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  1. With AFF there's at least "levels" you have to pass. I thought the OP was driving at that with the question.
  2. The "number of rejumps" question is not really relevant for SL. You'll get there when you get there (freefall). You might need six jumps, you might need sixty jumps. Either is fine.
  3. Baksteen


    What is the assessed impact on the intended use, and is the intended use conform the manufacturer's guidelines? How much has the tensile strength of the old rope diminished compared to a new one of the same make and type? How much does the tensile strength vary between lot numbers? Is it still within specification?
  4. Baksteen


    Is a Super Bowl made of silver? Inquiring minds want to know.
  5. If the blanket statement is made by doctors/scientists I'd call it ass-covering, but other than that I agree.
  6. Baksteen


    I don't know what the weather is like where you're at of course, but have a nice picnic perhaps? Knowing the size of your average American car you might even be able to picnic inside your vehicle...
  7. Discuss openly about risks and the steps you take to manage them. I find it helps sometimes with people who do not know about skydiving and have the "you're insane / have a deahwish" knee-jerk reaction. When you counter with well-thought arguments, people eventually tend to get interested despite themselves and ask more questions. Downside is, you have to do this again with every new person, which takes a lot of time. I'm blessed with very supportive parents. Talking about risk management, precautions etc. helps them stay supportive. Well, except that my mom does not want to hear about CReW. When I told them I was going to take the FJC they just smiled, looked at each other and told me that that was exactly something they'd expect me to do. I'd get the idea, and I'd go do it. Funny thing is, approximately half the people I knew at the time agreed with my parents point of view, the other half reacted exactly opposite.
  8. Well that's some comfort at least. I didn't know that.
  9. Without bothering to do any actual research or fact-checking, I can imagine that the leap-frogging is cost driven, just like anything else. It should be way cheaper and easier to install a few cell towers here and there than put in thousands of kilometers of phone cabling. On the other hand, "green" energy is relatively expensive and needs specialised workers. Also, green energy is not always as green as it seems. A while back there were news reports of Dutch energy companies buying "green energy" certificates from their Norwegian counterparts, which had a surplus of them. Second example: when burning Biomass pellets in your environment-friendly Dutch CV-installation, it is good to know that the biomass pellets are actually mass produced by cutting down trees overseas, after which the pellets are transported by container ship to the country of destination. As to solar panels, there are stories about how a solar panel does not ëarn" its own carbon footprint back during its lifetime. Fortunately the technology is improving. Also, it is possible to "recycle" rare components from the old panels which are needing replacement.
  10. Baksteen


    In the Netherlands we're currently in semi-lockdown until at least the 19th of January. The total number of positive tests as reported in the media is currently at about 10K per day. Unacceptable for a nation of ~17-18M. As to reporting I would prefer that the RIVM (Dutch Institute for Public Health and Environment) did not simply state the "number of positive tests" per day but rather "today out of a total number of X tests, Y tests were positive (Z%)". Present it in a nice, stacked bar graph as a finishing touch. I mean, the data is reported somewhere, but it's a pain to retrieve it.
  11. Interview with the director of the Dutch Institute for public health and environment (in Dutch, but Google translate is your friend). In a nutshell, don't panic. If it looks, walks and quacks like a duck, it's probably a duck. But we're going to do research anyway; in case it's just Billvon.
  12. Just curious, did you by any chance sign up as healthy volunteerfor the clinical trials?
  13. Don't even try - it's like talking to a broken record. Or a wall for that matter. Me, I'd be comfortable with any vaccine approved by the European authorities, be it live (attenuated), dead, vector-based or mRNA. I'll just patiently wait my turn.
  14. Baksteen


    Thanks, I missed that one.