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  1. You may think high profile cases should not get special treatment but they absolutely should and in most cases do. I’ve been into many prisons and have seen serial killers and high profile rapists that are waiting sentencing, and ones that have already been sentenced. Every time they are on solo watch or at least in a circular room with a guard post in the middle to watch all cells. The sheriffs, wardens, etc have their asses on the line if the victims/public of their crimes do not get to see these criminals serve their time if not for anything but closure.
  2. This was in a federal prison holding a man that was highly connected for a high profile case who had already attempted suicide. One of the two guards did not normally work corrections. The guards falsified records that they checked on him every three hours, and in fact had missed checking on him for 3 hours
  3. handguns 64% rifles 4%. I believe it went back to 1982. I see what you are saying that you have the potential to kill more at one time.
  4. Bernie sanders stated on an interview with JRE that he understands that 99.9% of gun owners are responsible and would never commit a crime of murder with a firearm but they need to understand its for a greater good to ban assault rifles when data proves in mass shootings handguns are are used in a vastly greater percentage than any rifle.
  5. Very true as the shooter posted a manifesto, he wanted fame and to spread his agenda.
  6. What are your thoughts on the past where you could order a semi auto rifle via the mail by sending a check to sears, etc and get your gun in the mail with no restrictions. In such a time there was less mass shootings versus now where there are many more restrictions on weapons and there is more mass shootings. I think that right there indicates it’s not so much a gun problem but a people problem first. How you tackle that is the million dollar question, but taking away due process with red flag laws is a slippery slope as the government has already banned bump stocks, enacted red flag laws, and has been infringing peoples rights with a $200 NFA tax stamp for decades to get an item that takes a year to receive when you can buy a gun in 5 minutes.
  7. Tried to log in today and the link does not work. Tried to log out and back in as the help section suggests without success.
  8. Whats the deal here? No single resource can handle it, therefore a couple guys with the knowledge forms a company that says they will round up resources from many companies to do the work, and bids the job. Why the mystery about two guys? They are the construction manager handling sub contractors...They will skim and pocket. And if they are part of a union thats where all the workers will come from. Also they were the only company willing to start work now before payment. On top of that they were hired directly by the PR power authority not trump or FEMA. These guys are taking a huge risk on getting full payment. This happens every time there is a hurricane in the US right? One single power entity is in control, and subs out to many other contractors. I have seen images of football fields of many different power companies in a staging area ready to be deployed to the field once the wind has settled. Anyone have proof this is a conspiracy or should we put the tin foil hats away?
  9. And you would wake up in jail I would imagine, and a large civil suit to boot
  10. Fire aside they have been trying to get this guy and did submit warrants.
  11. It’s not just trump trying to divide you it’s the two party system equally 50/50 at fault.
  12. The la times report showed Gonzales admitted to setting the fire because he was cold. Check other sources but it’s out there from sites non brightbart(sp?) that he admitted to it.
  13. Totally agree with the comment about him lying about saying it, but it seems it was as I suspected. He said “he knew what he signed up for..., but when it happens it still hurts. I wouldn’t have taken that the wrong way, I can see how it could by someone with a different point of view. Still does not fix the lying part though.
  14. Maybe trump should have called GWB instead and listened to this speach.
  15. Does ICE have some special legal abilities that supersedes that which normally applies to legal citizens?