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  1. Pretty fucking irresponsible
  2. May 5th, 2018 marks 1 year clean from drugs and alcohol for me. It’s been a tough, exciting, and challenging year, but I feel so proud of myself for the changes I’ve made. I’ve lost 40lbs, started a new job that I actually enjoy going to, started sport climbing again, saved thousands of dollars, and marriage for my partner and I is on the horizon. All those things were thrown away for me over a year ago, and they are mine again. I haven’t made a skydive since 2012. 2019 just may be the year I get back in the sky.
  3. Sweet! I knew I liked you! Who doesn’t like fast cars and good looking young men?
  4. Same as what you said, except east through Nederland, and then down into Boulder. Definitely turned a few heads in town
  5. Colorado. And it was thankfully a gift! Otherwise it’s like $600
  6. Hubby and I took a Ferrari 458 Italia, Nissan GTR, Mercedes AMG GTS, and Lamborghini Gallardo our for a nice mountain drive this morning. All very fun, very fast cars. The Ferrari was a little too much car for me , I think the GTR was my favorite to drive Having trouble on mobile, but link below to a small photo album
  7. Welp, all done! If I remember I’ll post a photo once it heals. So stoked how it came out though. Artist had a real steady hand and nailed the thin straight lines.
  8. I’ve got some open space on my arm by my other pieces. My real pieces! The My Little Pony lower back tat was fake :P Thanks to everyone else for the suggestions. I’ll get rid of the wheel pants and maybe add a step. Open door would be cool, but for sizing and where it’s going I think it won’t work. Hopefully I’ll report back Thursday with a photo!
  9. Final design for anyone interested. Critiques are welcome.
  10. I'm only going for a head on outline, so depth isn't really a concern for me.
  11. Maybe this? It's photo 5 in the series if it doesn't direct link to it. And if it isn't clear, I'm going for a straight on shot.
  12. Would this be a good reference to give the artist for our beloved 182? Cessna 182 Thanks.
  13. Colorado, $500 deductible, $3500 max out of pocket. $699.95 a month premium. Luckily the company I work for is amazing and covers all of it
  14. Warnings about gluten is becoming more and more mainstream fashionable now. It's all about what's popular and "fashionable". Celiac's disease is actually not all that common. And Gluten is an important nutrient for those who don't have it. But it's now popular to go "Gluten Free" for some reason. Well some people are gluten intolerant. Celiac's disease is a little difference but more serious. My partner has Celiac's. Like, actually has it. It's great gluten free is the new fad because of the options available for him. It's bad because he gets a stink eye sometimes and people don't take it seriously when he asks a lot of questions.
  15. Here is one I'm pretty sure you will like. First person out gets in poised exit position with left hand free. Second person gets out facing the rear using the right hand to hold onto the door frame. Both people use left hand to form a "compressed accordian", gripping the other person's leg strap. After you launch it, try to do frontloops, backloops, and even just 360 degree turns. It isn't easy coordinating the moves. You will probably come down laughing. A fun variation of this position, if you like wild rides, is for each to extend their legs into a tracking position. The formation will start to spin really fast, hold as long as you can, then as soon as one lets go, so does the other. Each of you will fly away while rotating. (then get back together and do more stuff) (Also fun to try to launch this as a 3 way from a turbine. All with left hands: front float grips rear float's left leg strap, rear float grips inside's left leg strap, inside grips front float's left leg strap.) We called this a Shredder.
  16. Looks like he took all your guys' advice
  17. Go nuts
  18. You're always the first to post about celebs dying. Just an observation.
  19. Let me tell you, skydiving chicks are WAY better in bed than whuffos. Trust me. I know first hand....
  20. Used to be a home brewer and we made quite a few batches! Tasty stuff when it turns out right. But, Johnny liked his booze too much, so no more home brewing for me. Spent 30 days in rehab this spring, and sold all my equipment after I got home. Just celebrated 90 days of sobriety this weekend!
  21. Trump's response to this poll? 40% is not bad?! Wtf is he smoking? How is that not bad? But, his devote followers won't care. They hear their dear leader say "It's not bad. Fake news, fake numbers" and they somehow agree and keep on with their simple lives. Living in America right now has me so confused.
  22. I'd agree that he's the best ex-POTUS. ...just trying to get the daily quota for clickbait titles in SC, I guess.