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  1. Please take religion to SC. Thank you.
  2. Baksteen


    Actually, in the Netherlands at least, the "prior infection and cured" certificate is issued by the government after they test you positive and after you are considered cured (14 days after the initial positive test). There is a considerable amount of fraud and non-compliance since the certificate is checked via a government-developed and -issued app. But at least you cannot just lie about it; you have to try a little harder.
  3. Wear your mask over your fraphat and tie it at the back using a rubber band. Once you enter freefall the mask will either hold for the entire jump, or blow off alltogether. If you want to play it safe, I'd plan for the second eventuality. I therefore advise doing only backins and compressed accordeons. That way your buddy is breathing away from you, or at least as far away from your face as possible.
  4. Baksteen


    Lack of affordable healthcare?
  5. I can't speak for the others, but my own aversion against slidings has nothing to do with your arguments. It's due to all the people who are rock-solid convinced that any stand-up landing is a perfect landing, that PLFs are for N00Bs, that slidings are better than PLFs because they are (name the excuse). You on the other hand are saying that the sliding is an advanced landing technique which may be applicable in some circumstances provided that you first learned how to do them in controlled circumstances with feedback of an expert. You are right. But for a large part of people that's not going to be the take home message. To sum up, the standard approach to any landing in dodgy circumstances - or perhaps to any landing, period - should be "PLF, unless..."
  6. Baksteen


    Non-masking (this includes incorrectly worn masks) is a major annoyance. Thankfully the majority of the population at least complies with the rules such as they are. Unfortunately the government does not seem to have learned anything in the past two years. They tend to just wait for people to notice by themselves when the infection rates go up and start adhering to measures by themselves. The government then proceeds to take the measures they should have taken "two weeks ago". They cannot seem to understand that a) infection rates are a prediction of hospitalised / ICU cases b) there are other people besides COVID-patients who need ICU beds. Finally, when they do take measures they undermine their own credibility with statements like "These measures will only last three weeks" - only to come back two weeks later with even more strict measures which last another month. Or, last july, "no more facemasks" and "Lockdowns are a thing of the past", when the infection rates seemed under control and vaccination rates were on the rise. So yes, compliance is partially due to the population lacking common sense, but the goverment has done a stirling job undermining said compliance and common sense by their general bumbling approach to dealing with the virus. Lastly, I suspect that in any country people who are willing to travel for hours/days by plane or boat packed together with lots of other people are not necessarily the people who are most terrified of COVID. Look at it this way, at least the residents of those highly infected countries are not coming your way to infect your countrymen either.
  7. Baksteen


    Well, it is not as if the scientific community hasn't been warning about the risk of something like this happening for a long time. It is a direct result of vaccination efforts focusing on the rich countries (and, no doubt, the rich areas in poor countries). We'll see how the vaccines hold up. I am a bit resigned in this matter since the Netherlands have (mis)managed to make a giant mess of the COVID control even with the current variants. Tonight we are probably getting more strict measures again.
  8. Baksteen


    It was a grammar/context thing. Thanks to Mrcwood for elaborating.
  9. Baksteen


    Yes, I agree that Muad'Dib would have gotten his arse kicked at the Shield Wall if the Harkonnen and Sardaukar would have had access to ivermectin. Otherwise I do not know where that tweet is going.
  10. I can't be bothered to watch the video. Does this Icon also come with unidentified metal bits falling out after the hesititation - like in the last video your crew posted?
  11. You know, that is a perfect description of foreign tourists renting a bike in Amsterdam. Fortunately they are easily recognised by their incessant ringing the bell. I swear to god, most of them act as if the contraption is powered by ringing the bell instead of pedalling.
  12. Baksteen


    Well, if you reread the 2nd to last paragraph of post 5989 you can easily see why I thought you were posting to the wrong tab in your browser. I mean, it's quite the coincidence :-)
  13. Baksteen


    Upon reflection, I never accused my acquaintances of malicious malconformance. You draw much harsher conclusions than I intended. Nor did I say they ""drop all other measures of avoidance, e.g. masking, avoiding indoor crowds, and avoiding congregations of the unvaccinated", though to be entirely honest, I wouldn't be surprised if these measures were also less strictly observed. Complacency perhaps, or just plain and simple misunderstanding. I don;t really care.
  14. Baksteen


    They sound like they are a very intelligent and charming person.
  15. Baksteen


    Yes, we have as many covidiots (called "wappies" in Dutch) as any other nation. I can understand the grumbling in the early days, when Covid was some faraway thing which would maybe impact a few people. I myself have learned a lot in the past year and a half. And then, at some point during the pandemic the government started emphasising in their press conferences that they could understand "how limiting the covid measures are" and "that people were tired of the measures, but hold on we're nearly there" etc. Worst are statements like "curfews are un-Dutch measures", only to have to implement them a month later anyway. This, coupled with unrealistic timelines and ever changing "roadmaps" illlustrating the measures to be taken cost them a lot of credit. This is besides the fact that there is also a political kindergarten which is called "formation of a new government after the election". Fortunately most Dutch people got their vaccinations and keep at least some semblence of adhering to the preventive measures.