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  1. Over 7 years old as opposed to the actions of Belarus, who forced a commercial passenger flight to divert and land, in order to go on board and arrest a journalist considered to be a dissident by the Belarus government. https://www.usatoday.com/in-depth/graphics/2021/05/24/belarus-hijack-plane-minsk-opposition-journalist-dissident/5239340001/
  2. Comedy but not funny. https://youtu.be/yqQa_0gM6hg
  3. In a truly progressive taxation system, you would only pay 26% on that portion of your income earned above the threshold. For example, if the threshold was $10,000 and you earned $10,100 you'd pay $1,600 for the income up to and including $10,000 and an additional $26 on the $100 over and above the threshold, in total $1,626.
  4. The other key point that developed Western countries need to take into account when attempting to reduce immigration is their propensity to interfere in other countries for political or economic reasons. Either we directly interfere by using troops for dubious reasons or we supply arms, ammunition and/or "advisers" to dubious regimes to support them because they're prepared to sell us needed natural resources. If we stop turning, or helping to turn, other people's countries into shitholes then maybe less of their citizens will feel the need to move from their own homes.
  5. I just love the fact that your source for that is the Sun. A tabloid rag that made its name by giving knuckle dragging morons a daily dose of boobies and whose working motto of "nudes fit to print, news printed to fit" has led to it being banned from sale in Liverpool and it's sports 'reporters' being banned from the Liverpool FC stadium. When The Sun finally closes the level of journalism within the UK will actually go up by several points.
  6. I was actually referring to the possibility that the sentencing will be a "Brock Turner" and completely derisory given the fact that Chauvin murdered George Floyd.
  7. The only real danger now is that the sentence when it comes isn't commensurate with the severity of the offence.
  8. It's called a statutory instrument and allows governments to enact secondary legislation without having to go back to parliament for every minor amendment.
  9. Here in the UK things progress in this order: 1) You join a gun club 2) The gun club gives you the training needed to safely handle firearms 3) You apply for a firearms licence with the assistance of the gun club 4) In order to complete your application, you provide references from unrelated professional people and give consent for the Firerarms Licencing Officer (a local LEO who mainly deals with Firearms Licencing) to contact your Doctor and obtain a medical report as to your fitness to possess firearms. 5) You also consent to your Doctor having mandatory reporting powers with regard to your fitness to own firearms. If you develop an illness (mental or physical) which would affect your ability to safely possess firearms he is required by law to inform the FLO immediately. On two occasions I have had episodes of depression and, following discussions with my FLO, have voluntarily restricted my access to my firearms by lodging them at my gun club for the duration of my illness. They were not confiscated, just moved to a secure place where I could still have access to them for shooting. In the UK you may possess any weapon you like (with the exception of fully automatic weapons) provided you can show good cause [being a member of a gun club/hunting/pest control] to possess it. The only exception to this rule is semi automatic rifles. You may possess a semi auto rifle but irrespective of its exterior appearance (AR, H&K or AK) it may only be chambered to fire .22LR. Shotguns are limited to a maximum of 3 rounds (1 chambered, 2 in magazine). Suppressors are not a problem and for bolt action rifles any calibre up to and including .50BMG is acceptable.
  10. I'm guessing that as the suspect is in custody, he's a white male.
  11. Here in the UK, there's been a push to destigmatize mental health and public health have been investing in a Mental Health First Aid scheme which has, so far, put over 1 million MHFA certificate holders into work places. They're trained to spot the early signs of mental health problems and help people who are suffering to access help. They also help promote understanding of mental health issues.
  12. UK based eco car utilising hydrogen fuel cell technology. https://www.riversimple.com/
  13. And the same man who served as official executioner for most of his adult life, including the hanging of Nuremberg criminals, came to change his mind on the death penalty. His autobiography "Executioner: Pierrepoint" talks about his life and career and how his views changed over time.
  14. rifleman


    The official executioners employed by the Home Office used a variable drop which was adjusted based on the weight and physique of the victim. For a more detailed description of the hangman's art, read "Executioner: Pierrepoint"
  15. Today's Sesame Street is brought to you by the letters F, B, I and Q...