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  1. Guys - don't this dude sound an awful lot like Shah? Just wondering. Joye not Hellis.
  2. I don't know if christianity is in rapid decline. I rather think its more ok these days to say that you don't beleive in anything as in the past. So I would rather say hypocrisy ito of religion is on the decline?
  3. I think you need to do your own research Maybe advertise in the classifieds section for volunteers?
  4. A black man from Harlem were invited to a fancy dress party and asks his wife to go and hire an outfit for him. That evening after he came home, he found a spiderman suit lying on the bed. Very upset he tells his wife she need to get something else because Spiderman always were a white dude. The following evening he finds a Superman suit on the bed. He tells his wife that she is stupid because both Spiderman and Superman are white guys and he is black! - he wants a costume that will look good on a black man. The next evening he finds a bunch of white dots, a white belt and a white stick on the bed. He calls his wife and asks "Whats this?" to which she answered "You undress yourself until you are naked and stick the white dots on your body then you are a domino block! If you don't like that then put the white belt around your waste and then you are a Oreo Cookie. If you don't like that you shove the white stick up your ass and then you go as a Magnum Ice Creamm!!"
  5. office plays fuck-fuck games cat and the vacuum
  6. Why would you bump a thread from 2002??????????????? He's a perma-banned poster who came back under another screen name to annoy the mods. That's all. Shah?
  7. The husband gets home after visiting the doctor and is looking seriously worried. His wife asks:"What is wrong" He answers "The doctor said I must drink one of these pills for the rest of my life." She: "Lots of people drink some kind of pill everyday." Husband: "But he has only given me 10 pills!"
  8. Koos and Piet had a VERY jolly good time at the local pub, so much so that Koos puked on his own shirt. “Sannie is going to kill me, this is a brand new shirt and a gift from her." moans Koos. “Man, just put a $20 note in your shirt and tell her a guy in the bar vomited on your shirt and he gave you the money to go and clean it.” is Piet's clever plan. Finally when Koos got home, Sannie waited up for him “Koos you drunk ass; tonight I will kill you! Your shirt is full of puke, what is wrong with you?!” “No no, wait my love, the shirt its a guy at the bar who puked on it and gave me $20 to clean it, look here it is in the pocket of the shirt...” Sannie inserts her hand in the shirt pocket and takes out 2 $20. “And this, here is 2 $20 notes?” Koos looks at her with tears in his eyes and says, “o yes, I forgot he also shit in my pants”
  9. Don't cats have like nine lives or something?
  10. 2 year old picking locks Just had to share this.
  11. clicky A man from Mozambique was arrested and towed behind a police van. He later died from his injuries.
  12. Yes I would. But luckily my wife is very supportive.
  13. On a different note - I also use the skydive logbook from Itunes. I did something wrong when I upgraded my iphone and lost all my data - is there a way to restore it?