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  1. Melissa126

    Anyone tried the Om7?

    Anyone tried the new Icarus wingsuit canopy? I'm curious what you thought of it compared to the Pilot7, Horizon, or Epicene. "The ōm-7’s multi stage controlled deployment sequences will allow you to fly your wingsuit and experience worry-free, soft, on-heading openings. Peace of mind to conclude your wingsuit flight. Namaste" The ICARUS WORLD ōm-7 is a 7-cell, semi elliptical tapered canopy specially designed and engineered for wingsuit pilot, but it's also suitable for all skydivers looking for the reliable performance of a contemporary 7-cell canopy. His hybrid* construction (ZP, F-111), 2+3+2 nose configuration (external inlets partially closed, central inlet fully open) and parabolic low distortion reinforcement tapes allows the ōm-7 to deliver all you would ever wish for from a top-notch wingsuit canopy: Soft, on heading openings Low pack volume Great flight performances Powerful flare The RESULT is a "fun-to-fly", enjoyable, practical, easy to pack, outstanding 7-cell wingsuit canopy as well a parachute with enlightened performance for all other facets of modern skydiving. * Optionally available in full ZP
  2. Melissa126

    Tandem on opening

  3. Melissa126

    Container WS friendly

    Can you elaborate???
  4. I like that, (the 25% way of wording it!)
  5. Melissa126

    Boogie Calendar!

    7/13-7/15 Flock 'Til You Drop Skyvan boogie with Travis/American Wingsuit Academy at Sky's the Limit, PA 9/1-9/3 SIS/Labor Day Boogie with Sam Smith and Jay Veenendaal at Sky's the Limit, PA
  6. Melissa126

    Bahamas Boogie February 2018 Sky's the Limit Skydiving Center (in northeast PA) is hosting a Boogie in the Bahamas's February 2-11 2018. Details in the facebook event ^^ MORE DETAILS TO COME: I'm going to nickname this our SKYDIVERS ISLAND - since we will have our OWN private airstrip, our OWN skydiver only resort, our OWN clubhouse to use as our dz. They will also be putting on some sort of festival/parade to celebrate us midweek. These are not shacks, tents, and scraps. This is Skydivers PARADISE. The resort rooms are beautiful and can be split between 4 people. The menu is being designed by us and will offer fantastic meals each day. Travis from American Wingsuit Academy - confirmed Wingsuit organizer Sam Smith from Darkside Freefly - confirmed freefly organizer More organizers to come... Registration fee: coming soon$ (within a week) Registration Includes: world class organizers, inclusive meal plan at the resort (3 a day!), all transportation, 10 jumps, goodie bag, and access to the STL beach party. There will be a slightly cheaper registration fee for non-jumpers. Children under 16 will have free registration. Location: Freeport, Bahamas Resort: Old Bahama Bay - to be booked through STL ONLY *They have 2 bars which will be opening early for us. *Up to FOUR people can split a room #cheap COMPLIMENTARY ACTIVITIES Beach - Enjoy the calm waters, sandy beaches, swaying hammocks, and chaise lounges. Swimming Pool - Our 4,000 sq ft oceanfront pool contains an infinity edge and lounging area. Water Sports – Complimentary beach activities include paddleboards, sea kayaks, fishing kayak, and more! Bicycles - Complimentary. Airport: West End Air Strip Landing area: Beach or golf course - you pick on every jump! Requirements: B license, A license allowed on case by case basis We will be flying the STL aircraft (grand caravan / super otter) We WILL be offering TANDEMS for ALL AGES (we have all equipment you will need). How to get there: Fly commercially into Freeport (we will have our van bring you to the dz/hotel - there will be an AM pick up and a PM pick up), or bring your boat and park in the harbor, or fly your own plane into west end airstrip (land for free - and customs will be waiting for you) We will also have packers. All questions come to Melissa or STL only. Checks are preferable method of payment but credit cards will also be accepted. More details to come, SAVE THE DATE
  7. Melissa126

    Acro training

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    Linked wingsuit exits

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    Flying my Swift2

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    AFF Cat A Deployment

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    Tdm in the cold

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    First wingsuit dock

  15. Melissa126

    Getting some wingsuit coaching