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  1. To be perfectly honest, get whatever you can in the 1:1 ish range that's used and cheap since you're going to want to swap it out after one season. Exit weight of 190 so you'll probably settle into a 150 in a few years.
  2. Well, one additional thing to consider is moving from a student Navigator to a semi-elliptical. The wingloading increase is a but more 'meh' since you're pretty light, but if you can find a semi in the larger size get a few jumps on that before going to your rig. Î Big concern would be if you have to do a maneuver and you're used to the clunky Navigator. Jumping down and going to a semi could make putting it in Grandma's backyard a bit tougher. 169 is not out of the ballpark. You probably settle into a 135 or a 120 at your exit weight of 140-150 but that's a few seasons down the road. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  3. Meh if you feel guilty about it plant a couple of pine trees. Or don't drink bottled water. Seriously. I drive truck and I've pulled loads (44,000 pound loads) of bottled water from the plants in Allentown PA, Indianapolis and north of Grand Rapids MI. I would take them hundreds of miles to grocery distribution centers. Then another truck would take them to the stores. That's a lot of fuel used to move something that comes out of a faucet. Yes, I hate bottled water as well. I save the bottles I do have to buy and just refill them if I can. It still sucks flying though since it's almost $4 for a Vitaminwater past security. What I will do is pay 25 or 50 to refill the gallon jugs at a filter station. I did that in PR a lot as the water goes out on a semi-regular basis and when that happens crap can get sucked back into the pipes. But yes, bottled water and K-cups generally suck. I prefer my French press. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  4. Meh if you feel guilty about it plant a couple of pine trees. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  5. It's not unusual to dissolve the business entity so there's nobody to be sued down the road. Housing developers do it all the time- slap them up, sell them, then dissolve so there's nobody to sue five years down the road when the houses fall apart. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  6. That’s cool, glad you like it. Don’t forget to sleep with it first and give it the good vibes. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  7. Best advice I can give is dont just jump and buy the first rig you see. Look at a few others and consider piecing one together that fits your needs. Best source of used gear is other jumpers. Many of them have gear they dont use anymore or know someone who retired and has a rig. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003
  8. The AAD is pretty much worthless due to mandatory retirement. Take it out of the equation. The other pieces could be ballparked and I would suggest checking gearshops and online classifieds to gauge the market. Also depends on condition, do they need relines, did they just have relines that the rigger paid for, etc. Confirmed cynical sarcastic bastard since 2003