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  1. If you take the time to study all the known airport access cases, one thing that stands out in those is that they all read verbatim. Like one of those call center script reading classes they all attended. All airport sponsors have an agenda when it comes to not wanting skydivers on the airport. They all use and say that same stupid shit and tactics with users and the FAA. All airport boards and sponsors act like and are the "good old boy's" club and if your not in the club you will get the "hillbillies in Deliverance" treatment. None of the actions of St. Mary's is a surprise, in fact many of their actions could have been expected and planned for had the proper actions been followed by the operator, thus giving the the dz the upper hand in any of it's on going access fight. As it turned out though, some in the skydiving camp thought it would be cute to "test" the city and while at it, thumb their nose at the very agency they are depending on to help with winning the access case.... by conducting a number of well documented via the press, violations of FAR 105.23b. That is what has doomed them, those actions alone sealed their fate, the fact the navy is pissed off now too.... well as one wise old Jap once said "I fear all we have done is awaken the sleeping giant". All the crap the city was pulling with special permits or what ever bullshit, should have been documented and calls to a lawyer and the ADO should have been on going for months, long before the cops showed up to revoke permission. Had the right steps and actions been taken by TJP owners and staff, this could have "maybe" been a victory for them pretty easy, depending on how the new PLA thing plays out. From standing on the outside and only having the public record to go by, in reading all, this is a classic example of: "how not to win your airport access case during a time of importance pending standards changes to on airport landing areas". It's not like this information is not out there and or a paid consultant for all members to seek strong advice and guidance in dealing with these kind of issues, only a fool would not heed his advice and make every effort work with in the system to fix the problem. I understand all the fucking games they play and all that bullshit about how it hurts her business... yadda yadda yadda. You know what, how's her fucking business now? If it was worth fighting for that location as much she made a stink about it , then playing by the rules of the fight should have been the plan from day one, there is that paid consultant guy who will help formulate a plan and help you with guidance.... many others have proven that advice and guidance to be reliable and successful if followed. TJP actions are unprofessional to say the least and could harm the industry on a national level. Thanks grandpa, and it's easy to sit there and say, I told you so when you didn't inform anyone of anything. Instead you attempted to bait me into a conversation for your own self gratification. Remember this comment I told you I didn't know and you appeared to be the expert. Quite cheap on your part honestly. Now tell us all again how you told all of us so. yadda yadda yadda, nothing is more worthless than saying I told you so.... when you didn't gramps.
  2. I disagree with you. I've paid my way my entire life and would appreciate it if I mind my business and you mind yours..
  3. it's a joke right, ...rhetorical question. Asking Obama a question is like asking a girlfriend how many guys she has had sex with, it's an invitation to be lied to. No offense ladies but you see my point. All politicians have proven to be worthless. However there is an upside to this, Obama commented on pictures of my dog on my Facebook.
  4. No, you miss the point. What it does eliminate ("problem solve" for though) is the on-going probability and likelihood of continual ERRANT skydivers being the culprits; and therefore distractions, and further takes away the base security's needs to second-guess - "Hey - what is that parachute here now coming in over the wire" scenario too. Read the base commander's own (published) actual letter regarding this, and not just the mainstream media's paraphrase. He was neither unclear on that - nor for the circumstances, honestly for that matter either, unreasonable. I am unfamiliar with the area but having looked at google imagery of the area, the base is very close to the airport, and the airport is also bordered by waterways, the city of St Mary's itself seemingly has very little available land for parachute landing areas other than the airport property itself. The dispute now revolves around the issue of guarantees that no jumpers will, at any time in the future use the base as a landing area. The nearest open areas appear to be 10 miles to the south, in Florida. In order to offer assurances to the Navy base and the airport authority it appears that a viable option is in fact to use the St Mary's airport yet land jumpers offsite in Florida. This however would require research and approaching various land owners in Florida about the usage of their property for skydiving landing operations. Again problem solving speculation on my part not knowing the surrounding area and the viability of this idea as a measure to offer assurances that no jumpers will land on the airport property or the Navy base. It's a longshot possibility perhaps and requires the acquisition of a "short bus" for jumpers. With the Navy invoking "National Security" issues there is now, little hope of continuing operations as I am aware from what has taken place. Pressure may being brought to bear against the airport authority because of the skydiving operation and this is why the airport authority has taken the stance they have or not. Doubtful the Navy truly needs to acquire the local airport property, although they may. I don't know the details
  5. Might wanna talk to the guys at The Farm... Seems to work out pretty damn well for them. 2 acres v/s 50 acres. Makes a difference. Jump in Georgia, land in Florida. win win
  6. ...and his family. Let you imagination run wild, how is he or his family in danger? Do you read the news? http://www.cbsnews.com/8301-503543_162-57500137-503543/al-qaeda-calls-for-death-of-navy-seal-who-authored-book-on-bin-laden-mission/ As little as possible. The world has gone crazy. Yeah, ok, I'm not impressed.
  7. ...and his family. Let you imagination run wild, how is he or his family in danger?
  8. ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Officials say a grizzly bear has killed a hiker at Denali National Park — the first fatal attack in the park’s history.
  9. Source: http://www.cnn.com/2012/08/23/us/seal-identity-revealed/index.html He is not active any longer, he should bask in the lime-light now, of a job well done. If he didn't want the attention he shouldn't have written a book. He has only himself to blame for the media attention.
  10. You would be correct in that assumption. They had been involved in a dispute for a year since the firing, filed police reports against each other, it appears that the dead employer was making it difficult for the employee to find work in his field. Employer may have had the mind set of "you'll never work in this town again" employee shot him in the head. The surviving victims include: 35-year-old man from Jamaica, Queens 33-year-old woman from 38th Street, she lives near the shooting 56-year-old woman from the Upper West Side 21-year-old man from the Bronx 35-year-old woman from Chapel Hill, NC 43-year-old woman from Brooklyn 30-year-old woman from the Bronx 35-year-old man from the Bronx 23-year-old man from the Bronx Deputy Police Commissioner Paul Browne says it's "very likely" all of the 9 bystanders were hit by police gunfire Two officers fired from eight feet away. One officer fired seven times, the other fired nine times. A total of 16 rounds were fired, likely simultaneously..
  11. All of which does not pertain to Mr Raub otherwise a circuit court judge would not have released him and stated what he did.
  12. No problem, you can continue to make random assumptions, don't let facts (known or unknown) get in the way. If you can't debate, insult and get emotional. By definition, anyone who completes the hiring process and training ARE professionals, the degree of which varies as in any occupation. I do agree, after that reponse you have no credibility whether you give a hoot or not. Have a nice day................ Arguing with a cop on the internet is just as silly as doing it in person...... 'cept in person it's life threatening. What we are seeing here is the outlandish antics of shock and awe on American streets. Cops don't shoot one or two shots, they are looking to empty the mag, do a quick reload, it's their training, and it's mindless. All the while there are several officers doing the same thing. How else does a suspect end up with 40 bullet wounds or 9 people shot on a busy street by the police. What really surprises me the most is instead of seeing an investigation like is so often done if it happens during wartime in another country, ie Blackwater guys. There is no investigation done here. It's becoming a common occurrence more and more everyday. Also what we are seeing, is this is happening at the wrong address, to the wrong people, and often. If cops think this is the way they earn respect it's reflected in the little respect given to them.
  13. This is a singular event that we are all aware of. So the fear-mongering you've applied doesn't apply ("government is abducting people over Facebook posts!"). However what does apply is that a large number of people in this single state, Virginia are in fact caught up in this process without any due process rights and the lawyer/judge presiding over a named medical board can't even hear, he is so old. Not only replace him, do away with the entire snatch and grab process. The State/Federal government can't even say if a single gun or knife was found in this guys residence because it was warrantless. Or the AXE. Yet it was also a search and seizure of the mans residence and possibly his property. They were not concerned with warrants because in Virginia this is allowed using the medical mechanism in place. Now he is out, we'll be able to hear him talk or not. I'd respectfully say I disagree with you and think in regards to this issue your judgement is clouded. As you've said in a prior post, investigate the Facebook associates also if need be, that is frightening, although you doubt they even did anything wrong or made threats. Due the Patriot Act they more than likely can and will, and have already done so, and are doing it now. Here is the danger you are overlooking, it's been viewed as a breach of law. 92% are against it. but the danger is if the law doesn't apply to the government it doesn't apply to the citizens either. That is the danger. And the government is leading the way. http://www2.timesdispatch.com/news/local-news/2012/aug/24/tdmain01-facebook-posting-marine-veteran-released--ar-2151724/
  14. Thats a really good video, surprised how young everyone looks.
  15. Big problem it's not even a breach of rights on the state level, it's federal officers doing snatch and grabs. ok, they have an old codger of a judge, rubberstamping medical evaluations as great as 30 days, no rights, you want to stand behind the medical field, I got it. My view is the medical field should not be used to ignore rights of Americans that have been guaranteed by the founders of the country and it's being done on the state and federal level. I am so sick of hearing post 9/11 bs. Damn fear mongers, every news story, every political interaction is a mud slinging fest. Is this untrue? Read the story. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/marine-sent-to-psych-ward-over-facebook-posts-now-released-but-who-could-be-next/ The incident raises the possibility that the government may be monitoring what you say via social media. It is already compiling your tweets and this shows it could be monitoring your Facebook posts as well. Everybody uses Facebook, I call BS on this too. Some director at a senior level in federal government / interagency looked at this and labeled this guy. That's all it took.