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  1. fucking mobile phone wouldn't let me finish it in one post. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  2. Was 1399. What calendar says that this year is 1399, when the Islamic calendar says it's 1392? Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  3. OK, I am confused here. We have a new worker here who is from Afghanistan. She left there during the Soviet invasion, and has lived in Germany and the USA since. She said that her people celebrate the spring equinox as the new year, and they set up a table with seven objects beginning with the letter S in her native language (Urdu?). Each object symbolizes health, life, prosperity, etc. But I am confused about the year. I figured that it was Islamic calendar, in which case the new year woulf be 1392. But she said that the new year Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  4. Obama/Romney: "No it isn't!" "Yes, it is!" "No, it isn't!" Cleese: "Look, this isn't an argument, it's just contradiction!" Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  5. Of course, then he might win the election. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  6. Quoteand after a jump like this, I'd say he owes craft-brewed beer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  7. This guy owes beer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  8. R! Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IlxozJh2JNo Supposedly Queen did a cover of this, but it wasn't as good. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  10. OK, I now have Ubuntu Linux on a separate partition. Had some problems early on with the system freezing up when I logged in, but I just downloaded the ATI display drivers and so far so good. Good bye, Windows (hopefully)! Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  11. RELEASE THE FLYING MONKEYS! ALL HAIL THE GREAT AND GLORIOUS WAR ON DRUGS! check out its wonderful track record. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  12. Not gonna happen. Everyone knows that hurricanes are caused by gay pride parades. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  13. "Jane, you ignorant slut!" Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  14. http://www.theonion.com/video/tampa-bay-gay-prostitutes-gearing-up-for-flood-of,29263/ Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  15. Who are "they"? And when, exactly, is this time you are referring to? To keep it simple, I stay up here on an old air force base in the summer...many here are old retired military or widows of military men. I love their discipline, consistency and willingness to sacrifice for future generations. No bullshit...these people got it right. Edit...I think the 80's and 90's pretty much kicked ass for the most part. those old military guys were prostitutes' best customers back in the day. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  16. How would you prevent sex slavery, and ensure that prostitute are only voluntary participants? That's the big problem, not the morality aspects. we have that problem now, with illegal prostitution. Maybe if prostitution were legalized, it would be easier to openly confront those problems. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  17. Lol, but seriously, no I have never paid for sex. It's really the principle of the thing. Why should the government step in when it's consenting adults? Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  18. Well? It seems strange that it isn't legal. If I meet a woman in a bar it is perfectly legal for me to have sex with her for no better reason than that I like the way her boobs look. But if we have sex for money, suddenly the law steps in and says "No, you two can't have sex for THAT reason!" Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  19. I wonder what they're all saying. They're probably talking dirty to each other and we don't even know it. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  20. I agree with what you said about extremes. Right now, the minimum wage is a pathetically tiny amount of money compared to the cost of living. And no, contrary to what some people believe, its not just teenagers who make minimum wage. There are lots of college educated people out there with years of experience in more professional fields, but right now they are forced to take on minimum wage jobs. There is a growing and huge underclass right now. Corporate profits are doing great (for now) but it isn't translating into jobs that pay a living wage. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  21. The parachute landed on the property of a mean Martian farmer. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  22. OK, thanks everyone. I don't want to wipe windows, because I've got the complete office suite on there & soon I will be getting MySQL which I need for a website I'm starting. So I guess the way to go is put Ubuntu on a seperate partition. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  23. So I bought a laptop that has Windows 7 installed on it. But I would like to get Ubuntu Linux because I want to learn bioinformatics and they often use Linux. Should I make a partition on my harddrive & install Ubuntu on it? Someone also told me that I don't need to do that, that there is a way to install Linux within Windows. And as a side note, I hear that computer viruses dont usually infect Linux OS, but I guess I wouldnt have that protection if I ran Linux within Windows? anyway, I am just getting started learning about this, so if you know of a good book on the subject or if you have any advice about this stuff I would really appreciate it. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  24. I am sure this has been covered,so please just post a link to the thread, but I am trying to put something together that summarizes things skydivers say that sound dirty. stuff like "how much for a pack job?" and "glad you could join us on that three way" and "i couldn't get any penetration" {last bit sounds like a rolling stones song}. Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------
  25. Vote for Mitrack Obomney! Speed Racer --------------------------------------------------