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  1. Granted, tandem might be used as a legitimate training aid. Same goes for tunnel. Same goes for VR. My personal opinion however is that DZ's move away from 'AFF only' (not to mention Static-line) at least partially for commercial reasons. Why charge only a couple hundred of bucks if students are happy to pay a couple of thousand? Yes, I understand that the DZ has more operational cost, but I have a feeling the profit margin is even bigger. Granted, you receive value for money, extra training and extra preparation, but that doesn't mean you cannot make a safe first jump without all the bells and whistles. This is in no way intended as a slight on Wolfriverjoe's DZ their instruction program, or any other for that matter.
  2. I'm no professional skydiver, but what most of the posters above are describing sounds like the effect of any other crummy job. And I have had plenty of those. A change of scenery always gets me motivated again. If your job doesn't give you satisfaction anymore and the vibe among the coworkers isn't enough to compensate for that (or vice versa), it's simply time to move on. Maybe you're good with a different employer, maybe it's time for something else entirely - only you can decide. Me, I had a busy schedule before Covid. I was combining a busy job with a lot of activities, hobbies and volunteering. Not all skydiving related, but basically me and/or my wife were out at one hobby or another almost every evening. When Covid hit, I remember coming home on tuesday night from work, when I would normally quickly get a bite to eat and quickly have to leave again in order to be in time for helping out at a dancing class. That night however I sat down on the sofa and thought, "I do not have to rush off anywhere any evening this week.. I could get used to this". Going forward, I have used the past few months for a much needed breather - and I definitely will not let my schedule get the better of me again.
  3. I'll help you out. You can send the money to me through Western Union. I'll invest it in the name of this prince from an unspecified region of Central Europe who has been exiled for ambiguous reasons and thereby has fallen upon hard times. In gratitude for your financial backing when he needs it the most, the prince has agreed to make you his heir apparant. Though the capital will be returned to you upon his death by an unclear method and without any significant interest, you will stand to inherit his title and any other posessions he has at the time.
  4. Baksteen


    I read you the first time. Your reiterating the same line over and over again doesn't detract from my statement, a point which eludes some other people. Anyway, moving on....
  5. Baksteen


    Have it your way. I'm too lazy to look up every distance. However, I would not be surprised if the chart you posted is simply cleverly set up to display "Sweden, and everyone who had fewer fatalities". This is in no way intended as a personal attack.
  6. Baksteen


    Oh, come on! If Iceland is "proximate" to Sweden, then so are Turkey, Spain, Italy and Greece. Not to mention the UK.,41.5534555,4z Personally I think Sweden is just very lucky to be a big country with few people, which helps limiting the spread of any disease no matter what other precautions are taken.
  7. Baksteen


    Though I feel that Sweden dropped the ball with its approach I would like to point out that there are quite a few EU 'neighbours' missing in that chart, including some that probably did a lot worse than Sweden, irrespective of the measures taken.
  8. Airstrip-1 (the location of the novel IIRC) is Great Britain though, isn't it?
  9. Well, you could start here This source looks at the excess deaths in a given period, compared to what you'd expect by averageing other years/ This came up in a ten second google, there might be other resources. For the EU, look here:
  10. I wouldn't need to pay an extra 17 cents for a Big Mac if the upper crust of the company would take a very slightly lower cut of the profits, pay themselves smaller bonuses, accept a higher WL on their Golden Parachute etc. Likewise, a waiter or waitress in any given establishment shouldn't be solely dependent on how much I tip them (from my own relatively low income). Tipping shouldn't be a duty to my fellow person so they can pay their bills, but rather it should be something extra as an acknowledgement of good service. That doesn't mean I do not care about other people, or are unwilling to pay my taxes. I'm just saying that the responsibility for solving the problem is placed with the wrong people.
  11. Paraphrasing a funny tweet: ".....they tweet furiously from the shamelessly invasive tracking device they willingly carry everywhere they go".
  12. Just build an entrance trap around the USA and be done with it.
  13. Not necessarily targeting you. That most people wear masks to protect others instead of themselves is something that I find very hard to believe I've posted my stance on facemasks several times. But I (perhaps naively) was thinking that social distancing was being observed everywhere. I've since discovered otherwise. In your example: If you stand far enough away the guy can't pee on you so it is irrelevant if you are wearing pants (until the cops show up). When social distancing is not being observed, masks do help - but only if worn correctly and if they properly fit the form of your face. The fact that so many professional masks are basically being wasted by improper use while there are so many health care workers who have to do without is just something I still can't get my head around.
  14. If the only reason to wear it is to engage in a recreational activity, that is a huge waste of PPE which could be better employed in the healthcare sector. Side question: Will it even survive freefall or do 'you' plan to take it off just before exit?
  15. The link you quoted is updated daily around 14:00 LT (UTC+2). The PDF weekly on Friday at around the same time.