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  1. hjumper33

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    I think I got confused by the line in your post that’s says the V-4 but also 2004. I assumed you meant V1, but perhaps you meant a later date? V4 came out around 2011-12 iirc. In similar vein, I actually meant to type 3:1, not 3.3.
  2. hjumper33

    Rafale vs. Freak2 ?

    I guess if you only look at the maximum L/D people were getting, perhaps thats true. How many people were actually getting 2.5 in a V1 in 2004? Ive been hearing people claim 3:1 since about 2004, and only in the last 5-6 years was this really true. Wingsuits have improved immensely for the "average pilot". There were people in V1-V2 (yourself of course included) that could fly extremely well with an assortment of tricks and experience, and likely a COG/wingloading that just worked really well for those specific suit designs. (Just had dinner with James Boole not too long ago and laughed as we remembered how to tunnel the arms, and tension with the outside of your calves). Those were the days when a really talented phantom pilot could outfly a shitty V1 pilot. Now, anyone can strap on a modern giant airlocked suit, lay there, and fly 3.3:1. There arent as many tricks, because they arent really needed. Id say that in that 15 year period, the average pilot went from flying 2:1 to 3:1. I agree that the current overall design of modern big suits doesnt leave much room for big sweeping changes, more continuous fine tuning. Maybe its that we've reached close to maximum performance achievable by a sewn together nylon suit. More rigid material would be better, but are they cost effective, and would people hike them to the top of mountains in backpacks? Is anyone even flying for max distance anymore? I guess I dont skydive much, and I never got into the GPS dive/flare/tailwind competitions. My attention has turned to 1 piece tracking suit development, as its like the old days of wingsuiting where everyone has a different idea. At least Robi didnt follow through with his threats to never make one of those stupid dangerous flying mattress suits ;)
  3. hjumper33

    Container WS friendly

    Can you elaborate??? Sure. http://www.dropzone.com/cgi-bin/forum/gforum.cgi?post=4841399#4841399 Meh, I’m understanding your theoretical arguement, but it seems pretty specific and theoretical in light of the advantages of a skyhook. To say “the jury is out” is kind of calling yourself the jury.
  4. hjumper33

    Have you ever had an arm trapped?

    I pulled the zipper pull off an arm wing on a V2 on a base jump about 10 years ago. I didn't actually cut away the arm, and pulled the left (effected) toggle down with my right hand and handed it to myself.
  5. hjumper33

    Putting a logo on an existing suit

    Big adhesive sticker is probably your best bet. ACES used these and they work well, but leave some sticky shit on the suit.
  6. hjumper33

    Squirrel ATC

    Just flew one for the first time a couple days ago. Surprised how fast forward the suit is, and has good glide and very impressive flare given its size. Didn't back fly it, but it barrel rolled very nicely. I feel like this suit is a better stepping stone to large acro suits (freak/strix) than a funk. Definitely worth a fly if you can get ahold of a demo and looking for a suit in this category.
  7. hjumper33

    68-Way record jump - Where are they now?

    ill handle a few I know cant respond Jonathan Tagle - deceased speed flying/swooping 2012 Jhonny Florez - deceased base jumping 2015 Jeff Nebelkopf - deceased skydiving 2014
  8. hjumper33

    Pilot Chutes, Neat writeup

    hopefully this stays brand free, because I agree this was a nice write up, but the video I think is my favorite. The reverse handle pc specifically is intriguing. For some reason on a gutteral level it just seems wrong to me, but it looks pretty darn clean in practice. Did seeing slow mo video make anyone reconsider their practice?
  9. hjumper33

    Aurora container

    Looks similar to something Tony has been using for a couple of years, Im assuming that it was probably developed with him. I can see the thinking behind it, and why it would slightly increase performance and safety. Maybe the equivalent of a comp velo with the 100 jump lines, or Jebs low pull rig with infinity. Designed for a small very specific group of pilots. They'll sell some for sure, but id bet youll see mostly sponsored pilots jumping them.
  10. hjumper33

    GOOD customer service - Yes I am pleased

    I hope starting this thread has taught you an important lesson. Pissing and moaning thread...222 replies. Yours....just mine so far. Please make your posts more appropriate for this forum in the future :)
  11. hjumper33

    Newb Glacier National Park (Exit points?)

    Cmon, thats excessive even for a troll!
  12. hjumper33

    wingsuit pilot chute comparison

    Yup, but I have consistent information and data that non-collapseable pilot chutes make your canopy fly worse, and deflect the center cell. If youre using a big canopy, not too bad, smaller canopies it becomes more and more noticeable. The pilot chute if cocked properly should work fine. Looks like theres some oscillation happening that pulled off heading as well. I find that bridle length seems to make more of a difference. For reference, I use a 32 inch asylum pilot chute that i converted to a kill line with an 11ft bridle.
  13. hjumper33

    Super Mach One, what size family?

    Raptor = R bird Super mach one = S bird XS = x bird Intro = I bird
  14. hjumper33

    Vampire RACE

    That was a really nice and what appeared to be unbiased review. I'll be interested to see what other people think about the fins. Does seem like this is one of the biggest redesigns of a vampire ever ( no leg pouch, different vents, larger, no Mylar, fins) I do like to see that good ideas seem to be getting shared across the board when it comes to vent design which is definitely a safety issue.
  15. hjumper33

    Phat Bird-Buzzard

    Mad respect man, you made a suit yourself that can fly to the landing at brento. Of course theres better performing suits out there, and the time and energy spent on making something yourself is way more than from a manufacterer, but the feeling of making something yourself and jumping it is worth it all! Working on my first container right now.