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    But sometimes they get it sooo right! NSFW
  3. Confirmed. SSK now handles L&B repairs/service for USA customers now in Ohio.
  4. Sadly, this was my entry... Just echoing others, your husband should not be jumping with a camera. I thought I would be cool, but all I have is a bunch of shitty footage that is collecting dust on an external hard drive. I should never have risked my life for crap footage that is pretty unusable.
  5. Graduated in 2012. They asked the audience to hold their applause til the end. Of course, there were a few asshat families that would still cheer.
  6. Happy Birthday, old man! Come on down to Denver and let me buy you a beer
  7. What's your full name? Ratings? Licenses numbers? Previous DZ's you've worked at?
  8. Elaborate. I was in college, pre 2010, and he came to our campus to give a talk. I worked at the campus bookstore, and regularly took the extra hours to work events like this later in the evening. We would stay open late to sell whatever speaker's book was being promoted. Anyway, he finishes his talk and came to the signing table, where I was selling his books. He asked which one I liked better, and I honestly told him I hadn't read either of them, and that I was just simply working overtime. He went on for about a minute and a half, talking down to me about how I should read more. I didn't say a word when he was done embarrassing me, I just went on trying to do my job. YMMV, but he rubbed me the wrong way for no reason at all.
  9. Met NDT in person once. He's a dick.
  10. Negative, Scott. Well, there's a work around, but it's a pain in the ass and isn't worth it. Lots of articles if you Google it, but I gave up trying as I'm not that tech savvy.
  11. We've got a Roku, and we really like it. Some of the apps can be a little clunky in regards to UI, but for most streaming apps it's awesome. We use it for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Pandora mostly. I also really love that I can use my iPhone as a secondary remote. Haven't explored any other devices, but saw that you mentioned Roku so I wanted to drop in my $0.02.
  12. 1. Seeing a child drown in rapids, while the multiple rescue throw bags my friends and I threw slipped threw his hands. 2. Having a flight attendant call me by a nickname hardly anyone knows. Was some real 'Truman Show' shit. I had never met her in my life. 3. I think ghosts/supernatural stuff is kinda silly, but one night I woke up with the chills. Wasn't dreaming, I sleep with a CPAP and remember taking it off. Next thing was seeing a dark shadow near my locked bedroom door, it opened, slammed shut, and I ran to see what it was and it was still locked.
  13. 2 Bought a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 when I was 15, restored it, and sold it before I even had a driver's license. 2nd car is the one I still have today. After selling the Mustang, I bought a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo when I turned 16. Just passed 150,000 miles on her and she's still running strong. I take pride in the fact I still have the same car since 2006. I take good care of it, and hardly drive since I live in the city. She's got some bumps and bruises on the outside, but still gets me to the mountains every weekend.
  14. Gay man here, checking in. It would be very accurate to call me a cocksucker.
  15. I met my partner in summer class. First day I saw him, I texted my best friend "The hottest guy just walked in to class, I have to meet him" Blessing/curse I got mono right before we met. I was kind of just looking for a summer fling, but being sick (read that as not wanting to just hook up and get someone sick) it was perfect we just got to talk at first. I guess you could call it lust at first sight, but for the first month or so we hardly had any physical/sexual contact. We just got to know each other emotionally and it was amazing. Convinced him to go to the DZ with me one day, and took him for his first tandem. He trusted me with his life and it's just been uphill from there. 6 years later, living together and purchasing a home together, having our dog and cat (our kids), and I couldn't be happier. Soooo, to answer your question. Lust at first sight, but a love filled lust that wanted me to get to know the man behind the face instead of just another hookup. Edited to add a recent candid photo of us from a wedding we went to. I'm the weirdo with the silver/blue hair. He's the better looking gentleman with the buzzed hair.
  16. The real question is: were they chocolate covered? While I love choc covered pretzels, it was middle of summer so that would've been quite the mess. Just a bunch of sourdough pretzel crumbs. I've already said too much.
  17. Probably myself, naked, covered in pretzels. Don't ask...
  18. Scroll down: NSFW Hahah thanks Robert! By the way, my partner and I got gifted a super car driving experience. We start in Golden and have a 105 mile trip through the canyons, driving Mclarens, Lambos, Ferraris, etc. If I see you on your bike, I'll make sure and honk at ya
  19. Boobs are eww. Now I'm wondering what the male version of this could be