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  1. Just randomly curious about something I noticed. On my Vigil II test certificate it says the unit has been tested in accordance with the manufacturing specifications valid on the date of manufacture. The test certificate has the date as May of 2011. But the DOM says week 47 (November) of 2011. How could they test a unit that wasn't manufactured until 6 month later?
  2. switched to a pocket slider few yrs ago. openings are butter soft every jump. longer snivel, but it saved my neck and my skydiving career.
  3. I'm at 13 weeks (and still counting). Would you consider early/mid spring the "high season?" If Feb-May is the busiest time of year at the factory, perhaps it should be shared with the public more openly. I always assumed summer was the busiest. If the factory was unexpectedly busy this spring due to an unusual surge in orders, then I can accept that. But PF should still be able to figure out roughly how long the delay will be. It would help immensely if customers could get better info from the dealers. I ordered a PF suit around 2013 and experienced a delay then, too. My dealer had zero answers. He even stated that his inquiries to the factory had not been responded to. For my current suit I have a different dealer, but he appears to not be in the information loop either. He seems to have no idea what is happening with anyone's suit until it arrives on his doorstep. It doesn't even sound like he knows which suits are in transit to him from the factory. He told me several weeks ago that he had some suits arriving within days, and that mine *might* be one of them. I'm not trying to sound like I need a stitch by stitch update during production, but having to wait considerably longer than what I was told by a PF rep, I should at least be given a concrete answer as to what's going on. Not sure why PF, which has been in business for a long time, can't seem to figure out this area of customer service and get the factory and dealers on the same page.
  4. Anyone else having a delay getting their new PF suit? Ordered a Carve in mid Feb. Was told it would be done in early April. Currently mid-May, and my dealer has no concrete answers or predictions.
  5. 5 minutes?? Aint nobody got time for that. But seriously, have you ever even tried a revolve? You can flip the visor up with one hand, and the jaw comes up as well. It also extends lower on the neck giving it a more balanced fit and better protection, in my opinion.
  6. I think phoenixlpr was implying that the loss of lining might make the wing more porous and less capable of trapping air inside the cells. The airflow over the wing isn't an issue here, as the lining is only deteriorating on the inside of the suit. And as far as I know, not on the inside of any of the wings.
  7. I've noticed a film starting to peel away from the inside of my suit, kind of like dead skin. I had assumed it was dried sweat and dirt, but washing the suit didn't have much effect on getting it off. It's only on the parapac, not the zp parts. Could it be a chemical film from the material, or is it just sweat and dead skin cells that I need to peel/scrub off? Pics attached.
  8. I've had chronic neck problems that made me wonder how long I could continue in the sport. I owned a pilot 190 and a safire 170, and both opened too hard for me on a regular basis. So, I put a pocket slider on 100 jumps ago and haven't had a hard opening since. And they don't take as long as my rigger said to expect. He told me the pocket would make for a 1000-1200 ft opening, but I put them at closer to 800 ft. Either way, I don't think I'd ever want to jump without a pocket slider again.
  9. I did something similar. I bought a tripod mount and used the bolt holes already present to run a screw up into the bottom of the mount.
  10. Aerodyne canopies are "bigger" than Icarus. A pilot 150 will have more surface area than a safire 150. A pilot 150 would be closer to a safire 170 in terms of actual area. This is important to remember if you are downsizing between brands, as you may be losing more actual canopy than you realize.
  11. There are a couple of variables that make this comparison tricky. Aerodyne measures their canopies differently than other brands, such that using the square footage for comparing pack volumes is not helpful. Then of course, there is the ZPX factor, not to mention the line types playing a potential role. I had a 190 pilot zpx and now have a 170 safire 2. The safire 2 seems to have a bit more volume than my larger pilot did. You should contact your container manufacturer and tell them what canopies you are planning to use.
  12. In your case, I think chuting star may have just included the tariff cost in their retail price. I just checked their website and they are asking $175 more than what I'm paying.
  13. I'm about to have a new canopy sent to CA from Icarus in NZ. Does anyone know what, if any, customs duties I'll have to pay? I asked both the Icarus dealer and Icarus themselves and they told me they didn't know if I'd have to pay or not.
  14. Whether or not something seems reasonable or unreasonable to you, has nothing to do with it being so or not so. There are plenty of things that customers might like or need to know that are not communicated anywhere on the Aerodyne website.
  15. Why would I question their reusability? Because some brands call their slinks "REUSABLE soft links," implying that some others may not be. Aerodyne does not label them as such, which made me wonder if they don't, for whatever reason, endorse them being undone and reattached. Just because you or I may not be able to think of a reason (aside from wear), doesn't mean there couldn't be one. There was nothing "unreasonable" about my question.