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  1. Happening to me too The windows on the left of the page are not right and the back button clears them and the ad banners for the first 3 back clicks. The 4th click finally gets you where you want to go
  2. rushmc

    Back Button and advertisements

    I see this line and the googl something and doubleclick something too
  3. The following is nothing more than my opinions. I think that one should chose a reserve with a low wing loading. The closer to 1 to 1 the better. Reasons, You just went through a mal or, you are not awake and your cypress just fired. Senario 1 Having just successfully taking care of a mal you are now under a different canpopy at an altitlude most likeyly lower than you are used to, your heart rate is up and you have to make some sound, quick decisions. Would you rather be under a highly loaded wing or low loaded wing? Senario 2 Would you rather land under a highly loaded wing or low loaded wing that is not being controlled by you? I know there are other thoughts but, my reserve is 20 square feet BIGGER than my main, by choice
  4. Go to the DZ where you are considering starting up at and ask the instructors. I was out for 20 years and came back. Skydiving instructors (99.9% of the time) are the best people on the planet. They, and all skydivers, are why I came back. Welcome back
  5. rushmc

    Reserve 1st?

    For me? yes. I have talked to the pilots of my jump planes. I have asked them at what minimum altitlude would they ask me to get out. They told me 1000 feet. I have decided that at that altitude my reserve would be my first choice. My Sabre2 does not like non terminal openings and it can take 1500 feet ot open sometimes so, unles I am over 2000 feet I go for silver. And I do watch my alti to 2500 feet
  6. rushmc

    certification questions

    Find the nearest DZ (drop zone) find the instructors and ask a lot of questions. I may in the end save your life
  7. rushmc

    Considering Pursuing Riggers Cert.

    Been covered at length here. Start here;search_string=So%20you%20want%20to%20be%20%20a%20rigger;#585697
  8. rushmc

    Ode to my friend Joe

    Sit in your most comfortable chair. Relax and close your eyes. See his face and hear his words. Remember some of the best times. Remember the times he helped you and others. Feel warm in those memories and then wish others could have known him as you have. And then smile for those times. He is not gone. He is a part of you. Because of that, he cant be gone. Peace my friend. We all have to say goodby to some of those we love. Marc
  9. rushmc

    Double needle machines

    I have a Singer 112. I changed the gauge to 3/8ths from some other size. Basicly, you have to loosen the hook assemblies, slide them to the gauge wanted and reset the timing. And of course you have to change the needle bar, the presser foot (in some cases and the plate). In my case it was not fun or easy. If you are needing mulitple gauges I think the suggestions you will get will be you need multiple machines. I hope I am wrong so I will wait and see too.
  10. I charge $70 for a tandem minumum, as do most of the other riggers I work with/around
  11. rushmc

    Rigging Service Prices

    $60.00 in my area. does not matter wether there is an ADD or not
  12. rushmc

    question on packing reserves

    I was trained that the container manual is the one you use. If things look odd I would advise calling the reserve manufacture but I do not think you will find anything that strange. (famous last words) I sure you will get a couple of others to respond who have much more knowelege than I do.
  13. rushmc

    When to do a line check?

    Your call for your rig. I do it everytime I pack.
  14. rushmc

    online Vector 2 manual - help!

    Try here