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  1. JohnnyMarko

    L&B service through SSK

    Confirmed. SSK now handles L&B repairs/service for USA customers now in Ohio.
  2. JohnnyMarko

    DZO to avoid working for

    ....oh this should be good
  3. JohnnyMarko

    Base Jumping the Princess Tower Dubai

    A Red Bull sponsorship.
  4. JohnnyMarko

    Ball Pit

    A rooster tail of water makes for a better photo on the cover of Parachutist though.
  5. JohnnyMarko

    My neighbor's tandem accident

    I'm sorry this happened to your neighbor. Now get out of here.
  6. JohnnyMarko

    GRAVITAS - LED Wingsuit Video

    Why was it called GRAVITAS?
  7. JohnnyMarko

    New Camera Helmet from Bonehead

    Sexy. It's a good looking helmet too
  8. JohnnyMarko

    Possible stollen Rig?;sb=post_latest_reply;so=ASC;forum_view=forum_view_collapsed;;page=unread#unread
  9. JohnnyMarko

    USPA Store Online

    I think you're the only one that gives a fuck... Maybe contact USPA and let them know there's some tiny ass errors? Or, post more topics on a different website about it.
  10. JohnnyMarko

    Mirage G4 M3 with Optimum 176 & Firebolt 182?

    These guys may know...
  11. JohnnyMarko

    Dubai International Parachuting Championships - Day 5 & 6

    Someone should tell these Dubai photographers that you don't need to put a vignette on every fucking photo.
  12. JohnnyMarko

    Bridge Day: Tandems

    This is the 4th year they're doing it... Huck-It! makes a tandem base rig
  14. JohnnyMarko

    Consistent Hard Openings on Brand New PD Pulse

    I bet the people at PD would be of great help to you....
  15. JohnnyMarko

    Coaching in the World of Skydiving

    Typo in the first sentence "Skydiving is a sport in which all all participants seek improvement in skill and confidence in their skills."