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  1. Iago

    Great beginner canopy for new A license jumper?

    To be perfectly honest, get whatever you can in the 1:1 ish range that's used and cheap since you're going to want to swap it out after one season. Exit weight of 190 so you'll probably settle into a 150 in a few years.
  2. Iago

    Altimeter Combos

    I'm with dudeman. I like analog. It's a clock face so you just need to catch a glimpse out if you periphery and you know where it is. Plus it doesn't matter if it's meters or feet, the clock doesn't lie. I did have an audible, but it was an old single tone Dytter that I kept set high. Probably went four years without touching the zero. Didn't matter, it meant nothing other than a warning that I was getting close to six, or six five, or seven, or wherever it went off on the ride up. Heck, it didn't go off about one in four. Did spend 250 on a Neptune at a boogie when the wrist mount broke. Hated it. Tossed it in the gear bag a few weeks later, gave it away as a freebie down the road. But eyes, eyes are the key. The best of altimeters will lie to you.
  3. It looks nice but since this is a boogie a room is just someplace I can crash then have a shower when I get up. A couple hundred a night for stuff that seems nice, but I'll never use, is a little steep for what I need. Bob Ach, didn't check the prices. They've come up quite a bit since my day. There's a few trucker motels in Taylorville, and a chain place (Days Inn, maybe) we nicknamed the 'red eye.'. A couple of Indians ran it and the place always smelled like curry. Springfield would be your next choice, about 30 minutes.
  4. In the below video the jumpers are landing with huge inflatables that look like the ones that will upright people. How often do people drown using the method in the video? How often do people get tangled in gear? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vzbr-Cqgdfc Are you seriously suggesting we should dump first time students in the water, or just pursuing a topic of discussion for academic reasons?
  5. It's been many years since I was in Taylorville, but I would say stay here. https://www.marketstreetinn.com/inn.html But watch out for Joe. He's got the gift of gab and you might end up on the porch talking and miss the whole boogie.
  6. This danger is not landing in the water, it's getting tangled up in your gear and drowning. That is why we require live water training and a significant level of experience before jumping near a water hazard. A DZ tried to open up at Island Home airport near Knoxville and could not get clearance because it's bordered by rivers.
  7. CASA would be the next closest I could think of. 32 jumpers. Slower on the climb. Tougher to use with lots of small groups since the jumprun tends to be faster and the drop gets strung way out. But you can chunk some wicked formations off that huge ramp. Great for boogies, but you need a hundred fun jumpers to keep one turning so not so great for daily use. Just my opinions. Don't know if it's possible to make new Skyvans, but they did start making otters again due to demand.
  8. Good job doing your diligence. Most of the time we hear the opposite where the money or gear disappeared into the ether.
  9. Yes and no. No, they will not screw up your ears. Yes, they may prevent you from hearing someone screaming at you under canopy. Use them on the ride up and take them out on jump run. Edit: good question, and there are no stupid questions in S&T. I spent many years in manufacturing and skydiving and I believe earplugs should be worn in both pursuits.
  10. I used to use iHI Bupa out of Denmark (I think) and it ran about $300 US for a full year of travel coverage. Some restrictions like 30 day per-trip maximum, etc. I haven't priced it in few years, though.
  11. Iago

    Scotty Carbone

    Yeah, too bad he never wrote that book. The man had the gift of gab. I'd walk by his van at Zhills and just say hello, and 30 minutes later I'd still be talking to him.
  12. Do you have a specific requirement? Team training, etc? That would help steer you to the right place.
  13. Iago

    Skydive Belize

    I don't skydive anymore, but I can be talked into a SCUBA vacation.
  14. Might want to include your ability to travel and your budget. Lots of people will jump in with Southern California or Florida, but those may be well out of your price range from the start.
  15. Iago

    Travel Baggage Insurance?

    The carrier will probably insure it for you if you declare value and contents.