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  1. I am interested to find out what is the maximum weight passenger you will take now compared to when you started, relative to your own height, weight, tdm experience and equipment (tdm canopy size and type(eg Icarus 330-double toggles 2 and 6 setup)), exiting a reasonable sized aircraft(not a C182) eg answer- I'm 5'6" 145lbs, have 1000 tdms, jump Icarus 330 with double toggles with 2-6 brake line setup. In the beginning it was 6' 180lbs. Now I will take 6'6" 220lbs. Also, is your higher weight limit now due mostly to more strength, or improved flare technique? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  2. DZ is located 20mins drive from Interlaken. A beautiful place to jump. Awesome views of the Swiss alps and Interlaken. Caters for tdm, AFF and fun jumpers. Experienced and friendly instructors. Indoor packing and nice grassed landing area. Rigger available for most standard rigging work (as time permits) Specialty jumps-glacier, high altitude, mountain swooping and some other injumps can be organised if aircraft is available, sufficient numbers and experience permits. I have worked and fun jumped at this DZ and highly recomend a visit to this beautiful area.
  3. Ayr DZ-A small but very friendly dz located about 45mins drive from Townsville(Tdm operation is beach landing on the main beach in Townsville city). Operates mainly weekends with a C182. Caters for fun jumpers and AFF students. Some accomadation available(caravans). Has a great social club which is continually improving facalities for the jumpers. Some very good and experienced Aff instuctors and a great vibe. Usually bonfire and drinks on a Saturday night with people staying at the dz for a party. Doesn´t have a big aircraft but a very enjoyable place to jump and lots of wide open spaces for off dz landings. I have funjumped and worked there for a few years and always have a great time.