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  1. As mentioned above by miss Wendy, the members or sponsors as you will of this organization are the only people of interest to hold USPA accountable. The legal governing organizations are required by law to follow the regulations. If they did such acts, they are held accountable to a legal degree. Seeing as most skydivers have no intention of holding USPA to an honest standard, they have given the USPA free reigns to violate their own regulations and bylaws with no repercussions. Even recently a questionnaire was asked to members, what does USPA do for them? It was expressed by that same questionnaire that most people have no idea what the USPA does for them, they are only aware that if they do not pay for membership, the dropzone in which they jump at will not allow them to manifest on any load. So why would USPA ever admit any fault if the sponsors over them never question what they do for them? Mr. G was forced into litigation because we the members just trusted USPA to "do the right thing." I think if we made a stand and DEMANDED better from an organization then and only then can a real change begin to take place.
  2. Do you mean the 15% voting capacity of the USPA members who even care to vote. Ironically watching over the voting options alot of the time you have ONE candidate to vote for, so much for getting the right guy in there. It seems people who hold some sort of business in the sport really pushes for these power trip positions to push their business above the rest. I bet they could even kill a USPA member and just say it was an accident with no real action taken against them, hahhhmmmm
  3. No dog in this fight? i do not know whats worse, USPA paying out for lawsuits for not following the Governance manual...... Or violating our own members, making them legally stand up for their rights. If we the membership cant trust USPA to follow their own governance manual when wrongfully accused, we me need to rethink if we want to accept the USPA as our governing body and the licenses it issues. While the FAA is not the most up to date agency, they do striclty follow the book, and that i am for 100%.
  4. seeing as you commented on my thread "uspa in contempt of court", i believe i did show you the money $150,000 to be exact of your money and coincidentally the proof all at the same time. consider yourself informed....
  5. to me it looks like a motion to enforce the agreed upon settlement.......i think all members should have transparency on where "our" money goes. the fact multiple settlements have been given out and hidden with the idea that , if we pay you we dont admit any fault per the suite. it also seems making disciplinary actions confidential and hidden from the membership could protect the wrong doing of the USPA while ironically claiming to protect the abused party. this is a non profit organization who holds responsibility to the sponsors aka you and ironically at the time mr garmashov
  6. This has been brought up to my attention a number of times. I dont know whats more concerning to the membership, the fact USPA is getting a lawsuit pending against them, or the fact they are choosing not to pay the debt, with what i assume would be memberships money. Does anyone know if they hold a separate fund to pay these legal fees? 65-main.pdf
  7. i laugh if you think this wasn't rehearsed before the meeting! i have an intresting topic they never discussed, why hasnt USPA paid their oustanding lawsuit to former member who was granted it in court?
  8. you have 20 days to appeal and 60 days to go before an administrative law judge to prove the FAA acted unreasonably. i know this because a USPA member went through the same process after ironically the USPA turned their own member into the FAA. which makes this even more ironic
  9. From The FAA Administrator As a result of the foregoing, the Acting Administrator finds that you lack the qualifications necessary to hold your commercial pilot certificate, remote pilot certificate, and any other airman certificates issued to you. with 30 days to submit an appeal and 90 days for the final outcome. im willing to bet he did not overturn this emergency revocation in the end. so now where is the conflict of interest? aikins-eor-2022WP070006-20220510-redacted-1-1.pdf