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  1. @riggerrob, you are mistaken. The motion for contempt means that there is an existing Court Order (aka FOAH or similar) that instructs a party or both parties to do something (e.g. pay for damages, reinstate membership and/or ratings, etc.), and that one of the parties has been refusing to follow the court order (e.g. shell out $150K, reinstate membership and/or ratings, etc.) So the other party, in this case Mr. G, had to file said Motion for Contempt in order to enforce the judgement/Court Order/FOAH/blah-blah-blah. There is no "debate" between Mr. G and USPA.
  2. Hey, gang. I am looking to put a logo on my suit(s), and am very curious to hear about other people's experiences with vendors, materials (including adhesives), etc. Any feedback will be much appreciated! Thank you, and Blue Skies!