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  1. The rank and file of the German army - even of the SS - weren't all psychopaths (though far too many of them were). Also, the person giving the order for mass-murder is not necessarily the person being forced to actually perpetrate it.
  2. I agree with Gowlerk, but I also think that the death penalty is 'too easy' for the perpetrator. But having said that, a lifelong incarceration for crimes currently punishable by death should indeed be lifelong. Not 30 years with option of parole. I also feel that punishments for what I view as truly heinous crimes such as rape and pedophilia are way too light. But that is a different discussion.
  3. Well, I mean of course nobody disavowed Trump. It wasn't as if he was talking to a non-Caucasian person, now was he? Sarcasm aside, we have our own political party of insanity as well now. The Forum for Democracy panders to conspiracy theorists, racists, Putin and every other unsavoury crap out there.
  4. I said I don't like *Musk* and anything he stands for. But calling himself the Chief Twit, now *that* is self-awareness.
  5. I don't like Elon Musk and anything he stands for, but one of his actions I can get behind:
  6. For me personally, it depends. How many other people are in the air, what are we doing, how current am I etc. After a sequential jump I have had no problem with accepting a center dock at, say, 2K or 1500 if we're doing 2-way. I've also been known to be part of a "post-stack" which is complete at the altitude previously indicated, but flown down to 100 ft or so. I do that only with people I really know and trust. Offset docks, that ends at 3-3.5K if we're doing 2-way and isn't happening at all after a larger sequential jump. I don't coach people for their first canopy formation jumps (I'll leave that to @IJskonijn) , but I'd like to submit that the minimum docking altitude would also greatly depend on what gear everyone is on. For the purpose of this discussion I regard bumping endcells as "docking" where newbies are involved. The most important thing to know is, cross your legs once you reach the minimum altitude you're comfortable with and people know to stay away.
  7. I see. Well as I have been told, in a nutshell, back in the good old days a lot of Dutch skydivers were getting hurt under then-modern canopies. IIRC that was around the time the original Sabre came out. The Dutch authorities took note and told our national association to regulate ourselves - or they would. So, since we don't sue as easily as the US, we got 'rules' instead of 'recommendations'. The association, however, does not have the power of the law.
  8. The Netherlands. :-) In 2019 we made ~86.500 jumps total, with ~175 reported incidents. Two incidents were fatalities. Two fatalities (or any fatality at that) is a lot for us; but as Wendy indicates there can be no meaningful comparison to the US due to the difference in absolute jump#s.
  9. No, I probably didn't explain myself well enough. The rules are basically for when you want to downsize. Look at me: I have a D-licence, ~1050 jumps, 0 in the last 12 months and I estimate that my exit weight is now 105 kg. I typically jumped a L160 loaded at 1.35. The calculator would put me on a skymaster or something, but since I already have experience with that canopy, the calculator does not apply. Instead, I would have to discuss with the instructor on duty what my "reintegration plan" is. Maybe a couple of solos, then some two-way CF with center docks only. Of course there are still grey areas, such as the infamous jumpers who'd feel restricted by the downsizing rules and go to a neighbouring country to jump the canopy they wanted. They would return triumphant saying they now already jump the canopy so the rules do not apply anymore. Unfortunately for them, the instructor still has the authority can keep them on the ground - no matter their experience/license.
  10. I have no problem living in a nanny country. Your right to kill yourself doing shit you are not ready for is to me way less important than: 1) the grief you cause an instructor (who is a whole different animal from the US-version) who has to reason with a bull headed jumper without being able to throw the rulebook at him 2) traumatising everyone who you force to watch you femur in 3) the bereavement of those you leave behind 4) the bad image you project onto the sport 5) and even the paperwork you cause the emergency responders. The Dutch rules limit your canopy choice and wingloading based on the canopy model, your total number of jumps, the number of jumps you made in the past twelve months. ( They are complained about by many, but I have never found them too restrictive. These days a Chief Instructor can allow a jumper to jump a canopy one size smaller than the rules mandate. If more leeway is wanted, you can apply to the national organisation (KNVvL) for a waiver. This obviously applies to normal progression. If, say, I was to start jumping tomorrow after the corona-break, the guide posted would put me on a first jump canopy (which I would seriously consider anyway). The rule however is that I have to make my first jump(s) in consultation with an instructor (been a while though since I read the exact procedure).
  11. In a large aircraft I might -just might- overlook people jumping if the open parachute is contained far away from the door by more than one person. In a small aircraft like a 182 or 172 not so much. IMO the risk of fabric escaping containment and inflating is much larger. You'd get at least a talking to. I'm no S&TA, but if you'd close your container and jump, I guess you'd get your ass grounded. But then again, I've always been known as a cautious jumper.
  12. Unpopular opnion: I've stopped watching their content long agao, but I'm not sure that the Red Bull guys are doing our sport a favour.
  13. In all fairness, that is also true of many skydivers.
  14. Given the nature of your continued questions in light of the excellent responses you got made me wonder what answer you were shopping for. Thanks for clearing that up. What, in your opinion, would be the added value of allowing "people jumping BASE canopies in dual harness rigs to open at whatever altitude they want?"
  15. I think my views would be best described by saying that personally I don't believe in religion. But If someone else is religeous, I respect their viewpoint exactly as far as they respect mine.