrate that they can command the respect of the House. If they can't then a General Election is called.
  10. The man is a living, walking embodiment of the Dunning-Kruger Effect.
  11. Apparently, if you say Greta Thunberg's name three times over a vegan sausage roll, somewhere in the world an angry, middle aged man's dick falls off.
  12. What's even funnier is that Boris is pushing parliament to table a vote of no confidence in his government and if that doesn't work he may move the VONC himself, which would probably make him the first PM in history to lose a VONC in himself.
  13. Complete and utter bollocks. See below: https://www.indy100.com/article/nazi-socialist-right-wing-white-supremacists-history-twitter-mikestuchbery-7900001
  14. The main problem with banning abortions after a heartbeat starts is that this usually occurs 22 days after conception and most women are unlikely to know if they're pregnant until at least 4-6 weeks. What about abortion following rape or incest? Or where the fetus is diagnosed as having a fatal genetic abnormality which would result in a woman being forced to carry a dead baby to term? IMO many pro-lifers aren't really pro-life, they're just pro-birth. If they were serious about being pro-life, then they'd be working to make sure that there was provision for that child to be properly taken care of in a loving home, that they had access to a decent education and healthcare rather than washing their hands of the mother once she's given birth and calling her a scrounger.
  15. Here in the UK our whole firearms licence system is "may issue" with the local police force having one or two specialist firearms licencing officers. Before you even apply for a licence you have to be a member of a gun club (IIRC, it's a minimum of 3 months). The club will advise on the licencing process, fitting of gun cabinets and other items that the police will check for. Firearms owners in the UK also accept that their doctor is a mandatory reporter in the case of mental health problems if a firearms licence is issued. I've had it happen to me and the local firearms officer worked with me to remove the risk while still allowing me access to my guns. The end result was that for the six months I was receiving treatment my guns were stored in the gun club armoury where I could use them if I wanted to.