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  1. JohnnyMarko

    2-way Cessna Jumps!

    Here is one I'm pretty sure you will like. First person out gets in poised exit position with left hand free. Second person gets out facing the rear using the right hand to hold onto the door frame. Both people use left hand to form a "compressed accordian", gripping the other person's leg strap. After you launch it, try to do frontloops, backloops, and even just 360 degree turns. It isn't easy coordinating the moves. You will probably come down laughing. A fun variation of this position, if you like wild rides, is for each to extend their legs into a tracking position. The formation will start to spin really fast, hold as long as you can, then as soon as one lets go, so does the other. Each of you will fly away while rotating. (then get back together and do more stuff) (Also fun to try to launch this as a 3 way from a turbine. All with left hands: front float grips rear float's left leg strap, rear float grips inside's left leg strap, inside grips front float's left leg strap.) We called this a Shredder.
  2. JohnnyMarko

    "Death stick" flying Looks like he took all your guys' advice
  3. JohnnyMarko

    L&B service through SSK

    Confirmed. SSK now handles L&B repairs/service for USA customers now in Ohio.
  4. JohnnyMarko

    A license jumping camera....

    Sadly, this was my entry... Just echoing others, your husband should not be jumping with a camera. I thought I would be cool, but all I have is a bunch of shitty footage that is collecting dust on an external hard drive. I should never have risked my life for crap footage that is pretty unusable.
  5. JohnnyMarko

    DZO to avoid working for

    What's your full name? Ratings? Licenses numbers? Previous DZ's you've worked at?
  6. JohnnyMarko

    DZO to avoid working for

    ....oh this should be good
  7. JohnnyMarko

    Base Jumping the Princess Tower Dubai

    A Red Bull sponsorship.
  8. JohnnyMarko

    POV cameras and Jump number.

    that is some fucked up logic right there It's actually math. If you have a 5% chance of something going wrong and do it once. You have a 95% chance of getting away with it. If you do the same thing 10 times while maintaining the 5% risk you have a 60% change of getting away with it every time. If you do it 100 times while remaining at a 5% risk factor you have a .5% change of getting away with it every time. But the more you jump the risk factor goes down because the experience factor goes op. I have no clue what the statistic is for camera incidents/camera jumps is so I can't give you detailed numbers but I can safely say that it is far less than 5%. Oh boy.
  9. JohnnyMarko

    POV cameras and Jump number.

    Post the footage. I bet it's rad.
  10. Not in Polis' district, but close enough to pretend to be. Made a call and sent an email.
  11. JohnnyMarko

    Step Through Cutaway

    Or do what Vskydiver does and have your husband pack for you. Rewind 4+ years or so, when my boyfriend and I just started dating. I was a packer at the DZ and convinced him to come down and do a tandem with me. It was quite the trust builder when he asked who packed the parachute, and I told him it was me
  12. JohnnyMarko

    Step Through Cutaway

    Your mistake was not packing your own gear. Thank you
  13. JohnnyMarko

    Step Through Cutaway

    Which part is the mistake?
  14. JohnnyMarko

    Ball Pit

    A rooster tail of water makes for a better photo on the cover of Parachutist though.